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Ah, people.

Story: Butterfly Wings
Chapter: 1. The Second Day

From: Downtown Battle Mountain ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2462184/ )

your writing sucks go jump in a ditch


Story: Last Straw
Chapter: 1. Default Chapter

From: handymanshipper ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3163823/ )



Name: FierceDeityMask
Profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3670311/


Subject: Just a question and a note…

Question: [ All forum abuse must be reported to the moderators. ]
So, basically, if people want to report abuse, they must report to you, the
sole moderator of your hate-forum? What if you were the one giving them
“abuse” in the first place? Do you get that a lot?


I actually got a review from you and, although it was not helpful due to my
stubborn nature as a writer, I will admit you were right. So, at the very
least, you know what you are talking about. I took your other advice and
blocked you simply because your reviews would not help me personally. But
fanfic sites really do need people like you, so good luck from me with your
next mass review.


People really need to learn to not PM me questions after blocking me.

TheFrogFromHell | Hello

I was surfing around FFN and happened to come across your “Farla’s Collection of Decent Pokemon Stories” community page. I have recently completed a trilogy that is definitely not perfect, but I consider it to be “decent” for sure, and perhaps even “excellent”. The trilogy consists of three stories (as you may have gathered) entitled “Human”, “Monster”, and “Hybrid”. The subject matter of the series is, admittedly, a little controversial, but mostly the trilogy tells the story of Mewtwo’s transformation– both psychological and physical– from a pokemon to a “human”, and back again.

I am sending this message as a request to add my stories to your archive. Please let me know if this would be possible.

Best Regards,


I say that reading any story by request comes under the broad umbrella of the review exchange, although if they have no interest in reviews they can give a single one in return for me checking out their whole story without reviewing. They decided on reviews and gave me three reviews, asking me to do “Resistance” and then any story I chose.

TheFrogFromHell | Response to your reviews of “Human”


First of all, thank you for your long and in depth review. To be honest, I agree with most of your criticism for this particular story. It was originally written when I was an inexperienced writer, and, though I have gone back and edited it quite a bit, it still has a few gaping plot holes.

I agree, Mewtwo and Misty’s relationship is forced, but hey, it’s a Mewtwo/Misty fic. It’s meant to be unusual and a little ridiculous, and it’s not like it’s something that would ever happen in the canon anyway.

Also, you’re right, the escape scene is awkward and Misty falling asleep doesn’t totally make sense. Oh well. I’m not going to rewrite them, because I’m very burnt out on writing this trilogy, but I realize they could definitely be improved.

There were a few things you wrote that I think are a matter of opinion, which is fine, since that’s basically what reviews are – expressing an opinion. For instance, I don’t agree with your point of view on pokemon genders. We don’t even know what Mewtwo’s voice sounds like, because he never talks in the movie. The male voice that Misty and the other trainers hear is a telepathic projection. For all they know, Mewtwo could choose whatever voice he wanted them to hear and project it. Also, even if he really did have a male voice, there are no other indications that he is male.

As for your “standard anime romcom” comment… Well, pokemon is an anime, and this is a romance fic with some humor. I guess it’s a job well done! It definitely diverges from that label later on in the story, but since you’re not interested in reading any further, I guess you’ll never get to that part.

TheFrogFromHell | Response to your review of “Resistance”

Alright, here’s where I really disagree with you.

[[Hate to break it to you, Pryce, Clair thought, but no pokemon is going to save you from 150 mile an hour winds ripping the roof off your house and taking you with it.]]

[That really seems a weird concern. The thing about blizzards is the snow, not the wind speed – even if there is crazy wind, if it’s a mega snowstorm, his house will be safely buried. The worry should be the roof collapsing. (And pokemon could save him from that well enough – he’d just need them to burrow into the ground to protect him.)

Plus, I’d expect the ice type gym leader of all people to be better able to judge winter weather. If anything I’d expect the worry to be about him being cut off from everyone else, or loss of power or something.]

Pryce is not worried about the storm because, A, he is at least in his eighties by now and senile (which makes him stubborn), and, B, he probably thinks that BECAUSE he is the ice-type gym leader, he’s more fit to withstand a storm than others. Knowing the people his age that I know, I don’t find this so unbelievable. But it’s in Clair’s POV anyway, so it’s not like she can read Pryce’s mind.

[[“Why the Lake of Rage?” Pryce inquired, and Clair wondered if he was softening to the idea of evacuation. Of course, she thought, he’ll listen to Lance, but not me.]]

[Why, though? And if he normally completely disregards her but takes Lance seriously, why did she bother coming out to try to convince him instead of just telling Lance to go, and more generally, why does she view him so positively?]

See comment above– SENILE. Also, the reader doesn’t know everything about the Clair/Lance/Pryce dynamic yet because it is only the first chapter of the story. Sometimes you have to read more than one chapter to find these things out.

[And aren’t Jessie and James pretty good at their odd jobs? I mean, they do raise enough money to keep building giant robots when they meet Ash in Johto.]

Ok, I find this comment very curious. You find it unbelievable that Clair is worried about wind speed, and yet you have drawn the conclusion somehow that, since Jessie and James show up with robots in the CARTOON, they must have some odd job that’s never shown on the show that they’re doing great at. Honestly, I think they probably just have robots because Pokemon is a CARTOON. There are lots of unbelievable things in cartoons; if they were completely realistic, Jessie and James would have died the first time they “blasted off”.

…But honestly, those little comments aren’t what bother me. This is what bothers me about your reviews: you say in your forum that when you think someone’s done something well, you point it out, and if the author is just “not fucking up”, you don’t say anything (nice way to phrase that, by the way… very eloquent). So basically, what I’m to take from your reviews is that I “didn’t fuck up” on anything except a few perceived plot holes, but I didn’t write anything very well at all either? I’m sorry, but I really disagree with this. For instance, I think I wrote the Jessie-James banter really well, and lots of people I have asked to read “Resistance” agree with me. I’ve read stories in your C2 that are definitely not better than mine; some of them seem decidedly worse to me.

Well, I’m glad to know I didn’t fuck up. I wanted your opinion because I respect what you’re doing (long, in depth, thorough critiques are very rare on this site, and they really can help an author to improve, I think), but I won’t be asking for it again.


When people arguing that concrit is rude start going on about how you should only give it to people who ask, I laugh.

LizaWithAZed replied to your comment on Chain of Prospit

You wrote:

Ugh. This is just how much a woman’s capture and potential rape pisses off her boyfriend and how he’s so unstoppable and badass.

LizaWithAZed responded:

…did you miss the part where she was playing possum and ended up equally badass? Also wow, thanks SO much for choosing MY fic to prove your feminist cred on. Because god knows this is such a huge sub-fandom and I get so much feedback that your poison isn’t going to shit on my entire day.

You’re not a force for good, you know. You’re a bully. Take it elsewhere.

They then proceed to throw a tantrum on tumblr that involves such cutting insightfulness as ….I’m actually keen to know what their take on No Release would be, now that I think of it (that would be the one where Mobius is assaulted and Hadron helps get him through it) because the fact the reversed version  still revolves around the guy sure proves me wrong.

BlindMediaProductions | re: Your review to DaddyScratchStuck
A response to your review at http://www.fanfiction.net/r/8503624/

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your review, I was on a bit of a hiatus for a while. The fact that you took the time to point out my dialogue and the ‘incorrect’ grammar when it was not asked for is not only annoying but very rude. I’m well aware that I’m not using what is generally considered to be proper grammar when it comes to writing dialogue, and personally I don’t care.

Secondly, I want you to think about two things. Number one, the original basis for this story is a roleplay that was written more than a year ago and converted, with my partners permission, into a story that I’ve been working on writing on and off since then. Number two is that Doc is a manipulator. He’s nearly omnipotent, and every action he does is a means to an end. So while this may be ‘fluffy child raising stuff’ it’s all just a means to an end with him. What that end is we may never know, as the roleplay dropped off and I don’t plan to continue the story too long past that ending, but for raising a few trolls as his own there is always a hidden agenda.

That all being said, I hope you understand where I’m coming from in all of this and ease up. This fic is not the first, nor will it be the last, featuring Doc Scratch raising young trolls (and even kids in some cases) for his own personal gain. I would ask you to also remove the review, but I am unfamiliar with the entirety of how http://www.fanfiction.net works and if that is a plausible thing for you to do, since as you replied with your account the site will not let me remove it on my own so it is your choice if you can. Either way, most of the ‘review’ was putting down a story that I have worked hard on without the proper perspective about where it’s coming from, so while I appreciate it I also find it annoying and sincerely hope you do not do this to other people constantly or you are going to find yourself faced with a lot of return comments such as this one.



A fitting end to the year.


  1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
    Is it warm and cosy in the ditch you had to jump in, Farla? XD I don’t see the point in asking questions then blocking either. How are you supposed to respond that way? :P
    I love how ‘sucks’ apparently counts as a review. Well, what sucks? Can they tell you what it is that’s bad? Or is it just a silly attempt to offend you and they have nothing else to say? :P

    You know what I’ve noticed? Sometimes, it’s the people who complain how ‘bitchy’ your reviews are that treat you like crap back. Hypocritical, much? Oh, wait, it’s probably the whole ‘YOU DID IT TO ME SO I CAN DO IT TO YOU’ stuff. I wonder how you put up with it so much. :P I suppose you’ve learned to just laugh about it after 11-12 years of FF.
    Glad PokeReviewMonth is off to a ‘good’ start with the author responses. :P Hopefully you’ll find something you like eventually- the poke-fandom hasn’t had a lot of fics that I’ve really enjoyed, maybe apart from ‘Inheritors’ and ‘Kaiser’ and a few others.

    ‘your poison isn’t going to shit on my entire day.’ You know what’s funny? People tell you how much your review doesn’t offend them, but then they get butthurt and have a little whine in the corner in the same review. Hang on- but your review didn’t offend them, apparently, so why are they complaining and getting angry about it? :P

    1. Farla says:
      The thing about people being mad at you is it really takes the sting out of any criticism you get, because you can assume it’s just made up.

      I think they actually mean it did ruin their day. They’re not really in a subsection of the fandom that gets lots of reviews, and mine was the first they had – but you know, when you don’t get any reviews for a year, maybe you should think a bit about this.

      1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
        I see what you mean. I suppose if you’re really excited about a review and you get criticism, it can be upsetting. Sorry for not thinking about it ;)

        One more thing- I notice I comment a lot on your blog and I can be overly talkative, so if my comments get irritating, just let me know.  :)

        1. Farla says:
          Well, they weren’t very clear! You’ve have to be seeing the fics to realize they were being sarcastic.

          And no worries! You’re not annoying.

      2. sliz225 says:
        Agreed, except on one point.  Judging a story based on number of reviews is like judging a product based on price–generally accurate, but there are some really awful and really wonderful exceptions.  Some great authors get ignored because they don’t write what people want to read, and some really terrible authors get tons of positive reviews.
        1. Farla says:
          Oh, true. But when you have exactly one review, and it’s criticism, you should probably consider what it says and not dismiss it out of hand.

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