Summoning Ch45

Last time on the Summoning, the person who’s actually supposed to be escaping stays behind to help other people escape.

Rae and Chloe chill for almost two hours. The boys don’t show up, and somehow, neither do the adults.

Chloe thinks the boys were caught, and Rae thinks they got away but couldn’t double back.

She goes on to explain that she’s pretty sure that won’t change. She tells the story of the time she dated a popular kid, so she was part of the group but not really part because the popular kids were a group that’d known each other since elementary school, and therefore Simon and Derek have ditched them.

“Simon’s nice to you and all, sure. I see that. But—” She nibbled her lip, then slowly lifted her gaze to mine. “When you were back there, looking for Derek, it wasn’t you Simon was worrying about. He didn’t even mention you. It was all about Derek.”

Well, yes.

Remember that it was only when Chloe ran into Gill that she found out they actually were in danger. Before then, Simon was starting to get nervous but he assumed everyone would be fine, at least for the time it’d take him to find his dad for help. Derek, however, had mysteriously disappeared on the night they were leaving and they had no idea where he was or why he’d done it.

It is not simply, as Chloe immediately says, that Derek’s his brother, which makes her whine that it still sort of upsets her she was ignored that much more irritating. For comparison, if I’m worried one person was hit by a car and another person goes to look for them, I am not going to spend any time on the second person’s wellbeing. It’s assumed they’re fine.

I’d been about to tell Rae about the part of the plan she missed, to make this our permanent rendezvous point, and keep checking back. But now it would sound like I was trying to prove the guys hadn’t turned their backs on me. How pathetic was that?

Do I even need to say anything here?

Terrible character/plot/worldview.

I still thought they’d come back after things died down. It had nothing to do with whether Simon liked me or not. They’d come back because it was the right thing to do. Because they said they would. And maybe that makes me a silly girl who’s watched too many movies where the good guy always comes back to save the day. But it’s what I believed.

No, the rational thing is that if they were considering splitting up and trying to get away on their own, they just wouldn’t have told the girls to stick around the area. It’d have been “wait an hour, if we don’t show up keep going” not “wait an hour and then keep waiting because that’s where we’re meeting up”.

That did not, however, mean I was sitting here like an action-flick girlfriend, twiddling her thumbs waiting for rescue. I might be naive, but I wasn’t stupid. We’d set a rendezvous point, so there was no need to stick around any longer.

Chloe: stupid enough to not understand how rendezvous points work.

Also, nice try author but she’s still pretty pathetic. And these days plenty of action-flick girlfriends manage to get a couple cool scenes of their own, so even comparing her to something infamous for fucking this up doesn’t really go in your favor.

She decides to try to get cash from her account first, because she figures they’ll freeze it soon. Rae berates her because no, let’s care about the severe injury she somehow managed to get. Honestly, Chloe’s running around and thinking fine and it’s been two hours, I don’t think she’s about to fall over.

“I can’t go to a hospital. Even if they haven’t put out an APB on me yet, I’m too young.

So what? Go to the hospital and say they did this to you while they were trying to get you back, and that the doctor was a crazy nutcase and there’s dead bodies in the basement they tried to make you talk to and they’re a cult that believes in magic. The people after you aren’t real police, so get the real police between you and them.

Instead Rae just says that her aunt’s a doctor, they can just go right to her!

“N-no. I can’t. She’d just take us back—”
“After they shot at us? I know you’re mad at her right now, but you’ve told me how she’s always worrying about you, always looking out for you, defending you. If you show up at her front door and say that Davidoff and his buds shot at you, even with tranquilizers, do you really think she’ll march you back to Lyle House?”

Rae makes a good point, though I maintain if Chloe’s really that bad, just go straight to the hospital and do the same. It’s not like the hospital would let her go back with anyone right now if she’s badly hurt.

Chloe says but what if her aunt just thinks she’s crazy because schizophrenia. So they decide to go all the way back to where Derek was shot at originally and get the dart.

And they do.

No. This is what editing is for. If it’s necessary for Chloe to have the dart so she can prove her story to her aunt, just have her pick it up in the first place. Maybe because she can’t believe it, so she grabs it to tell it’s real. Maybe she thinks that if she picks it up they won’t find it and realize it didn’t hit Derek. I don’t care, just pick an excuse, even a bad one would be better than trekking all the way back to retrieve it.

Then they call a cab and go to her aunt’s house.

Then I told her the whole story. Well, the edited version. Very edited, with no mention of zombies, magic, or werewolves. The boys had been planning to run away and they’d invited us. We’d gone along just for fun—to get out, goof off, then go back later. Knowing Aunt Lauren didn’t care for Dr. Gill, I included the part about her attacking me in the yard with her wild accusations. Then I told her about the gun.

So basically all the original things are gone. I can see why she wouldn’t want to start off with the werewolf thing, but they were running because they were scared for their lives. She should have mentioned the bodies in the basement and said people were acting weird.

Her aunt is horrified to see the dart.

“Where did you find Lyle House?” I asked.
She blinked. “Find?”
“How did you find it for me? In the yellow pages? Through a recommendation?”
“It came highly recommended, Chloe. Very highly. Someone at the hospital told me about it

You know, considering how rare supernaturals are supposed to be, they sure do have staff everywhere.

Chloe considered confessing to the whole necromancer thing, but when she mentions the word ghost her aunt rants about what a nutcase Gill is for believing that and she’s calling all of the lawyers.

Only now does Rae mention the whole arm thing, and the chapter ends on the “cliffhanger” of how will her aunt react (spoiler: exactly like you’d expect someone to react to their niece having her arm slice open).

As to the poll:

This poll will combine with the one I make at the end of these horrible books where you can vote for what you want. Since last time you voted for this horrible book and another horrible book, you have lost direct democracy privileges and I am taking the results with a grain of salt. Also some things I’m doing because I really like them, so voting won’t stop those. You can vote for no further fanfic, but carapace reviews and the month of pokehate happen either way. Also, I’m playing the damn game this month to completion even if it means taking a break from reviewing books.

You can use the comments section to argue for your vote’s reasoning, attempting to sway me and your fellow commenters. Go at it.


  1. C.C. says:
    I would have loved a Let’s Play, even though I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Ruby. Seems no one does, though. If you did do it, what would it consist of? New Pokemon design rants? Or just comments on plot and how you totally almost caught that ponyta with a modest nature?

    I think a lot of the voting from last time came from ignorance of what you could work with. They thought bad books are bad books, not that drab writing makes it intolerably dull for you. Since you stated Gemma was dry, I voted for this dribble since it was the only one close enough to beat it. Lesson learned.

    Also, I’m not sure if you are aware, but some butthurt person gave you your own urban dictionary definition. I found it hilarious, as they rant that you’re a grammar nazi and then proceed to used the wrong form of “board.”

    1. C.C. says:
      Of course, I just used “used” instead of use, so I can’t talk. 
    2. Farla says:
      I’m not much of an artist, so my comments on the designs are pretty limited. And I don’t even bother with natures or stats – I’m not playing competitively and that way lies madness.

      Oh yeah, I am totally hated! It may or may not be the same person who started a forum on how they hate me, because they crowed about it there.

      1. C.C. says:
        That forum is a thing of beauty. Don’t they know that haters make you famous?
        While I’m sure you don’t need a recount, here are my personal favorite parts:Accusing you of having a “fan fiction review” fetish. -The mental picture of how one having such a fetish would play it out in the bedroom is delightful.
        The sheer number of times “Go die in a fire” was mentioned.
        -15 on one page.
        The fact one comeback was “No, you’re retarded” and an insult was that you recolored a picture of a harp seal.
        -Self explanatory. 
        1. Fool says:
          She actually did recolor her harp seal picture after that, just to mess with him. It was hilarious.
  2. Filip Zorko says:
    I have absolutely no idea what it is, but I would urge you to do Sexteen, because it sounds so hilariously awful. :D
  3. Rachel says:
    “but I wasn’t stupid.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAlso, I’d like to see Battle Royal, if only to switch up the genre a bit.

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