Day 3 Reviews (5)

Trying to read the final set of Shiplympics stuff ate up my time, so this is late. Ah well. Those fic were good as well!

For those of you who inexplicably didn’t read the best part of Homestuck because you hate freedom and puppies, this set should be made of characters you’ll recognize. They’re just not the best character in Homestuck, and you’ll have to continue living in a tragic and Intermission-lacking world until you realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made.


Summoning Ch6

Last time on the Summoning, Chloe may be displaying the first stage of another schizophrenic symptom, paranoia. The EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL nurse tells her clearly what the boundaries are and says to just be honest about things.

Because everyone seems confused (and it isn’t really that clear in the book either) here’s what’s going on as far as we know:

1)Chloe runs screaming through the halls into an empty classroom.
2) Teachers see Chloe, somehow instantly know she’s thinking of jumping out a window despite the window being closed.
3) Teachers tackle Chloe and wrestle her to the ground while she yells about a scary guy they can’t see.
4) ??? Some sort of minimal testing was done, presumably drug testing at least. Doctors don’t tell Chloe their findings but she claims they’re acting like it’s serious.
6) Chloe’s sent to a group home while drugged into incoherence, then given unknown meds on her first day.

Or, in short, nothing makes sense. Some of the pieces here connect up to others, but nothing in sequence and a couple don’t even work in isolation.


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