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Pokemon X Nidoran Aside

I’m on the next route and a horde of nidoran appear, mostly males with one female. I pick the female to catch, since presumably she’s the rarer one.

Although small, its venomous barbs render this Pokemon dangerous. The female has smaller horns.

And here we are back where we started. The female nidoran doesn’t even get her own pokedex entry, and what she has is about how she sucks compared to the regular nidoran.


ORAS Trainer Sprites

I know, Fate, I know. You get this instead, I’m sorry.I genuinely think this is the worst generation yet, and by far. This is possibly because they can now use real art and aren’t limited by pixel sprites, meaning what we’ve been seeing was the reserved version.

It’s really absolutely terrible. I think the underage cameltoe on “Battle Girl” is probably the absolute worst, though the upskirt shot of May in the contest sprite is a close second. The “Most Ridiculous” award goes to the woman with an umbrella, raincoat, and galoshes but no pants; the female Aqua admin’s insanity is a close second.

They also got rid of a bunch of female classes– there is no longer a female triathelete, for example, because equality is for 2002 I guess.

Perhaps most cringeworthy is some of the dialogue the female trainers get. Way, way too many start battles by talking about how weak they are or how they don’t care, and an astounding zero male trainers do this, which I know because I paid attention to it.


For anyone who doesn’t know:

1) Turn on your game.
2) Go to the PC.
3) Go to Box 1 and make sure there’s no pokemon in the first space.
4) Exit the PC.
5) Hit the HOME button.
6) Hit the left and right shoulder buttons to go to Camera.
7) Hit the QR button. It’s the fuzzy square button on the left side.
8) Read a QR code. I suggest the one above.
9) View the link.
10) Wait for the browser to crash.
11) Go back to game.
12) Open up the box again.
13) Now you has a Silver.

For anything else you want, check out Reddit or make your own and plug it in. QR Silver is legal enough for wondertrade, though it took a bit of fussing to get her that far.

I plan to now continue the game normally without using any of this and come back to it later. Nintendo will probably patch it but I’ll deal with that through my usual refusal to update. That said, if you haven’t updated in a long while this won’t work, so go do that fast.

Pokemon Go

I don’t think there’s really any review for this. Whether or not it’s a good game, or really a game at all, is kind of irrelevant. It exists and you’re either playing it or you’re not.

I’m here for my mandatory complaint about the looks.


Here’s what I saw when I started the game. It’s almost fine except for that godawful hip, but such is the price of having female characters, is it not?

Well…googling for that image also hit a bunch of images from the hype period before the game was finalized. Here’s what it used to look like:


So here’s another reminder that this doesn’t just happen – when it happens differently, marketing fixes it for you.

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