Pokemon Protagonists

You remember how the female protagonists in Pokemon wear universally terrible outfits? Click on this. Just do it.


  1. actonthat says:
    It’s pretty sad that my immediate reaction to the girls of, “Holy shit they look so badass! This is awesome!” was one I’ve never had before.
    1. M says:
      I didn’t like them much. At best, they looked like someone I’d meet in the street (Which is the point, I guess) and I thought the D/P girl looked ugly with so much black. May was the only one I kinda liked of the girls, and the only one I really liked was the B/W 2 boy.

      I actually didn’t notice anything wrong with the first row of boys until I noticed Red wasn’t wearing shorts but a skirt.

      1. actonthat says:
        I mean, they’re straight swaps. Obviously the colors and shirt weren’t adjusted for aesthetics. That is so far from the point here.

        Suddenly the girls look powerful and like they might be out doing adventuring shit. They look like they could kick ass, not like they were on their way to the mall and accidentally ran into a Pokemon battle. That giving them a “boy” bottom completely changes what you get out of the still highlights how ridiculously divided the treatment of the characters is.

        1. M says:
          They do? For example, when I see Leaf, I think she was in the middle of a yoga class (Ignoring the bag and Pokéball, which would be rather curbersome). And D/P girl looks like she was shopping. And the one from HeartGold doesn’t feel any different than normal (My first thought was her working in the daycare, curiously). The only one I feel looks noticeably more “adventure-y” would be the Y/X/Z and the B/W ones. I do agree that their legs should be covered more often, though.
          1. Farla says:
            For example, when I see Leaf, I think she was in the middle of a yoga class (Ignoring the bag and Pokéball, which would be rather curbersome).

            Well, yes, if you’re going to assume girls who are dressed more practically must be doing yoga, pokeballs and bags be damned, I suppose it doesn’t much matter what they’re wearing.

        1. actonthat says:
          The “winter coat and scarf with no pants” is always going to be the most WTF to me.
    2. Ember says:
      Hey, Act! Off topic, but I’ve been playing Analogue: A Hate Story and its sequel Hate Plus this week and found them intriguing enough that I immediately dropped the titles into Farla’s suggestion box, but it occurs to me that since you’ve been specifically seeking out VNs, I should rec them to you too. You play a space-travelling private detective. In the 50th century sent to investigate a pre-FTL multiple-generation ship that disappeared two-thousand years ago and has suddenly been rediscovered as a ghost ship. The game is about interacting with the two AI’s still functioning in the ship’s computer and reading through the epistolary data files to which you gradually get them to grant you access. The story you uncover piece by piece is as compelling as it is brutal, and the games do some very clever things with the medium.
    3. Beattie Lesnick says:
      Oh, now boys don’t matter? And people wonder why I hate Farla.
      1. Farla says:
        We really don’t wonder that.
        1. Axel Grease says:
          Oh yeah? Then tell me: Why do I hate you?
          1. Farla says:

            Because you perceive this as a zero sum game.

  2. Keleri says:
    I love this and wish it was real. The female player characters can dress in a prepared way for their multi-biome adventure and still look feminine.

    Funnily, even on reddit, a lot of people commented that they were dissatisfied with the /male/ clothing choices and wished they could crossdress in XY (like in animal crossing new leaf). Something for nintendo to think about. Gamefreak could really stand to learn from the ACNL developers. Also, let me remove my hat/bag, ffs.

    1. actonthat says:
      I’m playing Fable II right now (which everyone totally should if they haven’t) and one of the best parts is that there’s no male- or female- hairstyles, clothes, etc. Some outfits are labelled m/f according to how the NPCs use them, but you can literally wear whatever you want and it is amazing.
    2. Farla says:
      I wonder if one day we’ll see a romhack that lets you.
      1. Keleri says:
        Supposedly the guy who hacked XY successfully was able to crossdress where the model would allow it, but we’ll see if the currently pretty arcane hacking skillz needed every make it to the mainstream.
    3. Ember says:
      The Harvest Moon franchise is also all aboard the crossdressing train, and I saw nothing but excitement for that decision when it was announced.
    4. Beattie Lesnick says:
      Oh, so you’re saying that boys should never be able to wear pants and girls shouldn’t wear skirts/dresses ever. EVEN IF THEY WANT TO. FUCK YOU.
      1. actonthat says:
        Looool you’re the best troll we’ve had in a long time.
        1. illhousen says:
          Sadly, it says more about the quality of trolls we get than about this person.
      2. Keleri says:
        Take it easy there little buddy, I recommend having a Capri sun and getting ready for bedtime.
      3. Mini-Farla says:
        Keep parroting those talking points, little robot, they’ll take you far in life.
  3. not says:
    I don’t see what the big deal is, to be honest.

    Everyone seems to be dressed by the same blind clown.

    In a more serious note, it’s obvious they are striving for having their protagonists to appear fashionable and cool.

      1. not says:
        Well, lack of pants is unrealistic, but then again so is 10 year olds traveling the earth.

        You have to give them some leeway, they are trying to make their characters visually appealing.

        And let’s be honest: the male protagonists clothes are also ridiculous.

        There is a difference between stylized armor and chainmail bikini.

        1. Farla says:
          No, they aren’t. The boys get to wear pants. The one time both are wearing shorts, the boy’s are loose and go past his knees while the girl’s are skintight and cover barely more than underwear.

          Eight of eleven boys wear full length pants. Zero of ten girls do.

          1. not says:
            If you think pants make an outfit more or less ridiculous, that is your opinion. I’ll keep laughing at Mr. Bonnet Firly Scarf.

            And what is wrong about shorts? Or tigh clothing for that matter? They are not inherently bad.

            I’m really interested in your arguments, because I find it acceptable to schew praticality or realism in favor of style.

            1. actonthat says:
              “Girls should always be dressed in a more revealing manner” is not style. Hell, it’s the opposite of style: It’s just adherence to the same old, tired, damaging tropes that have always been used.
              1. not says:
                Oh please, I never said that – I just criticized the chainmail bikini that is so pervasive in video games.

                I’ll never think that bare skin is bad in itself. If they were sexualized (Wich they cleary are not here) I might agree.

              2. actonthat says:
                Yes, literally none of the women wearing pants in the game’s art has absolutely nothing to do with sexualization. This makes perfect sense.
              3. not says:
                This shows part of her leg: http://womenista.info/women-suits/feminine-suit-drees/

                Is she sexualized?

              4. Farla says:
                Is the woman smiling at the viewer with her head cocked, in heels and with her bare legs crossed so she can’t walk in a sexualized pose? Yes. Yes she is.

                Sexualized covers more than naked women. Models for women’s clothing are sexualized all the time.

              5. actonthat says:
                She’s standing in an impractical, submissive position with her hip out and a shy smile meant for the viewer. Is that a serious question? Is this some kind of test?
              6. not says:
                I asked about the outfit. Models always try to look alluring.
              7. actonthat says:
                Models always try to look alluring.

                And… you don’t think the reason for that has anything to do with sexism maybe?

                As for the suit, actually, yeah. The idea that, okay, women can wear suits BUT they have to be skirts and when they’re not we’ll call them something else that specifically reminds everyone they’re not the default (“pantssuit”) is pretty damn sexist.

              8. not says:
                And what is wrong with sex per se? This image is hardly aimed at men.

                Still, the suit/pantsuit thing does not exist in my first language.

              9. Farla says:
                The fact you don’t like something derided in popular culture as the single stupidest sexist outfit does not mean much. It’s like saying you agree women should be able to own property. No shit.
              10. not says:
                And I pointed out that there is a a difference between escapism and titilation?
            2. Farla says:
              1. not says:
                Sorry that having a diferent opinion angers you this much.

                And maybe they aren’t wearing tight clothing because society gives men less freedom as how to dress?

              2. Farla says:
                And maybe they aren’t wearing tight clothing because society gives men less freedom as how to dress?

                And yet despite women having the freedom to wear pants, none of them are wearing it. Not a one.

                Boys don’t wear tight pants because it’s sexualized. Go look at anything aimed at women or gay men, and suddenly men do wear tight pants! It’s sort of like there’s some common underlying trend here.

              3. actonthat says:
                I think “BUT MEN” should be the new Godwin. Once someone posits that men are oppressed, too!!!!1one, everyone should just disengage and go have a drink.
              4. not says:
                Wut? When did I said anything like that?
              5. Beattie Lesnick says:
                ALL lives matter. EVERYONE should have equal rights. NOBODY should be oppressed.
              6. Farla says:
                Exactly. Which is why it’s unfair when they’re treated differently.
              7. actonthat says:
                You seem bored. I recommend Pokemon Go!
              8. Beattie Lesnick says:
                Well maybe I WOULD if FARLA would stop BITCHING about her IDEOLOGIES!
              9. Farla says:
                Honey. You’re on my blog. I can see the complaint, if not the frothing, if I’m coming into your space, but you’re hunting me down to be infuriated by what I talk about.
              10. illhousen says:
                Hm? I thought you were luring and trapping people inside this blog with your psychic powers.
              11. actonthat says:
                I haven’t been able to use another website since 2005.
              12. illhousen says:
              13. SpoonyViking says:
                She had to use psychic powers on you? …I feel cheated. :-P
              14. illhousen says:
                To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true
                redemption, that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful
                world such would be…
              15. SpoonyViking says:
                See, I was just snared with the promise of cookies. And I didn’t even get those… :-P
              16. actonthat says:
                If this blog is genuinely preventing you from downloading mobile apps, please elaborate so I can somehow harness this oddly specific power.
              17. Beattie Lesnick says:
                I forgot to MENTION that I DON’T HAVE A PHONE!
              18. illhousen says:
                I’m just going to say, your quirk is becoming more funny with each post. Good choice.
              19. actonthat says:
                Capslock is cruise control to cool.
              20. illhousen says:
                I mean, it’s readable, unlike certain other quirks I’ve seen. And I like the emphasis added to otherwise perfectly mundane sentences like this one. Makes them appear dramatic even though they aren’t.

                Good choice, overall, especially if you don’t want to spend too much effort on it.

              21. Farla says:
                Ah. So your parents won’t let you have one until you demonstrate you’re mature enough, and that’s how my saying stuff you disagree with is preventing you from playing Pokemon Go.

                Glad that mystery’s answered!

              22. Joe says:
                You’re just bringing up another facet of sexism, though. Men wearing skirts is ridiculous because feminine-coded clothes are silly and frivolous. Men who wear them are making a joke out of themselves. What does that say about the women who are expected to wear them, then?
              23. Beattie Lesnick says:
                GOOD POINT, MAN!
              24. SpoonyViking says:
                …Do you realise that you just agreed with an argument that, at its core, is in direct opposition to what you’ve been yelling here?
  4. Ezequiel Ayoroa says:
    I don’t think there’s anything bad with sticking with the norm, besides being lazy.

    As for the swap: it works perfectly on all the girls, but only on the Emerald guy. Guess we just aren’t meant to wear skirts-except for the Scottish, of course. They really can pull it off.

  5. Katrika says:
    Oh my goodness, all the ladies look so awesome! Rosa has so much more personality with those baggy pants, while still being ‘cute’ (and ready for action!), Pearl (Diamond?) looks like a stage magician!

    I like how XY gives us more options for clothing, including actual pants, but this just goes to show how much the default outfit counts, too.

  6. Owl says:
    I think they all look…normal? Like, if I didn’t recognize any difference for a moment of so, and when I did, they still looked fine. (Except for Lucas. Honey, yellow will never go with pink like that.)

    If you’re commenting on the whole “girls are only allowed to wear short skirts” thing, I was under the impression this was a Japanese thing. Like, school girls’ uniforms tend to involve short skirts. And I somewhat doubt the girls are being sexualized–they’re ten.

    Red is rocking that skirt, though.

    1. Roarke says:
      The difference is that the boys are now the more attractive ones, because oh-my-God can you say “androgynous?” Also, the girls are absolutely being sexualized, and the fact that they’re canonically ten years old only makes it worse.
    2. Farla says:
      And I somewhat doubt the girls are being sexualized–they’re ten.

      I tried a quick google search to track this down, then stopped because I didn’t want the FBI arresting me, so I can’t give a link, but there was an article about Japan having six year old “idols” doing things like modeling underwear and featured pictures. Her parents were selling lifesize posters of her in that underwear.

      Also, moe, moe fanservice, and moe body pillows of the kid in lingerie. You can do the google for “moe body pillows” to get the idea, I’m not adding that to my search history after trying to find a half-naked six year old.

      1. Owl says:
        …ew. That’s…ew. I’ll take your word for it – I don’t need that on my search history, either. As a matter of fact, I am going to pretend I have never heard of such things.

        I’m still falling back on my “supposed to resemble real life schoolgirls” theory, though. It’s less disturbing. Or is that something Japanese media has lied to me about? I’m honestly frightened to check at this point.

        1. SoxyOutfoxing says:
          My brother lives in Japan, and from what I’ve given to understand in mainstream Japanese society pedophilia is seen as more pathetic/socially awkward behaviour, rather than horribly unhealthy and damaging. I know it’s not a good idea to generalise wildly about other people’s cultures, but that is what I have heard personally; it may not be relevant or true.

          The ‘They’re ten-years-old, so they can’t be being sexualised’ made me think of the flipside of that argument people made in defense of Nowe from Fire Emblem: ‘She’s actually a five-hundred-year-old dragon, so it’s okay that she looks like a ten-year-old wearing a bikini and ribbons,” possibly because no one could seriously argue that Nowe wasn’t sexualised.

          I would maybe find the ‘secretly an ancient dragon’ argument a notch more compelling if Nowe didn’t act like a little kid. Apparently they made her personality even more childish in the English translation for some reason, but she’s still a marriageable option, which I see as proof that, yes, some people in Japan have no problem with sexualising young girls, and yes, some people in the west will nod and go along with it.

          1. Farla says:
            I would maybe find the ‘secretly an ancient dragon’ argument a notch more compelling if Nowe didn’t act like a little kid.

            Eh, if she’s dressed in a couple scraps of fabric, not even characterization can save it. It’s obvious that the real point was to have the pornographic image of a kid. Anime and manga have lots of art/actual porn of obviously ten year old kids with NO REALLY THEY’RE 18/20/500 YEARS OLD scrawled next to them.

            It’s like if there was art of super hairy, muscular naked men having sex with each other and the guys claiming they’re not into men because the characters are all trans woman. If someone’s jerking off to naked ten year old kid drawings, it doesn’t matter if they’re “really” a five hundred year old dragon, the part they’re jerking off to is the image of the ten year old.

            1. SoxyOutfoxing says:
              Well, the argument tends to have been made towards me by fangirls who I saw as engaging in the popular ‘no no no, I can’t hear you, there is nothing problematic about this game because I likes it,’ rather than people defending Nowe as acceptable masturbation fodder. I suppose what I meant was that if there was anything adult-like about Nowe, it would seem to me less like people were willfully ignoring what the creators obviously intended: she looks like a child, she acts like a child, she’s a child in garters, how is that okay. It would seem more like people were clinging to a useless justification that at least had something resembling basis in reality, if, like so many people seem to be able to, you ignore the fact that fictional things are the results of real people’s actual choices. I can’t do that myself, and Nowe, plus a few other things, made me really regret having paid money for and played a game that was from a series I trusted and otherwise awesomely fun.

              Anyway, this quibbling was mostly me trying to explain how I agree with you entirely. There isn’t a good excuse for making sexualised images of children and I want people to stop.

        2. actonthat says:
          As someone who spent 18 years as a “real schoolgirl,” I can promise we did not hike our skirts up to our waists and shake our asses in the faces of passersby.

          We all actually wore shorts under our skirts because in the event you had to actually do something other than sit or walk slowly, a knee-length skirt is a really bad idea.

        3. Farla says:
          I risked it and “actual japanese high school uniform” actually does contain a lot of pictures of real uniforms. The skirts are knee-length, not just covering the top third of their thighs.
          1. Owl says:
            Ah. High school social studies videos, you have lied to me.

            Well, then yup. You are correct – it’s shameless sexualization preteens.

            Well, there goes my childhood.

  7. Beattie Lesnick says:
    1. Farla says:
      And skirts! Can you believe that we got a game where you can dress the protagonist and yet they only gave you access to part of the outfits based on which you chose?

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