The Other Pokeauthors, Part 112

Nice responses today.

re: Your review to The First Day In Alola
31 MayMoonlightButterfree
A response to your review at

Thank you for your review. I will keep your advice in mind when I work in my next story.

22m agoFigured I’d owe you an explanation. I’ve seen your reviews on other stories and how there tends to be a bit of an argument when they get posted. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen on mine if I blocked you but that wasn’t the case. I am sorry about that. Your advice is solid and I appreciate the feedback you have given me on my story.
secs agoI don’t get into arguments in reviews. I think it’s disrespectful to the story and the author. If you want to avoid conflict, you should block Dragon’s Blaze and her sockpuppets; they’re the only ones who fight in reviews.
46m agoI know. If they cause another argument in a story I post I will, but for now, I’m just gonna ignore it. I’ve told them twice to not get involved, so hopefully they won’t.
re: Your review to A Pokemon Story: Sinnoh Adventures
31 MayLysanderHale
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In all honesty, I agree with everything you’ve said. On a personal note, I’ve never written anything that I’ve wanted to commit to, and I’ve also never really learned persuasive writing or how to keep a reader engaged. This is all a learning experience for me, and I’m glad that you took the time to give me some pointers. I will definitely be looking forward to more of your reviews if you decide to make another round! :)

St Elmo’s Fire,

A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: Do No Harm
Chapter: 5. Dreams and Hopes

From: Mega Espeon ( )
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I feel so sorry for you. These people have no right to do what they are doing to you. You have my condolences.


re: Your review to guidance
1 JunRediamond
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Thank you for the quick reviews. I understand that there’s a tiny bit of a break in the community over formatting and, while guidance is a tad non-standard in that regard, it’s primarily a story posted on and for pokemon forums with different conventions. I might eventually start revising for the FFN release, but it probably won’t be until I’m pretty close to reaching the end of my reserve chapters. Plus, some formatting oddities are because of the narration oddities.

Thank you for the warning about second person stories. All of the chapters are saved on my hard drive, google drive and two separate forums so they should be safe in case it gets deleted. This wasn’t a role play, but I understand how overworked mods could flag it as such.

I have a degree in marine science and I’ve done marine bio lab and fieldwork on the animal researcher side. But since Pixie is decidedly not a water fox (especially not a saltwater fox), that’s mostly just helpful for figuring out the ecology of Alola. I mostly just spend a lot of time at zoos photographing animals as a hobby, and my family had pets when I was growing up. Most of the writing process for guidance is just thinking through random animal quirks and figuring out why on earth they’d do that.

Glad you enjoy the story. Hope this clears some things up.

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  1. Ghost says:

    I’ve told them twice to not get involved, so hopefully they won’t.

    Oh you naive little Butterfree.

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