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“If you have nothing nice to say about what I’m doing, don’t say anything at all.”

Ehh I knew that would get criticism
22h ago204863-promise-repriseFact of the matter is most of the story is an actual summary and would have lurked forever within my documents. The only reason I even posted it was because my friend likes reading it. As I said, it’s extremely (and may I emphasize extremely) rough and I only really did it for fun. I appreciate your criticism, but I wrote this all a while ago and my friend asked me to post it. As soon as my friend finishes it I’m taking it down anyway. I should have just emailed her the thing, I know, but she doesn’t have an email. Seriously, though, thank you for the criticism, I just realized I need to work on fleshing plots out more and plan to in my upcoming works.

Also I love the fact that your other account is named AOOOOOOO
21h ago204863-promise-repriseGood times, TPP HeartGold, good times.

Please stop!
11h agoThe Digital AssassinThis is to Farla. If you have nothing nice to say about what I’m doing, don’t say anything at all. I will not tolerate any bad reviews.

10h agoAbigailJonesNYA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/10978789/

Holy cow, I’ve never had someone do this before… I actually appreciate this, it’s very helpful! I have always had an issue with commas and dialogue punctuation, so the first paragraph is extremely helpful.

I was just figuring since I was talking about a pokemon in particular, that it would need to be capitalized, so thanks!

Whoops forgot a letter!

re: Your review to The Secrets of Pokemon
9h agoscrewyouimthedoctorA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/10980922/

Like I said this story is “some crap” that “I wrote in like 20 minutes.” It’s not meant to be good. I just some crap. I didn’t edit it because it was crap.

re: Your review to Lost and Surviving
8h agoMiss ZenoviaA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/10978330/

Thanks for the corrections. If there’s anything else I need corrections on, PM me.

re: Your review to Lavender
1h agoAuraboraA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/10979141/

Thanks for the review!

I hadn’t even noticed that about the title, thank you for pointing it out. A lack of autocorrect always messes me up.

I do understand your reasoning with capitalization, however, I will always capitalize a Pokemon’s name. Widely used sources such as Bulbapedia, Serebii, and Smogon and Pokemon Company products such as and ORAS capitalize a Pokemon’s name when referring to it. I’ve included some examples at the end. For this reason, I treat their titles as if they are proper nouns, and I believe it is generally accepted to properly write them in this way.

I greatly appreciate your comments, and I hope you’ll do me the favor of reviewing any of my future submission! Constructive criticism is just what I need.


Here are the examples, if you want to take a look.
– From Bulbapedia:
“This Pokémon flies in search of powerful opponents to battle, and its fire will burn hotter as it gains experience. Its fiery breath is capable of melting boulders, massive glaciers, and has been known to accidentally cause forest fires. Charizard typically inhabit mountains and valleys. The anime has shown that only a weak Charizard would show off its power, and that a group of Charizard resides in the Charicific Valley in Johto.”
– From Serebii: /movies/dp/
“In the air, a Chimchar provides the flame for the hot air. The woman introduces herself as Alice, a native to Alamos Town. Brock butts into introduce himself romantically with Alice, but his Croagunk paralyzes him. Ash and Dawn introduce themselves, and thank Alice for the ride. Suddenly Brock jumps up and begins looking in his little book to see if he has Alice in it, Dawn off to the side is surprised at how quickly he recovered. Brock can’t find an entry for Alice, but he’ll keep his eye on her.
To change the subject, Alice says that she can play music by blowing through a special reed. She demonstrates, playing a beautiful tune that attracts Wingulls, and a Pidgeotto with a flock of Pidgey. The Pidgeotto sends greeting to the balloon as Alice continues to play. After she plays, she tells the gang she learned how to do that from her grandmother.
Just behind them are Team Rocket in a Carnivine balloon. They’re eying the gang as usual for Pikachu. But a few Drifloon fly near them. Wanting one, Jesse pulls out a bug net and tries to catch it, but misses. Then a Drifblim shows up, with some kind of equipment hanging from it. The balloon Pokemon aren’t too happy with Jesse trying to catch them, and send them away with a whirlwind.”
– From Smogon: /dex/xy/pokemon/absol
“…allowing Absol to become an excellent revenge killer. Knock Off is a very powerful and reliable STAB move that also strips the opponent of its item, which is incredibly useful. Fire Blast is a useful tool to hit Skarmory and Ferrothorn for immense damage. Ice Beam is also a good move to hit Landorus-T and Gliscor for large amounts of damage. However, Thunderbolt is a viable alternative over either, as it strikes Azumarill and Keldeo, who would otherwise wall this set. Superpower hits Heatran, Tyranitar, and Chansey very hard and is legal with Knock Off. Pursuit is a good move to damage any Pokemon that may try to switch out of Absol. Iron Tail could be used as an option to hit Clefable, Sylveon, and Togekiss…”
– From : /en-us/pokemon/starter-pokemon/starter-pokemon
“Grovyle’s evolved form (and Treecko’s final evolved form) is Sceptile. The leaves that sprout from its body have a razor edge that lets them cut clean through the trunks of large trees.”
– From ORAS:
See the images. This also applies for any wild Pokemon encounter.
“Whoa! A horde of Tauros appeared!”

1h agohttps://www.fanfiction.net/topic/11834/55376155/1/#55376155Used as a proper noun = used as an individual name. It isn’t that if someone capitalizes, they’re using it as a proper noun, any more than if someone capitalizes they’re using it as the start of a sentence. It’s that when a word is a proper noun or the start of a sentence, it’s supposed to be capitalized, and when it isn’t, it’s not.


1h agoI’m sorry, maybe I explained myself wrong. The point I am making is not that a Pokemon’s species name is or is not a proper noun, it’s simply that, because the source of this entire fandom capitalizes these, I will do so as well. I understand the grammar and logic behind your points, and your argument makes sense. However, I am making exceptions in order to stay true to the franchise.I would like to thank you again, this time for replying. I hope I am not coming across as rude, for I’m glad you’re trying to improve my writing skills.


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