NaRe2018 Authors, Part 1

“About the Pokemon names being capital, they are being treated as pronouns for the story, not for grammatical sake.”

It’s time for replies! For anyone new, these posts are 50% about wallowing in the most ridiculous things people say and 50% about letting sane people say their piece. Once, in the beforetimes, they were almost entirely screaming madness, but those days have passed.

re: Your review to Pokemon Reset Bloodlines: Red One Island Interlude

Jan 1Crossoverpairinglover

A response to your review at actually do collect it. We have a C2 of Reset, as well as a Spanish collection of all oneshots. I personally dislike Archive, but I have made it clear in the Reset main story that I would not mind an official handler of a Archive version of the story if one ever came up.

It’s not a fanfic of a fanfic. A fanfic of a fanfic would imply that it isn’t canon within itself, like a fic set in the Ashes of the Past reality without Saph’s permission. All reset works have my permission to exist and are canon to one another. It’s more of a shared universe.

The oneshots released in the universe are individual, at least in English, to make it easier for people to find them if they are specifically interested in takes on those characters in the Resetverse where they focus. Honestly a complete take on them (or even the Spanish collection) would basically be an anthology that jumps from place to place constantly.

Jan 1A fanfic of a fanfic as in this story is based off and requires knowledge of that story which is based off and requires knowledge of Pokemon, instead of them both only needing knowledge of Pokemon.

[We actually do collect it. We have a C2 of Reset, as well as a Spanish collection of all oneshots.]

My problem is not that there aren’t even more places I could go to read the thing that is not regular Pokemon fanfic and not what I want. My problem is I keep tripping over it in the main category as one-shots when I just want to read actual regular Pokemon fanfic where pokemon are important rather than humans with magic powers. Why do only the Spanish readers get proper organization? Why are they the lucky ones?

[Honestly a complete take on them (or even the Spanish collection) would basically be an anthology that jumps from place to place constantly.]

Yes, what you are doing is in fact best thought of as an anthology, like a Star Wars anthology would be, and it’s annoying that I keep hitting stories from that anthology posted randomly just like it’d be annoying for Star Wars side stories to be posted as stand-alone fantasy ficlets. People who want to read them could look at the titles on the single collection to easily find what stories they want, instead of them being spread all over the category (they could also subscribe to that singular fic) and everyone who wants to read regular Pokemon and not your AU’s spinoffs impenetrable to anyone who isn’t familiar with your AU already could skip one story instead of a pile. It’s the same principle as how authors with a whole lot of small interrelated fics that build off a major change or addition to canon will often put all those together as their single X-universe fic collection and not a thousand scattered stories that just so happen to make no sense if you don’t read the first one. Or, you could go over to the Archive /instead/ because they’re set up to let you make a category for a popular AU by just typing [Pokemon – Resetverse] into the fandom and then multiple people can post their fics under that if them being separate is important.

Jan 1So you are saying that, to use Star Wars as you do later, The Clone Wars TV series is a fanfic of the movies? That the novels are fanfics?Yes I am aware they are different, but they are side stories set off from the main universe, but requiring a decent knowledge of the main material to some extent to really enjoy.

And the fanfiction that is around is better? You have seen Pokemon fanfics, right? You won’t see betrayal and high school A.U’s in the Reset work, and not as much of the Resetverse has such elements if I must be truthful. Of the two fanfics of mine you’ve commented on, the first one had no Bloodliner powers visible during it.

And really, even in stories with a heavy bloodliner presence, plenty of battle action with humans and Pokemon still occurs. Also comedy.

For example the Astrid Gaiden, a story that focused on Astrid, has a Bloodliner in it. The audience only gets hints something off about him, and its during a battle. The thing you said you come to read.

The Spanish have it that way because the guy also translates the main story into spanish (with my permission), and he collects them that way. English versions are independent.

Each fic clearly says RESET BLOODLINES in the title, doesn’t it? That is basically akin to STAR WARS: TARKIN or STAR WARS: MAUL: people know what it is up front. Sure some stories are more continuity based than others, but to use Astrid again as an example I am sure that someone could read Astrid and not be confused with continuity more than wondering why Mabel is more important than usual.

(It’s because she’s a former Kalos League winner, and I am fairly certain that part doesn’t even come up. One could probably read it and go ‘the old lady who helped Korrina out is helping Astrid out too’.)

And again, I highly doubt that the entirity of the Reset verse pops up more often than new betrayal fics do. Those are the sort of thing you should be bothering, as say what you will about Resetverse fics….we at least try to do something different.

Jan 1[requiring a decent knowledge of the main material to some extent to really enjoy. ]

I realize this is what all of them have in the author’s note, but no, it doesn’t require some knowledge to “really” enjoy. It’s nigh-impenetrable without that knowledge, and if you’re not the sort of person to enjoy the original fic, it’s super unlikely you’d enjoy the spinoff anyway even if you had the context.

[Each fic clearly says RESET BLOODLINES in the title, doesn’t it? That is basically akin to STAR WARS: TARKIN or STAR WARS: MAUL: people know what it is up front.]

So? If I posted Batman fanfic in the main category instead of as a crossover and told people that hey, I put BATMAN FANFIC before each title, I’m still posting Batman fanfic in a place almost everyone does not want to read Batman fanfic. If I post individual chapters of my fanfic but make sure to put STORY TITLE: CHAPTER NUMBER on each one, I’m still posting stuff that doesn’t make sense on its own and that no one wants to read if they haven’t read the rest of it. The site is built around trying to segregate fanfic into categories people actually want. And unfortunately, unlike the Archive, they’re not reactive enough to just add Resetverse as a World tag so it’s on you guys to do something like stick them together into one anthology instead.

[Sure some stories are more continuity based than others, but to use Astrid again as an example I am sure that someone could read Astrid and not be confused with continuity more than wondering why Mabel is more important than usual. ]

Listen. As the person who doesn’t follow your main fanfic but keeps hitting these random one-shots, I repeat: no, it is not and it will not become so if you guys tell me another ten times that no really it totally is. You have context and investment that you evidently aren’t aware of. The other people who like this universe have that context and investment. The very fact these side-stories are getting called Resetverse is because they are Resetverse and not regular what the rest of us are here for Pokemonverse.

[Those are the sort of thing you should be bothering]

a) Don’t assume I’m not.
b) Betrayal fanfics may be 99% complete garbage, but they’re complete garbage that’s just regular Pokemon fanfic. People can’t be expected to know when their writing is complete garbage or to improve their writing if they’re never allowed to post something that might be complete garbage, so this is the place they’re supposed to be putting it. And I can read those and have opinions on them directly all I like. But if there’s awesome Naruto fanfic, would it be fine to post it here instead because it’s better than the worst fics so we should be grateful? Would it be fine to post every chapter of your main fic individually because then it’d be drowning out the betrayal garbage? If there’s better Spanish-only fic, should it start showing up in the English tag because it’s better than some of the stuff written in English?

Jan 1Tis a ‘covering of ones self’, akin to all those people who say they don’t own Pokemon.

One, we don’t have a main section.

Two, a fanfic site with that sort of thing would say that up front anyway, be it just poorly organized or only focused on a single fandom. For example on, say, FiM fiction, a crossover fic would probably spell out, say, HALO or POKEMON clearly so people know what it is crossing over with.

Your argument stands that someone has to see a main work to enjoy the entire series and thus spinoffs and sequels. Plenty of people start with later elements of stories and series, even those with tied in elements to earlier stuff or ‘main’ stuff. Dynasty Warriors has games like Hyrule Warriors, Star Trek has later series after the OG series like Next Generation and Voyager, Star Wars has the Clone Wars or even the PRequels/sequels.

Have you read them? Heck….the first one I know you saw was Johanna. You had a lot of comments on it, so you read it.

Johanna had two main ties to the larger universe beyond Johanna’s own story: the man at the party, and the U.T.P. Hardly burdened in massive continuity, no.

So a fic in the same universe as a main fic, which follows a lot of the same rules and concepts of the series in average, is the same as posting a Naruto fic in the Pokemon section. A fic where at worst only some rules are changed (Pokemon can go past the 4 move limit, egg breeding isn’t tied to female gender as much anymore, the idea of humans with powers in Pokemon, which is something that has long been a thing from the adventures manga Lance/Yellow, to the anime Sabrina and Edmund the rain man, and even Ash’s own aura, is expanded into a larger system) is the same as posting a Naruto story in the Pokemon section?

Your logic is faulty.

Jan 1[Hardly burdened in massive continuity, no.]

Okay, I want you to ponder something.

If these stories I keep hitting didn’t bug me, why would I be talking to you about how much they bugged me? If I had no problem with that fic or the rest, why am I saying this? What’s my motivation here? Do you think I regularly seek out stuff I think is awesome to tell the writers that I wish I saw it less? Why is it that [a fanfic site with that sort of thing would say that up front anyway, be it just poorly organized or only focused on a single fandom. For example on, say, FiM fiction, a crossover fic would probably spell out, say, HALO or POKEMON clearly so people know what it is crossing over with] is not how this or any other large fanfic site works?

Again: you can tell me that no really I totally loved it and it requires no context until your keyboard gives out. What you think I should feel does not change how I actually feel.

Jan 1I am not unaware that you have popped in a number of the other Reset writers before. The same logic you are using about not being expected to like it, works even better as a question of ‘why do you keep reviewing stuff’Not sure where I said ‘you should love it’.

Easily the most annoying thing here is they clearly do get that the “one-shots” are not stand-alone in the least, because why else would they put Resetverse and Interlude in every title of the dozens of these stories, but they’re so sure their stuff is just so damn awesome compared to whatever worthless non-Reset stuff the rest of us are writing that this doesn’t matter.

re: Your review to Adventure in Infin – Female and Longer Choice

Jan 1GirlOnDarkerSide

A response to your review at


Jan 1“I started this so I could have a feel for if I did make the Infin Region a pokemon fan game.”
Jan 1I SAID “IF”

Ah, the fine tradition of, “I said I was doing this, but if you think I was doing a bad job of it, then actually I was doing something totally different.”


Jan 2writingforlife

A response to your review at

Hi Farla, thank you for the review.

Regarding the capitalization of words, I wrote Pokémon as I have seen it written by many others. I’ve never been sure about the capitalization of specific Pokémon, but I appreciate you bringing it to my notice.

Additionally, my rule about numbers is that if they are less than 10, they should be written out as words. I’m sorry if that isn’t standard.

I’m not sure if this is addressing your point about the plot, but I’ve never really written anything like this before. I don’t mean to use that as an excuse; I plan on taking this reply and using it to further other pieces. Now, with this piece, I acknowledge I didn’t start it off as I wanted. As a writer, something I’ve had a lot of trouble with is character development. I’ve never been great with highlighting growth and change. That’s probably why he character a haven’t changed, in fact.

This story is something that I decided to try. I’m usually more into essays and information pieces, but I’ve been trying to hone my creative writing skills, too. I really enjoy the games, so I thought I’d write something for Pokémon Sun and Moon in particular.

In short, I’d like to thank you for your feedback. I hope you enjoyed some part of it, and if not, I’m truly sorry. I have the story completed, and posted the first chapter today to try something new. I plan on posting the full story chapter by chapter so as to not overwhelm anyone. I hope you keep reading, assuming it’s not too bad, as I would welcome your comment.

Thank you, and have a great rest of your day.

re: Your review to The Beginning

21h agodelta4phoenix

A response to your review at

Thanks you for reviewing! I am currently on a train home, but when I am there I will fix these mistakes. When I looked the name up, the internet told me what the germanic Clara means. But you are right. As for the capitalization, well I am german and here we capitalize every noun. Thank you for telling me about them. I promise to fix them until tomorrow (GMT+1).

Have a nice day!

They did not end up doing so, but I have no idea if it’s that they changed their mind or if they’re sad nobody else reviewed so they’re giving up on writing the story.

Your review

19h agoX the typhlosion

Could you explain what was so bad about my writing?

18h agoI don’t know what’s going on or who anyone is or what the point is meant to be. It’s just a bunch of names floating in an incredibly vague post-apocalypse setting.
18h agoI see. Well thank you.
re: Your review to Gaming Guardian

15h agoSorre

A response to your review at

Thank you for providing my first negative review, and one that’s actually thought through. To be honest, I agree with some of your points.
I wrote this opening chapter several months ago and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t provide an SI who is magically gifted at every single thing he puts his mind to. It always bothered me when I read about an SI who could instantly grow used to killing, or become a top doctor, or master a magical system he didn’t even know existed in a week. It seems I’ve fallen into the opposite trap of providing too much background behind my character. The first scene was meant to offer some substance behind Aaron’s character, but I may have gone overboard. I can’t promise that every little detail covered there will matter in later chapters, but most of it does come up. I would ask that you not judge too quickly based on that alone.
The entire conversation with the four deities was for a similar purpose. Each of them play a constant role throughout the story so I thought it would be important to introduce them as more than administrators that operate the Gamer interface.
As for Giratina being a woman, you’re right. That is sexist. And it is intentional. In most pantheons around the world, the Creator or Supreme Being is almost always referred to as male: YHWH, Zeus, Uranus, Odin, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Izanagi, The Jade Emperor, etc. There are some exceptions, such as Amaterasu and the Queen Mother of the West, but for the most part, this rings true. It’s not that the gods are patriarchal, but that many human societies are. This is getting a bit deeper into the anthropological culture of Sinnoh than I intended, but I modeled my view of ancient Sinnoh after some of these cultures from our reality. When Arceus and the others revealed themselves, they conceded to some of the traits humans ascribed to them already, such as the idea that Arceus is the “Father,” in order to better relate to their worshipers. This is why Palkia comments that Giratina is a “rebel.” If I implied that Giratina’s exile into the Distortion World was a result of this, I apologize. The two are not related in any meaningful way.
Your last point, I have no defense for. Honestly, I tried to reconcile the standard Gamer interface with the competitive metagame for pokemon, or as close as I could make them. For example, a charizard has a base speed of 100. After perfect training and other details, at level 100, its max speed is 328. I meant for Aaron to eventually be able to match that “perfect, champion class” charizard in stats eventually and scaled down from there. As for how Aaron arrived to the correct conclusion that the average human statistic moved from 0-10, you’re right. That was extremely arrogant and something of a plot hole on my part.

Whether you continue reading or not, thank you for spending the time to review. I appreciate it.


14h ago[In most pantheons around the world, the Creator or Supreme Being is almost always referred to as male: YHWH, Zeus, Uranus, Odin, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Izanagi, The Jade Emperor, etc. There are some exceptions, such as Amaterasu and the Queen Mother of the West, but for the most part, this rings true. ]

You, the writer, are the one who chose to do this. Given these are actual creatures who really exist in your fic, they could enforce that they’re genderless, or they could pick either gender, or you could go by the fact the place Sinnoh is based on is the one that does have Amaterasu, or you could just say that huh, maybe it’ll go over badly to have 3/4 of them say that being a man is normal with only the “evil” one being female and it being stated that’s just rebellion instead of a valid option, so maybe, in your story that you’re making up, you shouldn’t intentionally repeat other people’s sexism as if that’s a neutral stance. Instead, you ignored the fact that those pantheons you’re mentioning have women in them in favor of saying that instead of how things worked even in the patriarchal religions you just listed, your Sinnoh’s religion says every last one of their gods should be a dude.

re: Your review to TPI Characters: Short Stories

11h agoVexan

A response to your review at

Grammar, yes I still do not have it down. I will try to work on it.

I feel like capitalizing Pokemon, so no thank you.

Eh, this entire thing is for fun. So like, I don’t mind if the backstory is sudden or whatever, or if it doesn’t work for a story as short as it is. I’m still going to do it.

Thank you for your review and for reading the story. I appreciate it.


Jan 3Chris Arsajan

Thank you for the honest review of the first chapter of my story , Farla.
Since writing like this is new to me I appreciate any feedback. Since I plan to write an ongoing story that will develop as I write, I will try to incorporate more and more of your feedback as the story progresses.My takeaways from your first review:
1. Think of a new title that is unique, piques interest and covers the story
2. Work on how I describe dialogue between characters
3. Work on correct paragraphing

I have to say that not all your feedback was completely comprehensible to me at once, but when I dove in the writing guide you posted it made more sense. Just one question concerning paragraphing. If I have to start a new paragraph for each speaker does that mean that, if two people are having a conversation and a third joins in, I have to start a new paragraph? And again when a fourth person joins?

That is all I have for questions this time. I’m planning to upload weekly and I’d really appreciate it if you keep giving me feedback on any chapters I might post in the future.

Thanks a bunch :)
Sincerely, Chris

re: Your review to Stickers

Jan 3AnOkayAuthor

A response to your review at

Thank you so much for the help! I was really unsure about a few things and I’m really thankful you helped me out. I’m in no way a professional writer so every little thing helps! I’m so thankful you took your time to review this and give me a few examples to help me out. However, due to school, I’m really busy. I’ll fix as much as I can though! Thanks again, I appreciate it!

re: review for “slipping through the cracks of a dark eternity”

Jan 3amphie

A response to your review at

first of all, yeah you’re pretty right about the wishy-washy stuff. would i call a friend—my best friend—by the epithet “my partner”? frick no. i agree, it’s distracting. admittedly, it read a bit better to me when i had it in second-person, but i was pretty sure that’s not allowed so i just went “shucks” and clumsily swapped it all to first-person without care for how it would affect the reading. i definitely should’ve gotten someone to look over it after i made the switch. honestly i just didn’t feel like making/naming OCs, which is just lazy on my part, lol.

secondly, thanks for the info abt the capitalization! i’m not usually one for reading pkmn fanfics so i had no idea that was the standard. i was legit just copying from my print media (which isn’t even good print media btw, it’s just junior novelizations of g1 eps. one of them contains something along the lines of “haunter haunter haunter,” said haunter, so i really shouldn’t have been looking to them for anything) without thinking on that, so thanks for pointing it out!

in general, thanks for the feedback! i’ll keep them both in mind for the future. the first one, i’ll just remember in general (it’s good advice! write the best thing for myself, not to please the whole world. this whole thing was self-indulgent au stuff, so why not commit all the way??) without changes, but i’ll probably make some quick capitalization edits for the second. peace xoxo

re: Your review to Lucario\’s Aura

Jan 3The Cursed Blur

A response to your review at

You are very right about this. I will admit my grammar is not the best, but I really am not the most “professional” fan fiction writer. I typed this up on the notes app on my macbook if that gives you any indication (:. Still! Thank you for reviewing! I am definitely going to be trying my best to work on my grammar.

On Sky Vagina

Jan 4NathanielTortellini

When the Wormhole is partially open, it looks kinda like a vagina, so I call it that as a joke between me and my brother.

re: Your review to The Pidgey King

Jan 4Motherflipping Oak

A response to your review at

There are definitely worse problems. :D

I can only agree with what you said about some things being unclear/illogical, and hope it’s not a deal-breaker. I wasn’t entirely sure of the direction the story would take when I started writing it, but expected it to be more overtly supernatural and go into the nuts and bolts of the “curse”. Since it ultimately turned into more of a slice-of-life piece, the details of Alex’s circumstances ended up pretty murky. What you said gave me a lot of food for thought, and I will keep it in mind should I attempt something similar again.

Thanks for the review!

e: Your review to The Mysterious Eevee – REMASTERED EDITION

Jan 4JaykeTheFennec

A response to your review at

dear god, off of me just having a good time I get an essay XD

The story is not meant to be the newest declaration of independence

This story is a call to the past and even though I will thank you for your grammatical advice, I’m not trying to make it that well, its for people to enjoy in their spare time. If they don’t like the story because of grammatical errors, oh well that’s fine by me.

Also for your advice on the story parts, here is my response.

1. The real world has a few foreshadowed pieces to the later story, so yes it is important for the reader to know, although they may not understand what the foreshadowing is, they will later in the story.

2. About the Pokemon names being capital, they are being treated as pronouns for the story, not for grammatical sake. Nothing I type is to make it perfectly literate like an English essay, it’s more of just a happy story I wanted to type up.

So once again thanks for the advice on the punctuation and similar, but take it somewhere where it wants to be judged not to a teen’s imagination ^^

I then get a string of three messages. Though I don’t reply, when I went back to copy them I found that at some point I’d been blocked. EDIT: Now I’ve been unblocked and sent a final PM.

Jan 4murloc rampage


Jan 4Wish the suggestions were for a story I cared about, rather than one I’m only righting due to… circumstances. Either way, Grammar Nazi’s should know to stay clear of my stories, I don’t strive for perfection.
Jan 4Yes, I put righting on person. Lol. :P
Jan 6… The person was not on purpose… god dang spellcheck on my phone. Sorry.
re: Your review to One Way to Cure Boredom

20h agoAguion12

A response to your review at

Thanks for the help! Those were things I was actually doubtful about.

– I rewrote the start of the chapter slightly, until the chat between Shade and Thermal.
– Changed Flare’s name to Silver, since I already have a Ninetales named Flare on my other fic that acts very differently from the one here.
– Decapitalized the species. So used to do that because normally the species name IS the Pokémon’s name that I do it on the automatic now.
– Took out a few semicolons that I found that were wrong, but I’m not sure I got them all.

The dialogue thing is something I’m going to keep, sorry. I’m just too used to write like that, it’s one of the reasons I write as a hobby and not for a living, not to mention that it’s not something annoying to read to most, unlike writing multiple characters walking in a SINGLE PARAGRAPH.

… sorry, that annoys the heck out of me.

Just saying in case you want to give the fic another chance when I write a second chapter, which will be soon. :)

re: Your review to Team Penumbra: Alola

14h agotpenumbra

A response to your review at

Thank you for your review! Other than the story beginning in that fashion I am aware of my errors

re: Your review to Good Beats Evil (The Tale Of Zangoose & Drew)

4h agoWrace

A response to your review at

I get that the whole thing with pokemon fanfiction with the trainers waking up being very generic, but I needed to start someone. Therefore I used a opening the’s fairly familiar and wouldn’t throw too many things at the reader at once. But now that I look at it, I kinda get how it could come off as a boring way to open the story up, so if you could tell me what other way I could have done it, please do.
The whole pokemon being capital. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know this at first, so thank you for that. The formatting being weird is because I just started using Microsoft Word, and I’m still learning how to utilize it to it’s fullest. This is also my first fanfic, and I’d honestly be open to rewriting the beginning if you gave me any suggestions. As someone who just started writing though, this review helps more than you think. Thanks for that again:)

re: Your review to Servant of the Night

20m agoShadowgeist1204

A response to your review at

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Nobody’s perfect” or “Said is dead”? As long as people know what the story’s all about and like it for what it is, I’m happy. You don’t need to give me backlash for every little mistake I made when I wrote this. If you’re going to give people concrit, be polite about it! Fire away at me all you like; I won’t give you and your perfectionist pals what you want. For saying all of this nonsense over such trivial missteps(and the aspects of my story; Gladion only listens to those he’s actually friends with, anyway.), I’m not giving you a chance to give me another round of fire, got it?

re: Your review to Legends and Legacies

6m agoNati0nalA response to your review at

Hey, thanks for the review. From what I understand from the review is:

1) First off, sleep on it. I understand this. I admit I jumped the gun on publishing a chapter.
2) Fix up dialogue issues/various grammatical errors.
3) The gym battle was set up poorly, and the addition of a challenge from another trainer at the end was unneeded.
4) The only twist from a typical story within my chapter was the presence of an actual job. However, I failed to engage the character (and in turn the reader) in this idea.

Is this correct?

I appreciate the hardcore review. The last thing I want is for someone to vaguely compliment my writing.



  1. Septentrion says:

    [Honestly, I tried to reconcile the standard Gamer interface with the competitive metagame for pokemon, or as close as I could make them. For example, a charizard has a base speed of 100. After perfect training and other details, at level 100, its max speed is 328]

    But, speed isn’t even one of the stats. All he did was change D&D stats max from 18 to 10(and added luck).

    Being bad at math is an odd recurring theme in The Gamer.

  2. GoldenFalls says:

    I don’t know where you’re getting your information on fanverses getting canonized as fandoms, but as far as I know they can only be canonized in the additional tags (freeforms), not as fandoms themselves. For example, “Pack Street – Fandom” is synonymous with “Zootopia (2016)” but “Pack Street Fanverse” is a canonical freeform (athough it looks like most users haven’t picked up on that).

    1. Farla says:

      That just means someone in charge of tags there fucked up. They syn completely random things together sometimes. Luckily the people keeping track of pokefandom are doing a good job of it:

      Given there’s almost fifty of the things in the C2, which is more than some of the subtags get, and given other fandoms have made subtag AUs just fine, it should work fine. 

      1. CrazyEd says:

        The tag synonyms are the biggest double-edged sword on AOOO. I wish there was a good way to tell some wrangler “yo hey you wrangled this wrong”. It’s terrible trying to find fics involving certain characters in the ASOIAF category because there are like a dozen different characters that are under “Aegon Targaryen” on top of the five kings and one prince named Aegon who have their own separate tags.

        1. Farla says:

          They’ve fixed stuff in the past when I complained through the main form but I had no luck on my most recent attempt to get depersonalization put in the proper place.

          I suspect there’s some internal benefit to tag synning because from the user standpoint it almost always causes problems rather than helping and it’s never within the ballpark of what the official guidelines say it should be.

        2. illhousen says:

          Well, the bigger issue with character tags is that people tend to tag characters who appear for one scene and are never seen again in the fic, so if you’re looking for something focusing on specific characters, you have to wade through a fuckton of fic in which said characters just exist.

          1. GoldenFalls says:

            Yeah, that’s super annoying for ASoIaF fic because there’s such a big cast that people tag characters who show up in maybe 2/20 chapters. Like honestly, you don’t have to tag every character, there’s so many other options: “Background & Cameo Characters”, “ASoIaF Ensemble”, “Other ASoIaF Characters”, tagging them in the freeforms if you must. Alas, that never seems to happen.

            1. CrazyEd says:

              Yeah, it’s super annoying when I want to search for, like… Dacey Mormont, and it’s 90% Jon Snow/[Sansa Stark/Robb Stark] and Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy fic in which Dacey is sometimes in the background of ensembles.

            2. Socordya says:

              Yeah, it’s super annoying when I want to search for, like… Dacey Mormont, and it’s 90% Jon Snow/[Sansa Stark/Robb Stark] and Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy fic in which Dacey is sometimes in the background of ensembles.

              Though in this case part of the problem is the fandom is entirely too obsessed with the fucking Starks.

            3. CrazyEd says:

              Dohoho, I think you mean “the Starks fucking”, but yeah. There is that. I wouldn’t mind it as much if they just kept it in the tags dedicated to the Starks fucking, though. It’d make it a lot easier to filter out in my AO3 Grandmaster ASOIAF Shit Filter. I’m only eight pages into the category, and I’ve already found enough tags to filter out that I’ve eliminated half the category.

              Sometimes I feel like, by the time I’m done, I’ll have created a filter that returns nothing but the ASOIAF fic I’ve written. But, on the other hand, why is Tywin Lannister/Sansa Stark such a fucking popular ship? Why is it a ship at all?

            4. Socordya says:

              But, on the other hand, why is Tywin Lannister/Sansa Stark such a fucking popular ship? Why is it a ship at all?

              Maybe it’s a less creepy version of Littlefinger/Sansa?

            5. Farla says:

              The bar for Sansa starts so low.

            6. Socordya says:

              That’s where GRRM set it.

            7. CrazyEd says:

              I mean, I guess it’d be less creepy, if the author wrote Tywin’s character accurately… but if they did that, he wouldn’t marry her at all, and instead marry her to literally any other unmarried male Lannister.

              And to be fair to Martin, the bar for Sansa starts low, but it also starts as that of a naive eleven year old girl, and gets a lot higher extremely quickly. But something tells me fanfiction authors like writing Sansa the way the show writers do…

              Of course, the show’s writers basically are at the level of fanfiction writers themselves.

        3. GoldenFalls says:

          If they provide more specific subtags and people still choose to use the ambiguous top-level tag, there’s not much they can do. I wish there were an option for them to click to hide a canonical tag from the dropdown so that people would be guided to use the actual specific ones.

          1. Farla says:

            Well, there’s lots of things they COULD do. There’s just none they can do that are compatible with the design policy that authors can tag things however they feel like.

            1. CrazyEd says:

              Let authors wrangle their own tags? Like… you could write the tag as you want it to appear in your works page, and then fill out what you want the tag to be indexed as?

            2. Farla says:

              No, we’re talking about people who don’t grasp tagging and just write the a summary in tags, they can’t be trusted. The people running the site are the ones who know how the tags are actually supposed to work, but all they’re allowed to do is try to fix things on the back end with what they’re given. And readers, they’re motivated to actually use the tags instead of tumblr vomit everywhere. People should be able to suggest tags or flag bad tags. The difference between the way fics are tagged and the way bookmarks are tagged is astounding.

            3. CrazyEd says:

              … Ah, yes. Of course. I was thinking of the way used the AO3 tag system, not the way the majority of fics on AO3 are tagged.

              I can’t even filter fic based on Game of Thrones from fic based on A Song of Ice and Fire because people will just tag everything that’s GoT with ASoIaF and vice-versa.

              You’re absolutely correct.

      2. GoldenFalls says:

        As far as I can tell, all the subtags for the Pokemon fandom are separate pieces of canon, not fanverses. The tag wrangling guidelines say to canonize shared AUs or ‘verses in the freeforms (which you can see under Fandom-specific Alternate Universes on this page.) So the Zootopia fandom is wrangled correctly and what you’re proposing wouldn’t result in a new canonical fandom.

        1. Farla says:

          I don’t see how you’re getting that. You’re looking in freeforms, so that’s how to handle tags that are in the “freeform” section. 

 – that’s the one for stuff people stuck in “fandom”.

          Relevant piece would appear to be:

          Fanworks as Fandoms

          It depends on whether in the judgement of wranglers these are something separate from the parent fandom, and whether on a case by case basis it is suitable to be subtagged to the parent fandom, or simply synned to the fandom. In general, as with Original Characters and other fanon tags, they should be canonized if more than 3 different users on the Archive have marked them as a fandom. (They may be canonized with fewer uses if they are known to be widely popular outside the Archive.)

          CANONICAL: Two Two One Bravo Baker Series
          METATAG: Sherlock (TV)


          And that’s how it worked in Undertale, where the AUs were functionally separate things with far more in common with each other than the original fandom. Furthermore, some of those Pokemon canons are fan-made.

          Over and over, the guidelines say to not syn a tag unless it’s identical, because it means it’s impossible for people to use it to search which is the entire point of a tagging system. People obviously want to search for fic that is about the subset of Zootopia that uses these particular OCs, locations, and story elements. It should just be a subtag.

          The wranglers just syn stuff they shouldn’t, a lot. “Carapace”, the Homestuck alien, got synned to “insect”.


          Now, when I tried “depersonalization”, a subtype of that, I instead found myself staring at the distinctly different word

          Literally the first google result says “these two things are not the same”. Thanks to that, the hundred-fifty other tagged works for this are now invisible amid the thing no one searching it wanted.

          Note whoever’s in charge of the tag also synned the misspelled “Disassociation” tag to it and not the “Disossociation” tag.

          So yeah, maybe Resetverse would just get synned to the main tag, because sure, people can wrangle stuff badly. Even then, it could at least be filtered out by going into any of the subtags, and sooner or later someone would probably fix it properly.

          1. GoldenFalls says:

            Ah, I missed that part of the Fandom guidelines.The reason I thought it would just be a freeform is that there aren’t supposed to be duplicate tags in different categories, but it looks like it does just come down to wrangler discretion, so they could make a Pokemon fanverse a fandom canonical.

            (I don’t see that on the Undertale tag, though. It looks like there, the canonical freeforms for the AUs are widely used and only a couple of people tagged for Underfell and the like in the fandom category in comparison. It makes sense to me that they’d canonize in the freeforms since people probably first tagged it in the freeforms and once they canonized a tag there it wouldn’t have made sense to canonize a duplicate in the fandoms category.)

            Regarding the dissociation/depersonalization thing, that’s an obvious mistake, but No Fandom wrangling is on hold at the moment while they come up with new guidelines/methods for it (probably to reduce those mistakes in the future) and nothing is allowed to be wrangled there in the meantime. I’m sure they’re keeping a list of all the changes to make once the ban lifts. I’m pretty sure it’s been on hold since at least early 2015 but I’ve heard they’re very close to reopening it to wrangling.

            1. Farla says:

              Yeah, but it’s infuriating because it’s someone going out of their way to make the problem.

              Wranglers don’t get to a tag? Sure, whatever, it’s only mildly inconvenient like that and hey, they’re busy people. If two tags overlap I can just check both or whatever.

              Wranglers do something that makes a tag unusable for filtering? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

              99% of tag problems have nothing to do with wrangling (some idiot put “pyukumuku” in freeform! now when I try to use it properly I get “pyukumuku – character”! i don’t wanna have to use the official Japanese | English tag the whole point was to take up less spaaaaace!) and the other 1% are miswrangled tags.

            2. CrazyEd says:

              Do you tag things with pyukumuku that often that it’s that big a problem? I really hate the Pokemon tags all having the Japanese names, and I’d probably just write the tags out myself with just the english names if I wrote Pokemon fic. I used the canon tags for that thing I wrote only because I was just going to be tagging two thigns so it wasn’t that big a deal.

              For my ASOIAF fic series, I switched around a few marriages and made alternate versions of the characters based on having a different father or mother and a different upbringing, and I tag them with the surnames of the alt versions (because I hate seeing “Jon Snow/Literally Anyone” and wondering why it’s there when I’ve filtered out M/M only to also see “Fem!Jon” 200 tags down the list) and it seems a crapshoot if the wranglers realize its an alt version and make my tag a synonym for the character or make it a synonym for “Original House [New Surname] Character”.

              At least there’s a version of the tag where I don’t have to use the canon “Gendry Waters” tag because that triggers my nerd rage because he’s an unacknowledged bastard so he doesn’t get the fucking bastard surname!

            3. Farla says:

              I tag my fic with pokemon that show up in it, which means a solid bunch of tags. Having all those tags be double length because they’re two names means the list is enormous but mixing between regular and double names is ugly.  Life is hard.

            4. CrazyEd says:

              Why not just write the english names as tags? I’m sure the english-only tags are synonyms for the English Name | Japanese name canon tags already.

            5. Farla says:

              Whatever disaster of coding AOOOOO is somehow managing to run separates tags into different subsections that can’t overlap but you can still have only one unique name. Once a tag is first entered into one box, putting it into any other box results in the system rendering it as Tagname – Thisotherbox. So someone else wrote Pyukumuku into the freeform tags before I wrote it into character tags and therefore when I try to use it the system spits Pyukumuku – Character back at me.  A bunch of other tags are compromised by being typed in originally in tumblr’s no-caps style, and it turns out the tags are exactly case sensitive enough to remember the original capitalization but not case sensitive enough to make the properly capitalized version into a separate tag, so Kanto becomes kanto and my only other option is using Kanto-chihou | Kanto.

            6. Farla says:

              Well, no, I guess I do have the final option of intentionally breaking the tag system further with .Tagword because it’s slightly less hideous than uncapitalizedlikei’manidiot or whatever, but contributing still further to the ongoing disaster  seems unethical so I only did it for depersonalization because it was synned to the opposite of what I meant.

            7. CrazyEd says:

              Oh, so that’s why it corrects my tag for Gendry to “Gendry – Character”. Whatever, at least it’s accurate.

              And at least I’m untroubled by the annoying naming conventions some hypernerds have chosen for a fictional sea cucumber. Being Farla is tough.

              English speakers who insist on using the Japanese for pokemon always weird me out. It reminds me of finding fan translations for Dragonball that use “Gokou” and “Ginew” over “Goku” and “Ginyu” (which are the transliterations of the katakana into english characters) because they’re the official English names and thus too plebeian.

              Motherfucker we all know you called it a Bulbasaur for a decade before you started calling it a Fushigidane, just call it the right fucking name. Don’t think I don’t see you calling the moves by their english names at the same time you’re calling a vulpix a fucking rokon.

              It’s a vulpix. You ain’t foolin’ anyone.


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