Summoning Ch44

Last time on the Summoning, Chloe somehow slices her arm open and they meet up with Simon and Rae, only for Derek, the genius, to immediately suggest splitting up to try to escape.

Chloe starts looking for a way out, then sees a guy who looks like the one with the gun.

He climbed onto the railing and crouched there, hands gripping the bar. Something moved below him and my gaze shot to the saw. The blades were turning—spinning so fast that the glint of a distant emergency light bounced off like a strobe. But there was no sound, not even the motor’s hum.
The man tested his grip on the railing. Then, suddenly, he pitched forward. I saw him hit the blades, saw the first spray of blood, and I fell back against the wall, my hand flying to cover my mouth but not before the first note of a shriek escaped.

This is what the whole book should have been like. Chloe’s necromancy being just there, helping and hindering. It’s something people don’t usually have to deal with, and things like that are things to explore in fiction. This would also give us a better sense of why she wanted to be able to control it and needs to hook up with other supernaturals who understand her powers better.

Derek and Simon rush over and Chloe hugs Simon a bit. Somehow, none of the adults manage to zero in nearly as fast.

Derek warns them they were overheard and need to book it, though. Chloe notices that the ghost is back on the railing about to repeat the performance.

Then Rae whistles loudly and they rush over to her to try the exit she’s found. Derek directs them to their next hiding place but, because Rae made so much noise, the adults are right on their tail, so he says he’ll stay and distract them while the other three run. Simon says no way bro, my magic fog will help!

So the book lasted a couple whole chapters before forgetting that technically it’s important Simon escapes, not the protagonist. That’s kind of good considering what we’re working with.

Derek tells them to wait an hour. If Simon and Derek don’t show up by then, find a place to hide but wait around there because that’s where they’ll try to rendezvous later.

And that’s all for that chapter. This book is like a crashed train that’s now begun to topple off the edge of the bridge, picking up speed but only for a very few brief moments.


  1. Fool says:
    [This book is like a crashed train that’s now begun to topple off the edge of the bridge, picking up speed but only for a very few brief moments.]

    A hilarious and accurate metaphor.
    So we only have three more chapters to go, then this is finally over?

    1. Farla says:
      And the next-time on/concluding post.

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