The Other Pokeauthors, Part 122

Someone actually apologizes today after realizing Blaze’s account of me was wildly inaccurate.

Review on Summer Storm
11 AugThe Meta Guy
Hey, sorry I didn’t respond before now (been a bit busy with life, writing, etc.), but I wanted to send a quick thank you for leaving your thoughts on Summer Storm a while back. You actually raised a good point about some of the wording choices (as well as the hyphen thing; that’s something I probably should have fixed beforehand. I don’t know if supports em-dashes or not, but this warrants investigation), and I definitely plan on working some of your feedback into future chapters. Although I won’t pretend I agree with everything you said (for instance, the point about capitalizing Pokemon names–I’d always seen them capitalized, but that’s probably just a stylistic discrepancy; I won’t argue one way or the other), I do appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice. I know I have room for improvement, so I always appreciate it when I can find ways to improve my craft.

Also, I’m not sure who this “lstwill” person is, or why they felt it necessary to post a “review of the review,” so to speak, but I guess they were trying to stick up for me? No clue what that’s about.

Either way, thanks again for leaving your thoughts, and I’m glad you enjoyed what you read! I’m going to try to keep updates coming out semi-regularly as best I can, if you’re interested in following along.

Actually, it’s not.
11 AugDeliverer
A response to your review at

I take characters from all Pokémon verses. As shown in my last story especially. As will probably be revealed in this one, so no. It’s not set in the anime verse. It’s set cross-verse. Hence the reason it’s all.

re: Your review to Lillie to the rescue
12 Augotakufan375
A response to your review at

Just enjoy the story

secs agoI can’t enjoy stories with major grammatical errors. They throw me out of the story.
8h agoThen don’t read it. You don’t need to leave a paragraph of errors
secs agoI can’t know I won’t like something until I read it.

[You don’t need to leave a paragraph of errors]

You do realize all these arguments go both ways, right? You don’t need to respond to a review you don’t like, you don’t need to tell reviewers what they’re allowed to say, and you don’t need to post on a public website at all if you don’t want people saying things about your story. You have many options here, but complaining about other people complaining about grammar is not a productive one.


Also got this out of the blue:

12 Augbrtnvm
why dont you actually watch a few first episodes of the anime (like me ) instead of saying that you dont know what its about if you’re a pokemon fan surely you would want to familiarize yourself with it
secs agoWhy don’t you play The Reconstruction so you can read my best fics? If you take such a keen interest in me surely you would want to familiarize yourself with them.
re: Your review to Thorns of Life
15 AugSakuraWindsS
A response to your review at

I appreciate you taking time to critique! As far as I am aware Pokemon is capitalized always and the names are too. I think you’re probably right about the short sentences but this is a repost of something I wrote a while ago so it’s bound to be worse than I anticipated. I’ll be on the lookout for things in the future! :)
As far as thoughts in single quotes as long as you got it I think it’s probably fine.

With why I used Pokemon? Well, it’s not really fair to read the first chapter and judge my use of characters by that. ;)
Well, maybe it is, but I love Pokemon and giving the characters my own interpretation or personalities. Don’t worry there will be plenty of Pokemon fights etc.

I appreciate the concern and thank you!

Pokemaniac will remember this.
16 AugPokemaniac7
First of all, it’s screwed up that you show other peoples PM’s. They’re call ‘Personal Messages’ for a reason. And I won’t forget what you said on that review for Pokemon Sun Adventure. To quote The FieryCharmeleon, “You reviewed the smallest things and then went to say ‘put a bare minimum of effort into making your story comprehensible’.” So, when exactly did your ego take over? Also, that response to your review of Pokemon Lunar was just to tell you how stupid you are. Well, the people that read this on Dragon Quill will probably agree that you’re just an egomaniac jerk.
secs agoYou really think it’s less screwed up to let you defend yourself in public against the thing I said in public? You’d rather my review just sit there on your story forever, for everyone to see, with no way for you to refute it?
10h agoIt gives a good example of why your just an idiot. At this point, I know you’re just an egomaniac. Stop trying so hard to just avoid the fact that I’m mostly right. Also, sometimes you’re strait up WRONG with your facts… Okay, once. When you say Pokemon names aren’t capitalized. Copy and pasting complaints together to make one stupid review.
10h agoCopy and pasting complaints together to make one stupid review doesn’t make you cool. I’m an idiot, forgot to complete that, but that doesn’t change that you suck. I’ve accepted that I’m kinda stupid and forget things.
secs ago[At this point, I know you’re just an egomaniac.]

Says the person completely losing their mind over the fact one (1) internet stranger thought their hobby project wasn’t the coolest thing ever one time. Get over yourself.

6h agoThere are multiple I know that think you’re an egomaniac. And your “hobby” is just an excuse to be a jerk. You may not have a big hatedom, but I’m definitly part of it. Also, I’m not stupid, you don’t have to say one (1). I am kind of an egomaniac, but so are you. “Get over yourself” is a fair point about me, I can accept that. HinoNami is the only time I’ve agreed with you, but everything else you do is just annoying. I’m not believing everything Dragon’s Blaze says, I’m believing things from my own evidence. I’ve seen your reviews, and some of the annoyed people. Again, your hatedom isn’t big, that’s true, but it exists. I know I am sounding rudder than I should be, and I’m slightly sorry for that, but get a better hobby, or learn to be nice. Your excuse “it’s hard to think of nice things” is bullcrap. You have 4 people in your group.
secs ago[There are multiple I know that think you’re an egomaniac.]

And I’m sure I can find multiple people who think you’re worse than me. You can find people who will believe just about anything. People are diverse like that. But it doesn’t actually mean anything with a sample size this small. Accept that your dislike of me is your personal view and not objective fact. I’d be much more respectful of you if you actually owned up to that instead of hiding behind logical fallacies to make demands of me.

[Your excuse “it’s hard to think of nice things” is bullcrap.]

Where have I ever said this? I say nice things all the time. For someone who claims to be part of my “hatedom”, you sure don’t seem to have much of a clue what I’m about.

49m agoI’ve seen many of your reviews, and not one has had a nice thing. I’ve seen a review where you’ve said that, but I can’t remember what the story was called. I will admit that it is mostly a personal opinion, I have seen a few more of your haters. But, I know alot of people (including Dragons Blaze) that lie, saying nobody likes you. I’ve actually seen a few people that like you, and they’re lying because they were mad at you. I am a little more of a jerk than I should be, I’m a little sorry for that, but I didn’t go to say “no one loves you.” That’s kinda bull. I’ve seen just a few of your recent reviews that say some nice things. I do kind of apologize, but that doesn’t make us friends. I mean, it is kind of typical for someone on the internet to release all their anger on someone that totally doesn’t deserve it. You are kind of a jerk, though (from everything I’ve seen from you, except a few reviews).
secs agoOkay wait, I’m confused here. You started this message saying you’ve never seen a nice review from me, then you end saying you have. Can you elaborate?
9m agoOkay, yeah, that was kinda confusing. Okay, so across the, I think 2 days we’ve had this conversation I’ve seen some reviews from you that were nice. When I started this, I had only seen bad ones. Again, you didn’t deserve as much hate as I gave you, but AGAIN, we aren’t friends. But we aren’t rivals or something. I use to see you as a way worse person than you are, all because Dragon’s Blaze made you seem like an absolutely awful person.
secs ago[but AGAIN, we aren’t friends]

Just to be clear, that’s absolutely fine.

4m agoYeah, I’m fine with the sorta thing that’s like, you randomly saw them and other people say he’s awful, and because your (I’m. Just wanna make sure you know this is my perspective) an idiot, you just assume “oh yeah, he sucks.” You aren’t the nicest person, but really, no one’s perfect. When I first heard of you, you were shown as a horrible person. Your review for Pokemon Sun Adventure isn’t one of your good reviews, but overall, this actually helped me realize you aren’t as bad as I thought. Well, sorry for flipping out at you. You didn’t deserve that much hate.

St Elmo’s Fire,

A new guest review has been posted to your story. Please login to moderate this review.

Story: Do No Harm
Chapter: 1. Home and Hearth

From: Guest

:You’re a toxic prick who is ruining FanFiction.



  1. Ghost says:

    You’re a toxic prick who is ruining FanFiction.

    At least they used the right you’re.

    Just enjoy the story

    I can’t enjoy stories with major grammatical errors. They throw me out of the story.

    Then don’t read it. You don’t need to leave a paragraph of errors

    Then how are we supposed to enjoy it if we don’t read it? You are an author, it’s literally your one job to make something people can read. If your response to people who criticise is “Just enjoy it” and to those who can’t read it is “don’t read it”, you really shouldn’t be posting your works on any site with a review/comment function.

    Note to self: Stay away from their stories.

  2. While I admit that I personally don’t find the reviews that helpful. I will defend you when you do say something good (either pointing out something important or saying some goods) Only for Blaze to hate on it or ignore it completely in her counter reviews.
  3. I should clarify that I meant Farla’s St Elmo’s etc reviews
    1. Hey, Fiery? They don’t want you here. They’ve said that countless times in their forum. It’s better if you stop kissing their ass, and just fuck off.
      1. Act says:

        You are absolutely not allowed to talk to commentors this way here. Enjoy your ban.

        1. Ashamed but yeah. I still can’t get over what I said. It still makes me upset just thinking about it. I just wish I can change back to what I said and did. It’s been so hard getting over it. I know it’s the internet but that drama just hurts me. The worst of all. I created the mess. I just hope I can get over it soon. 
          1. Act says:

            I haven’t been following what’s been going on in the forum so I can’t speak to the specific situation, but please don’t worry on account of us. Farla, Elmo, and I know people overreact sometimes and it’s okay; we don’t get upset about it and we know it’s part of learning to deal with criticism. Don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake.

          2. Keleri says:

            I’ll have to backread the forum, but in general I’ll say that we’re a community that values learning from mistakes and sincere apologies leading to genuine change. I’m going to guess and say that no one died (you didn’t kill anyone, right?), so if your behavior changes going forward it won’t be remembered.

            1. Basically, I sent St Elmo a death threat and I was being a bit of a gaslighter too. I also made 180 turns, sometimes heading to hybrids side then back to this side. Those were the main three from what I recalled (I need to check it out myself too for as I don’t remember everything too) It was something I largely regret, something I wish that could be changed. I encourage anyone who has done this too, to stop, apologize, and most of all. Owe up to your mistake and be respectful. We can all be better people if all we try our very hardest. As for me. I’m trying my best to become someone new, someone, who is no coward and will stand up for himself. Someone who will not 180 turn the next day on my opinion, most of all. I’m will never make a death threat again. 
            2. Act says:

              It’s very hard to admit you did something wrong and need to change. If more people were willing to confront their behavior like this, the internet would be a better place. Be proud of yourself for learning and deciding to be better!

            3. Act… Thank you. And yeah, it’s a shame that not many people don’t confront their behavior. Let us hope more people will be accepting of criticism and learn from their mistakes, rather than just saying “If you don’t like it. Don’t read it” Excuss. I feel very proud and happy about what I just did. It’s definitely got a lot of stress of my chest ^^.

              Anyone can check out my stories, all reviews are welcomed and I will be listening to them!

        2. Keleri says:


  4. Thanks for clearing that up. It happened twice and what St Elmo and all said and reacted gave off the impression that I just committed a crime or something.  You can check it out yourself to see what happened but basically, it was a complete cluster fuck. I’m honestly not asking for forgiveness. I just want to stop having so much dark thoughts about this and move on. So yeah, I hope you all well and yeah, I’ll just head off. Bye and I’ll do my best to never create the whole drama again.
    1. Definitely Not the Reeds of Enki says:
      It’s okay to let it go, too, even if you’re forgiving yourself and not someone else. Don’t let the memory of something bad you did get in the way of being better, be it for overall health or as a person. It was a bit of a clusterfuck, yeah, but you learned from it, which is more than what most do. As Act said, you should be proud of yourself for that. I came onto the scene after trolling St Elmo’s Fire, and I don’t think everyone hates me here, so I wouldn’t worry over it. It’s not the end of the world.


      … Unless, by some chance, we were off in translating some ancient prophecy and doom is indeed upon the horizon. Then, I’d suggest worrying about that instead lol.

      1. Hey man, how’s the whole thing going?
        1. The Reeds of Enki says:
          If by “the whole thing” you mean life in general, it’s eh right now. Been dealing with a bunch of anxiety stuff amidst worse symptoms. Apparently, the heat makes my anxiety spike, so I have even more reason to hate warm weather now. Yay. It took me nine hours just to muster enough strength to do a damn syllabus quiz. Took like 5 minutes when I could actually do it, but damn, it’s annoying, not even being able to do simple tasks a lot of the time.
  5. Yeah, like what Act said. I’ve been more forgiving on myself lately thanks to her.

    “I came onto the scene after trolling St Elmo’s Fire, and I don’t think everyone hates me here, so I wouldn’t worry over it. It’s not the end of the world.”

    Strange to think that you were once against St Elmo. But it makes sense.

    “… Unless, by some chance, we were off in translating some ancient prophecy and doom is indeed upon the horizon. Then, I’d suggest worrying about that instead lol.”

    Lol. From where I live. We are going through what is considered one of the worst droughts so…

  6. Hahaha, I actually just mean’t how were you but decided to worded some odd reason but ehh, it’s interesting to hear what you had to say though :).

    A lot of stress was on me but it eventually went away. For now, I’ve been pretty bored today which is a little unfortunate. I also did go through anxiety for a bit like two weeks ago I believe it was. Also, If you hate heat. You would hate going to where I am, where even Winter can get hot time to time. Don’t even get me started with Summer (No wonder I have to put up with a drought >_>). And yeah, anxiety just does that to you. Dreading even some of the easiest stuff out there.

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