Kill Six Billion Demons

“Let there be no Genesis, for beginnings are false and I am a consummate liar.”

So, have you ever wondered what a story set entirely in Malfeas would look like? Wonder no more!

KSBD is a neat webcomic with a very strong Exalted vibe to it, dealing with a society of various beings inhabiting the divine corpse of Heaven itself. The big heads you can see on the picture above are calcified gods who have committed suicide to create worlds.

Aside from the comic itself, there are also a lot of short stories and bits of in-universe documentary provided in updates that fleshes out the world and creates (usually Hindu-inspired) mythology to it.

Check it out. It’s weird in a good way.


  1. Socordya says:

    Nice, but the reader is really unwieldy. I keep accidentally skipping chapters.

    1. illhousen says:

      You mean navigation controls? Yeah, I normally just click images, but some links are borked, so clicking next chapter instead of next page is easy.

      I would also like for text updates to be collected somewhere separate from the comic itself as it’s hard to find them if you want to return to some bit of writing or want to reaad the comic proper before reading other stuff.

  2. EdH says:
    Thank you for introducing this webcomic. Is it strange that while the mythology is cool, what I really like is the story at its core about a young woman who keeps getting up at whatever the world throws at her? It’s a simple idea, but it just feels right with this wacky world.
    1. illhousen says:

      Yeah, I liked the scene where she was dealing with that ebon demon.

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