Pokemon Author Replies Part 6

“Literally, ever since I started writing in this way, I’ve had no complaints of people disliking.”

reply to the chapter review thingyyy
Jan 16Be8A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11725238/

Hi, sorry for the late reply! I just wanted to thank you for giving me so many helpful pointers! It means alot to me! I’ll keep all this in mind while I’m revising chapter 2 haha.
I only have one thing to counter, and it’s about the scene you mentioned and how it seemed unrealistic. While this story is based off of the pokemon game universe, that doesn’t necessarily mean all attacks and means of battling are as “mechanical” as they would be in an actual game. I hope I made it obvious that the protagonists of the story so far are very young/inexperienced in fighting and using their moves, which is why Gastly had virtually no chance of leaving a scratch on the haunters when they chased him. I guess the move Lick would kind of feel like a taser? That’s kind of an extreme comparison, in my opinion. To give it a bit more realism, pokemon can control how hard they hit, if that makes any sense? Just like if you were to punch someone lightly in a playful manner, versus flat out decking someone in the face at a fight. It’s also part of Gastly’s character to use an excessive force of brawn. Also, being a baby ghost pokemon, he doesn’t really know HOW to scare, he probably just went for his first instinct!
I’ll revise this chapter later on, probably when I have more of the story out, so I’ll keep all of this in mind, thank you! I hope despite all of the mistakes you’ve enjoyed the story so far. I know for a fact that I’m relearning alot at once, so the overall quality should get better as time goes on.

Jan 17Kestre WyndeA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11732147/

To be honest, I’d thought of the carrying issue when I was writing it, but couldn’t really come up with anything I was happy with. It’s set in a period with few humans around, so bags and such would be out (and they couldn’t have made something like that with paws anyway), and I’d considered that perhaps she could’ve hooked them into her tail curls or something, but I wasn’t sure if that’d be feasible and I couldn’t find a way to write it in that didn’t feel ridiculous to me. So I figured since it’s a fairytale, I could just gloss over it a bit, but if you’ve got any ideas, I’ll see if I can edit it in somewhere.

Thanks for the compliments on the rhythm! When I was proof-reading, I read it aloud to myself to check that it flowed well in an oral telling as well, so I’m glad that came through.

re: Your review to Pathfinder: The Story of Pokemon X and Y
Jan 17Swordsman4A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11731849/

Ah, Flamer–err…Farla, we meet again. I’m going to cut you off right here, I am already aware of Pathfinder’s flaws. I think my problem with this story from the beginning was deciding to write a story with a character personality I’m not as familiar with. I’m much more accustomed to the Ash/Red personality. Much of the paradoxes in personality stems from this fact. I’m also not as accustomed to fictional writing as I am accustomed to non-fiction writing–newspaper columns are more my forte, presenting issues in a brief summary in a methodical, calculated manner doesn’t necessarily transition to fiction. My fictional writing has been a work in progress and still is a work in progress, I won’t deny that. That being said, Pokemon names ARE supposed to be capitalized. Last time I checked in an encyclopedia, species names are capitalized. You wouldn’t write Baltimore Oriole in lowercase letters. Labrador Retriever is capitalized. Lastly, I do read in between the lines. Pokemon is somewhat of a children’s game, or at least is perceived as a child’s game. They never called Lysandre’s plot genocide by name for obvious reasons and it was masked by the usual stories that involve the refion’s legendary Pokemon.

In the words of the great Blue Oak, smell ya later!

Your Review to Cloud Bros
Jan 17DragonNiroA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734558/

It was just suppose to be a parody of stereotypical bros, the fraternity bros. Also something else on Tumblr.

The way that the story is the way I write. Literally, ever since I started writing in this way, I’ve had no complaints of people disliking. Seriously, you’re the first person. It would have been nice if you had put something positive in the review, like ‘good job’ for example. I’ve seen how other users put reviews on your stories because they’re angry at you. Maybe you could try this to stop all the negative reviews?



Subject: re: Your review to Guilt and Forgiveness

A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734779/

Thanks for your input. I had been re-reading after I had published, but progress has been
slow because I have been writing this all from my phone and uploading straight from that.
And since I have only had a semi-competentent word editor and sparse amounts of time to
proofread, I finally fixed all of the smaller mistakes I didn’t see the first time
uploading this.




Next you time you review, tell me something positive that you enjoyed about the story
instead of just outright pointing out all of its mistakes and leaving it at that. I can
accept people critiquing my work, but I also want to hear about how I to improve my
writing and what you enjoyed about my story. Is that a bit too much to ask for?

I figured someone who enjoys critiquing fanfiction as much as appear to do on your
profile would be willing to do that.


“But why don’t you just lie?” has been a recurring issue this time around.


re: Your review to Twelve Wishes
Jan 17MilleniumScarA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734215/

Thanks for the review. Would you be able to beta read by any chance?

re: Your review to Sinnoh League Victors
Jan 17ramasioti100A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734742/


re: Your review to My Partner, My Friend
Jan 18Master SauceA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11735339/

Before I continue with my response, I’d like to apologize if I sound or appear rude when writing. It’s 2:24 in the morning and I kinda freak out whenever I do something wrong.

With the first paragraph, I’m going to assume that your only talking about thoughts, being that with spoken dialogue I either ended it with an exclamation point/question mark, a combination of the two, or put the intro thing before the quotation marks (He said, “You look like you could use some protein bruh, so here, have this corn thing.”) At least, as far as I’m aware of. Yeah, I plan on editing this later (or now, for that matter). I wasn’t aware of the quotation rule (never learned that in school) for thoughts, and I appreciate you bringing that up to me now. When it comes to ending it, I always hate trying to write thoughts because I can’t think of any words for “thought.”
Well, there’s “wondered,” “pondered…” that’s it. I remember talking to my own freaking grammar teacher once, and all she said was, “Well… there’s [two mentioned previously] and… ooh, that’s a tough question. Uh… dreampt?” So, yeah, and was no help, either, giving me more nouns than verbs.

When it comes to capitalization of Pokemon names, I’m pretty sure it’s capitalized no matter what. I know that in English, being that something like Pikachu wouldn’t be capitalized being that it’s a species name (so it would be pikachu), but in the Pokemon franchise, it’s capitalized all the time.
I did some Google searching and found this as well. Apparently, if I were German (which I’m not), it wouldn’t even matter. And apparently Pokemon is its own language. And apparently this has been an ongoing debate about Pokemon names?

Either way, I’d like to apologize once more for freaking out. I grew up in a household where I wasn’t allowed to be wrong, so… yeah, still kind of rubs off on me. Any further feedback on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

re: Your review to Pokemon: Willow’s Dark Plan
Jan 18niceman555A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11731486/

thank you for the review.
some things slipped, like Ash calling his pokemon “property”
obviously he treats his pokemon with utmost respect

ill get to fixing grammar and spelling mistakes in a second but yeah i agree with you

but i have one question

how exactly do you want me to organize my paragraphs? i just wanted it to flow decently. like in the first section when Ash and Willow are arguing, do you want me to make that just one big paragraph?

most of the paragraphs transition to a new subject im pretty sure, but ill look over it to see. sorry you have to dumb down things that should come easily to most people.

again, thanks for reviewing


re: Your review to Where You Least Expect It
Jan 18MawndoA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11735366/

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to write this and help me further understand how to use dialogue more effectively and correctly. As far as the latter portion of your review, I write what I like to write, regardless of what you or any typical individual might think is a “waste of time.” I frankly couldn’t care less if someone thought this was a pointless read, I don’t this professionally and I write this as a story to kill time and start something I feel like starting. I felt like ending it there because I want to, and this is http://www.fanfiction.net not some novel that I’ve written so I have the ability to do that without really caring. Please refrain from commenting on my story again, thank you.


Jan 18Actually, I changed my mind about pretty much anything I just said. Like I said, I don’t like to take this too seriously but I was wrong about a lot of that. I was upset over the criticism and responded hastily and would like to apologize for that. I reread pretty much everything I’ve written and it does lack original content. I will do my best to include more of my own work. I like to stay true to the character’s personalities and I fear of getting too far off track where they aren’t themselves anymore. Thank you for the review, and again, I’m sorry for my previous message.
re: Your review to The reunion
Jan 18MilesSYMA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11735688/

Thank you for the criticism regarding my fanfic. I appreciate your review, because this really helps me improve my grammar. But, I like the plot of my fanfic, I wouldn’t publish it if I hated it. So, thanks for the criticism regarding the plot, but I am not changing it. Overall, thank you very much, I will fix most of the mistakes.

re: Your review to An innocent prank
Jan 18AyosamayA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11735738/

I’ll try and edit it. I’m not great at grammar, so thank you for your help and for reading.

re: Your review to Pokymon
Jan 18InaccurateA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734479/

Umm thanks?
I guess I’ll try writing some other stories to start off with then, this isn’t going anywhere great.
Thank you for the speech marks advice, I never understood them.

re: Your review to Shining Stars
Jan 18Fille de FantomeA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11735257/

Thanks! I’ll make sure to edit it, then! Thanks for explaining these rules in English, it really helps! Not many people are willing to help a foreigner out, so I owe you lots of gratitude!

re: Your review to Baton
Jan 18Imaginative ClockworkA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11734796/

Thank you! I wanted to explore Team Rocket, but I didn’t know which part of Team Rocket, so I tried to squeeze in a bunch of things. And I was really happy with that part, since Team Aqua intense commitment to a terrible idea was always my favorite part, and I wanted to give it a shout out.

Regarding the punishment, I wanted to show with Leonard’s lines about being Giovanni’s right-hand man that he was also looking for a way to get ahead, just in a different way than Ben. He’s willing to slavishly follow his boss’s order for sure, but in a way that positions him as second in command, not a grunt. Seeing this, Giovanni wants to crush the ambition before it gets out of hand. I guess that wasn’t clear enough, though. Sorry!

I wanted to show that Giovanni is definitely not perfect, and I’m glad it came across! Thank you for the review!

re: Your review to old friends new lives
Jan 18MTT-BrandA response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11733936/

hey! thank you for your review, which, if sharp, was helpful. To the capitalization of Pokémon, etc., i’ve found it’s common to capitalize them and it’s more of a choice than a grammatical thing. In the games, the Pokémon are capitalized, which is how i’ve chosen to do it here.

to the title thing – that’s a stylistic choice. i personally enjoy the aesthetic of lowercase letters best (the band twenty one pilots also does this – to capitalize their name is incorrect). i’m sorry that a writer on a fanfiction site doesn’t conform perfectly to the laws of capitalization.

i see your point with the laughing thing, but it was sort of like she said it with a laughing effect, if that make sense? i could change it to ‘said with a laugh’ but i think i used that more than once in the story.

and to the tired plot – yes, my dear, this element of the plot is tired, but I’d like to try and add a twist to it. That’s why it’s there at all. It wouldn’t be interesting if they just got along, would it? this is only chapter one.

by the ‘heart broken’ line and the mentions of Looker’s previous troubles with women, i thought it was sort of implied that the relationship would fall apart, not never happen. I didn’t realize it was so unclear, apologies!

chapter two is just about to be out! thank you for your review.

This one ended up going weird when I said no, I mean I find the thing where all women hate each other misogynistic and so won’t read, and they argued that but no there were so many justifications for why these women hate each other you shouldn’t reject it over that and also they are a hardcore feminist, and finally I looked through the rest of their work and it’s Women Are Terrible At Each Other with a side of Lesbians Are Most Terriblest. Holy internalized everything.

re: Your review to Inner Storms
Jan 19A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/11736896/Dear Farla,
I deeply apologize for my grammatical imperfections. Although I’ve spoken English my entire life, writing is still difficult. The details you have pointed out will be fixed in the future, and I wish to thank you for pointing out my flaws. I do have one qualm, however. The fact that you said, and I quote, “The world didn’t yet another kid in the moving van opening. It’s been done,” and kept reading. If you don’t like the things I write about I advise you not to read them. I will not change the way I wanted to introduce a character because of one person. If you have noticed by now the world doesn’t work like that. Regarding your comment about Camila’s ability to do great things, she’s leaving for a pokemon journey at the age of sixteen, not ten. I believe that parents are being irresponsible for letting their children go on a journey, with an unfamiliar pokemon, so young. Camila’s parents show the same reserve that I do in latter chapter, most of which have been written or thoroughly planned, and did not in the fist chapter because I could not provide the conversation without it seeming choppy, and poorly written. Once again I would like to thank you for your advice.
King of the Fae

This was for a story where I didn’t comment on anything but the opening because I indeed did not see any point in continuing to read it. They’ve also gotten nothing but my review – not even the favorites and follows people will give to anything. But no one else said the opening was bad, so it must be fine!


  1. Negrek says:
    I had been re-reading after I had published, but progress has been

    slow because I have been writing this all from my phone and uploading straight from that.

    sweet jesus

  2. Sinitrena says:
    “[…]but in the Pokemon franchise, it’s capitalized all the time.
    […] Apparently, if I were German (which I’m not), it wouldn’t even matter.”

    Oh, I hate this argument. No, it still wouldn’t be correct, because in German, all nouns are capitalized, so only capitalizing pokemon species would look rather silly. And why do people even argue with a language they apparently don’t speak and in which they don’t write?

    1. Negrek says:
      The “BUT IN GERMAN” argument is new this year, I believe, and I’m kind of amused by how fast it appears to have caught on despite how nonsensical it is. You know you’re grasping at straws when you’re explaining how what you’re doing is totally correct in this other language that you aren’t writing in.
      1. illhousen says:
        Just counter it with BUT IN RUSSIAN.

        Russian hates unnecessary capitalization. Adjectives formed out of proper nouns (like Russian, English, etc.) are not capitalized, species’ genus is not capitalized, ‘I’ (well, ‘ya’) is not capitalized, words used in place of names (like, “Well, Doctor, I think…”) are mostly not capitalized, titles before people’s names (Doctor Faust) are not capitalized, etc.

        Basically, only properly proper nouns are capitalized.

        Of course, following Russian conventions while writing in English is as silly as following German ones, but that’s the point.

        1. SpoonyViking says:
          I see Russian is as sensible as Portuguese. I approve.
          1. CrazyEd says:

            Yes, both of them are not at all sensible.

      2. actonthat says:
        It’s one of the more baffling ones. I just want to be like, okay, but now back to the topic at hand…
      3. Farla says:
        I would bet it’s something where someone complained about me to a group elsewhere, one person went DID YOU KNOW IN GERMAN, and now all the people who saw that are trickling back out to say it to me.
        1. CC Heart says:
          I especially like the one where they go ‘if this was written in the Pokemon world’– well, if it was written in the Pokemon world, it’d BE LIKE THIS BECAUSE THEY USE UNOWN ALPHABET.
  3. American--Pi says:
    “But why don’t you just lie?”

    Lying to people and sugarcoating things is better than hurting people, Farla. Which you do all the time without caring about their feelings.

    Look, I don’t want to be rude, but I AM bitter. Honesty is not always the best policy. Being honest can end up hurting people deeply. And if you don’t care about whether what you say will hurt people, then… that’s just wrong. No decent person would think that way.

    1. actonthat says:
      Things that have never hurt people, apparently: lies
      1. American--Pi says:
        Okay, I never said that lies never hurt people. I was just saying that you CAN be honest, but you should sugarcoat your honesty so that it feels less like a punch in the gut to the other person. It’s important to find a balance between truth and lies to do what’s best for others.
        1. actonthat says:
          You’re genuinely arguing that you should lie to people. Like ¿¿?? this is the position you’re actually taking. Think about that with your peanut-brain for like two seconds.
          1. American--Pi says:
            “Peanut-brain”? You really hurt me with your comment. You might have been honest, but this is an example of honesty that hurts people. Unless you don’t care if you’re hurting me. And if that’s the case, and I’ll say it again, you are not a decent human being. I’m sorry if I’m the one hurting you, but I genuinely believe you aren’t a decent human being if you don’t care if you’re hurting people.

            I really care about whether you’re getting hurt, and if anything I say hurts you, I apologize. The thing is, people do and SHOULD care about whether what they’re saying is hurting others.

            Look, nobody deserves to be hurt like that. Even people who seem ignorant or nasty. Ignorant people just don’t KNOW that they’re being ignorant, and nasty people often act the way they do because they are deeply insecure. Hurting people in general just isn’t good.

            And I never said that you should ALWAYS lie to people; I just said that it is important to find a BALANCE between truth and lies so that people won’t get hurt. Because too much truth hurts people; so does too much lying.

            Nice is different than good, but it’s always nice to be nice, you know what I mean?

            1. Wright of Void says:
              From what I can tell, you seem to believe Farla should be more tactful. However, that’s not what you’re actually arguing for. Tact does not mean lies. If you want her to be less blunt and more polite in her reviews, that is a possible avenue of discussion (though it won’t lead you anywhere, she’s pretty adamant about her tone). But lying is not being tactful, it is only condescending and deceitful.
              1. actonthat says:
                Is this a troll? It’s the usual ‘Cult of Nice’ crap taken to such an extreme that I’m having a hard time believing anyone would actually genuinely be arguing it.
              2. Wright of Void says:
                I, uh, think you’re jumping to extremes here, Act. They never said they advocate always lying all the time. I think they might not actually be advocating lying at all, they’re just bad at expressing what they mean. You miiiight want to calm down a little.
              3. actonthat says:
                ? I don’t think I’m worked up? Just a bit baffled that someone is actually taking the position, “You should lie to everyone,” and wondering if that position might not be a trolly one. It’s just such a bizarrely extreme tact to take.
              4. illhousen says:
                He he, tact.
              5. American--Pi says:
                I SAID in one of my posts (and one of my earlier ones at that), “It’s important to find a balance between truth and lies to do what’s best for others.” I still stand by this.
              6. Wright of Void says:
                Okay, so just to be clear, when you say “lies”, do you mean, like, “lie of omission”, or do you mean more like saying you liked something when you actually didn’t?
              7. American--Pi says:
                The first one. I would never advocate saying “I liked this” when you didn’t. I think I was unclear and confused about the whole lying thing. I forgot that there was a difference between lying and tact. What you said about tact was what I was going for, yes.
              8. actonthat says:
                It’s the “lying is best for others” part that’s the issue here. What is a person gaining by being told they’re not making a mistake when they are? What are you trying to accomplish, exactly? Because what Farla does makes people better writers. What you’re advocating makes them worse and makes them less able to get better. Where is the benefit, and to whom?
              9. American--Pi says:
                I agree with your first sentence. Now that I’m looking back at what I said, I’m realizing that I totally articulated my thoughts wrong. I never meant to say “lying is best for others”; I just meant to say that you can and should be honest without being hurtful.
              10. American--Pi says:
                I think you actually got that spot-on; tact was exactly what I was going for. Thank you; I really mean that. I was having trouble articulating my thoughts. And you know what, I kind of know already that Farla’s pretty adamant about not changing how she is.


            2. actonthat says:
              The onus is on you to disprove your own idiocy; can’t blame me for that one.

              Back to main the point, though, which is: you are apparently a remorseless pathological liar, which is kind of terrifying.

              1. American--Pi says:
                “The onus is on you to disprove your own idiocy”
                Sorry, but what does that mean?

                Like I said, I totally messed up my articulation. I NEVER meant to advocate lying. Tact was what I was going for. You can be honest without being hurtful.

              2. actonthat says:
                Okay, honest question and no offense meant: Is English not your first language? Because that would explain like 95% of this and take it from “never tell anyone the truth” to the more usual “but niiiiiice”.

                People have actually done this experiment, as you’d see if you cared enough to look back at the years this has been going on, and the truth is people just don’t react well to being corrected. No matter how “nice” criticism is, people flip a shit. In fact, the “nice” reviewers often get *worse* reactions because people feel more justified in going off when they feel they’ve made fewer, less egregious errors and the reviewer is less bothered by them.

                If you want Farla to go around leaving flowers and ponies in her path, you have to prove that method does something. And empirical evidence says it doesn’t make any difference.

              3. Farla says:
                You can be honest without being hurtful.

                Not once you make lying standard. Now everything is expected to have some percentage of lying. If people are supposed to sound 15% more positive than they really are, then if I say “good job” someone else hears “eh, it was okay I guess” and “eh it was okay I guess” is now “yeah that was pretty much crap”.

                And that’s how, “This is how dialogue is punctuated” = “You fucking moron, you can’t do anything right, just stop writing you fuckup everyone hates you.”

        2. Wright of Void says:
          You seem to think very little of these authors you care so deeply about. You really think they’re too dumb to figure out when you’re lying to them? That does nothing but create a culture of paranoia and fear where no one can be sure whether or not any compliments are genuine.

          Farla has explained this multiple times in the past. Do your research before regurgitating talking points, please.

          1. American--Pi says:
            Explained what? That you shouldn’t be nice?

            If you don’t like a story at all, you can and should still be nice to the person. You can say, “Hey, I actually really didn’t like your story for these reasons. But I’m sorry that I’m dumping all this negative stuff on you, and I hope you keep writing to improve.”

            1. Wright of Void says:
              Explained what? That you shouldn’t be nice?

              I am tempted to abandon you to the wolves because you are either purposefully ignoring what I’m saying or deliberately misreading it, but I’ll try one more time: she explained that false praise is not actually being nice, for the reasons I stated.

              1. American--Pi says:
                “I am tempted to abandon you to the wolves”
                How would you do that? You don’t even know where I live. Wolves don’t even live where I live. But if you did know where I lived, and if wolves did live where I live, can I at least bring a ton of food with me and feed it to the little wolf puppies? I can be like Julie of the Wolves! What fun!

                On a serious note though, I’m sorry that I didn’t see Farla’s explanation. And I agree that false praise is not actually being nice. But I think you can be nice WITHOUT having to resort to false praise.

                Either way, I’d rather receive false praise than really blunt criticism. As long as I never know it’s false, I’ll be happy. But that’s just me. (Please note that that’s just me.)

              2. actonthat says:
                Okay, definitely a troll. Phew.
              3. Wright of Void says:
                (Please note that that’s just me.)

                And you are arguing that what you personally prefer should be universal because…?

              4. American--Pi says:
                I’m not. I’m just saying what I personally prefer; nobody has to think how I think.
              5. Farla says:
                Either way, I’d rather receive false praise than really blunt criticism. As long as I never know it’s false, I’ll be happy. But that’s just me. (Please note that that’s just me.)

                I suspect that’s true for everybody – but they do figure out it can be false. They may never learn how to tell the false praise from the true, but that just makes it worse. When they’re feeling worst, they can’t look at what people said and be cheered up, they’ll just think, “Oh my god this is probably all fake, I’m not just a bad writer I’m such an incredibly bad writer that they felt so bad they pretended otherwise!”

                People have complained about many things in my reviews, but no matter how much they hate it and how much they hate me, they agree that if I said I liked something then I actually did.

              6. American--Pi says:
                You make some good points here. I especially like the one about false praise being hurtful to people. Once again, I apologize for articulating my thoughts wrong. I think what I was really going for was tact (thank you, Wright of Void) – you can and should be honest, AND at the same time you can and should be nice about it.
              7. Farla says:
                I would agree but I think people are always going to hear what I say as “not nice”. When I ask people for how I should phrase things, it breaks into two categories.

                A) Lying. Always find something good to say even if you didn’t like anything, and softball the criticism to the point no one can actually understand it’s there.

                B) Something that boils down to “any other phrasing than the one you used” even though using that one will get the next person to complain it was terribly mean and when asked, say to do it in the same way I did to the first one.

                Ultimately, getting told you did something wrong, especially when it’s the first time it’s happened, is going to be a shock. People are inclined to think that the problem is how they were told but really, anything is going to sound less upsetting the second time around, so any rephrasing is now nicer.

                There may be some sort of perfect phrasing that minimizes the inevitable upset and hurt while still being clear. If you review a lot and manage to find any of those, I’d be happy to incorporate those. But it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

        3. Farla says:
          ” I was just saying that you CAN be honest, but you should sugarcoat your honesty ”

          You can be honest if also you’re lying?

          1. American--Pi says:
            That’s not what I meant. I meant, you can say what you think, but you should say it nicely and with some sugarcoating. I gave an example in another one of my posts:

            “Hey, I actually really didn’t like your story for these reasons. But I’m sorry that I’m dumping all this negative stuff on you, and I hope you keep writing to improve.”

            1. Farla says:
              I’m not sorry for a paragraph listing proper dialogue or explaining how capitalization works. Why the hell would I be sorry?
              1. American--Pi says:
                Okay, fair enough, you don’t have to be sorry about pointing out proper English usage. Pointing out proper English usage isn’t nasty, and I’m not even going to touch on the capitalization thing.

                But the OTHER things in your reviews. Like, “You might want to think about if what you’re writing makes any sense”. That definitely counts as a negative thing, because it essentially says, “Your fic makes no sense”. Ow.

              2. Farla says:
                Yes, it’s the nicer way of phrasing it that doubles as advice on how to fix it. You’re complaining now that when I’m nice (“sugarcoating”) it’s not enough to completely obscure my original meaning and sound like pure praise.
            2. Wright of Void says:
              Farla’s comments are rarely negative. They are almost always neutral and calmly stated. If an author is so entitled that they can’t even stand the absence of praise when people talk about them, that is their problem and not the reviewer’s.
              1. American--Pi says:
                “Farla’s comments are rarely negative”
                Then where does this come from? “This is a really slow and repetitive fic. You drag out basic facts for no real reason.”
              2. actonthat says:
                Guess: Fic was really slow and repetitive, dragged out facts for no real reason.
  4. American--Pi says:
    Alright, I’m done here. I’ve spent the past two hours or so attempting to articulate my thoughts into something reasonable, and I’ve been met with varying responses.

    The bottom line is, I never meant to advocate lying; tact was what I was going for. Many of you made great points, and I agree, people just don’t like to be wrong and will be hurt no matter how criticism is phrased. It would be really nice if we could find the best way to leave reviews – one that is honest, gets the point across, and doesn’t leave the writer hurt. But it’s easier said than done.

    Farla, I used to hate you a lot, but now I realize that you are actually reasonable sometimes. That said, I still don’t like you – sorry. Mostly because a lot of the things you’ve done leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. (Lucki. Just Lucki.) But that’s okay – I just realized that all of this can be solved if I just blocked you on FFN and stopped following you on here, lol. Which is what I’m going to do right now. Please don’t take offense; I know you won’t, but still. It would be nice if you were nicer and more tactful, but if you don’t want to change, I’ll leave you alone. I think it would be better for the both of us if I blocked you.

    Adios, todos.

    P.S. Oh, and if anyone insults me or makes me feel horrible about myself on this blog from now on, I won’t be seeing it, so I won’t get hurt.

    1. PostguestivePostistPhase says:
      “…look at all the mics I’m dropping…”
      Congradulations, you have won on the internet.
    2. actonthat says:

      First of all, looking back, I was snappier than I intended this afternoon, for which I apologize. In my defense, it’s Friday and I’m completely exhausted.

      That said — the idea that there’s some conspiracy to ‘hurt’ you is a false one, and I’m sure you’ll find in time that self-improvement is a positive pursuit. (Most people do, though through Old Person Lenses it probably always seems like the next gen is doomed to be perpetually stupid. Frankly I’m just glad my tween years weren’t captured on the internet forever. Yeesh.)

      Anyway, bon voyage.

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