Summoning Ch43

Last time on the Summoning, they try to talk Derek into giving himself up, but it doesn’t work.

Derek finds a broken window. Chloe’s sleeve gets caught on a bit of glass left on the sill, and when she tears the cloth loose she somehow mangles her arm.

It was too dark to see, but the sleeve felt wet against my skin. Blood. He’d smelled it.
He gingerly rolled up my sleeve and swore.
“Bad?” I whispered.
“Deep. Gotta stop the bleeding. We need a bandage.”

Derek tries to take his shirt off to tear it up, and Chloe says that she’s wearing three shirts so they should use one of hers. So she takes off all three and then puts the top two back on. Because.

They make their way to the other two kids and tell them what’s going on. Then Rae notices she’s bleeding and Derek says he’ll find some way to get her care. Apparently her sleeve is soaked because Derek can’t figure out how to tie a wound.

He looked around, scowling. “This is the lousiest hiding place . . .”
“I know,” Simon said. “I wanted to find a better one, but…” A pointed look at Rae said she’d refused to leave.
“What’s wrong with here?” she said. She backed up against the wall. “It’s completely dark. They won’t see me.”
“Until they shine a flashlight on you.”

I think this really needs a name, so I’m going to call it Video Game Protagonist Time until someone coins a better phrase.

We saw shades of this earlier, where Rae had been sitting around waiting for Chloe before putting her plan to get the files into motion. She only suggested it once Chloe had a reason to ask over a different issue. But here, the characters have been here for a while, but only when Chloe arrived did someone (it’s unclear if it’s Simon or Derek, it could even be Chloe) point out the obvious.

This is the sort of thing you get in a video game where you’re always walking into longstanding situations that just happen to resolve when you’re there. There’s reasons for how common it is in a video game – the player can’t be relied on to get somewhere at a particular moment on his own, it’s at best clumsy when you do a cutscene elsewhere, and you can’t do exposition easily. But it’s always bad plotting to have it be this extreme.

Anyway, Derek rips open a locked door and they head inside, because apparently that’s a better hiding place even though it’s going to be immediately obvious to anyone who comes looking that Derek’s ripped open the locked door so they can head inside.

“It’s open!” a man yelled. “They came through here.”
“We’ve got to get out,” Derek whispered. “Split up. Find an exit. Any exit. Then whistle, but softly. I’ll hear you.”

And indeed.

See, if Derek was smart, he’d have ripped open that door, then told them to run off toward a different building. But no. Anyway, that’s the end of this chapter. It was mostly meaningless chatter.


  1. Igloo says:
    Werewolf rips off his shirt to stop a bleeding wound. That’s what happens in Twilight.
    I really don’t understand the whistling part. If they do whistle, doesn’t it mean that the bad guys can hear them, too? Does it ever say that Derek has super-hearing or something? Why even risk it in the first place? Why not just say “try to meet up at X place” or something?
    1. Farla says:
      I guess the idea is that if it’s soft they won’t be overheard, nevermind that it’s not that easy to whistle “softly” in the first place. Derek does have superhearing, so he’d hear it, but I don’t see why they can’t just whisper “hey Derek, found the way out”.

      Now, if he’d handed out dog whistles, that would’ve made sense.

  2. Maimh says:
    About the sleeve and window thing, I have personally ruined more shirts than I care to think about, doing stuff like this.
    Perhaps I am just that clumsy, or my clothes have an abnormal urge to commit suicide by dorhandles,windows or pointy parts of furniture, but I know that it is possible. 

    But getting myself badly hurt in the process?

    1. Farla says:
      Oh, ripping her sleeve is fine. Nearly taking her arm off at the same time is my issue.

      What’s especially annoying is that it’s not like it’d have been hard for her to fall on glass or a nail on her way out of the window, so it’s not even a necessary thing.

  3. Rachel says:
    Video Game Protagonist Time? That’s why I love Majora’s Mask.
    Also, please don’t tell me this is the climax.
  4. Lisa says:
    I know you said that you don’t get too much into analyzing racism, so I’ll point this one out in this piece of garbage of a book:

    “What’s wrong with here?” she said. She backed up against the wall. “It’s completely dark. They won’t see me.”

    I love how she doesn’t say US, she says ME, as if to say: “Hey ya’llz when the lights go out and I close my eyes I turn straight up into Mr. Popo from DBZ!”

    I didn’t know for the longest while reading along with this that she was a person of color. But now after finding out, that scene feels like it’s because that’s how dark she is…because she’s black, GET IT?! Or maybe that’s her power: to turn into Mr. Popo when the lights go out?

    Either way, race phailure….

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