The Other Pokeauthors, Part 137

Calm responses today.

re: Your review to The Unøwn Boy
17 OctSubject 666
A response to your review at

Hey, thanks for the critique. I know you’ve been dragged through the mud as a bully, but I actually do really appreciate the time you took. Someone actually PM’d me two minutes after I posted this and warned me of you, so I had to tell him off lol :)

9h agoAlso, do have any ideas on what I could add to the chapter/things you think a first chapter should have that mine doesn’t?
secs ago has some advice.
re: Your review to Pokemon Tourmaline
17 OctHaxorgon0520
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate the constructive criticism you gave me and I will definitely apply the grammatical criticisms you said to my story.

Then they blocked me. ???

18 OctaSelfishMoose
On a side note, I’d like to thank you for reviewing my work! Fortunately I don’t intent to have OCs as recurring characters. I have scene involving the Pokémon Musical planned, and think it would be a neat idea to have some OC cameos. Regarding the legal ownership of Pokémon, I plan to detail and explain the exact legalalities of it all in a later chapter. I wish I could have gotten that out of the way right at the beginning, but I didn’t believe it would fit well anywhere in the first chapter.
Thank You!
19 OctCafeJazz
Hey, thanks for the review on “Prayer At Snowpoint Temple”. I’m actually really glad that you caught those typos/mistakes (they should be fixed now in the story) since it’s so easy to accidentally miss them. Glad you enjoyed the story itself as well. There are so many things which can be expanded on in the Pokemon universe so it’s quite interesting to see how people interpret them (well if they actually do).


re: Your review to Darkrai\’s Oracion
28 OctRuGrimm
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review!

I’m going to apologize on the formatting a bit. I’ve been having a lot of problems with FF lately in regards to uploading.

I always use a double dash on my fics, but FF has been converting them into just one for some reason just as it keeps turning my other fics into walls of pure coding which has been fixed by taking my works from Google Docs, copy and pasting in Word, reformatting, saving, and uploading to FF…yay. Some only see chapter 2 as chapter 1 and can’t see Prelude, and the fic says that it’s never been updated despite having 2 chapters. I don’t know what its problem is XD I didn’t think to use spaces around it though, so maybe that’ll fix my problem.

Thanks for catching the ellipses, btw. That was a typo that I didn’t catch :)

As for the legendary term, does it matter if it’s in third person? I would understand the critique a little better if I was talking in first person (and likely would not have used the term at all in that case), but it gets a little tricky here for being in 3rd Limited. I think this is one of the times where the line is a bit blurred, and I’d like to know your opinion on that if you don’t mind.

secs agoWell, basically what I said already — I feel like it’s too much of a meta, out-of-universe term that it feels jarring, even in third-person. I also just find it a clunky construction in general — it’s a really long word, you know? Not something that easily rolls off the tongue the way “god” does.
7h agoTouche.

And I noticed the ones you were talking about the day I posted D.O. XD They messaged me with a black list that you were on. I was a little skeptical, but I can that it was dramatized. Now I’m a little irked that they decided to take it out on my review feed. Heh, but I suppose that the review count looks good to random passerby scrolling through the Pokemon tag XD

28 OctSikahdik
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review, it helps.

Anyway, I’m likely going to edit the dialogue when I finish the third chapter, before I post it. I’m not going to give much exposition later on by how it was in the first chapter, just keep it in the moment. If I did need to give exposition I’ll likely do it by either a flash back or two characters having a conversation. I basically did exposition just so I can rush the story a bit. Sounds bad I know lol but the plans and things I want to write and thought of are much farther down the line. If I had to guess in terms of chapters then it would likely be chapter 6 or so. This is also the (technically) third story I’ve written and so I don’t have much experience with writing. So dialogue is still weird to write for me.

In terms of how the story will play out, [Redacted, but basically just simple events] That stuff will probably happen in maybe chapter four or four to five and I plan on it being around 3k words for each chapter if it goes into both.

I’m also probably going to take off the chapter headings since they do look off centered and it’s really annoying to me. I write a bit of the story in Open Office before writing it on here so I put the heading to make it look nicer in Open Office and just leave it when writing on here.

As for a beta reader, I’ll probably look for one now, before doing chapter four, the reason I haven’t is because on my Gravity Falls fic I tried looking for one but didn’t get a response from anyone so I just went “eh screw it.” and stuck to not using one.

Anyway reply to this if you got any questions about what I’m talking about or something.

secs ago[Sounds bad I know lol but the plans and things I want to write and thought of are much farther down the line.]

Oh, it’s actually perfectly fine to just start the story there! That’s called “in medias res”, and it’s used by lots of stories. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions to get to the good stuff, your readers will probably feel the same way. By just going straight for the part you want, you’ll make the story more enjoyable for both yourself and your readers.

This thread discusses it more:

There’s a community of Pokemon beta readers here, if you’d like to try again:

[In terms of how the story will play out, […]]

Well, the thing is, that’s just a description of literal events. I can presume that’s what will happen based on what Hilbert said already. I mean more… what is the story *about* in a more abstract sense? What are its themes, how will the characters progress, what will we learn from it? What made you want to write it, basically? Obviously you don’t have to tell me outright, but it’s good to be clear on those big questions and telegraph them to the readers; that’ll attract like-minded readers who will enjoy your story.


  1. Ghost says:

    Heh, but I suppose that the review count looks good to random passerby scrolling through the Pokemon tag XD

    Can confirm, higher review counts do make people take more notice of fics that would otherwise be ignored

  2. Definitely Not The Reeds of Enki says:
    Good stuff here. It’s rare that there’s such a unified lack of lashing out at criticism. I imagine that might have been a nice change of pace, Saint. It might be an omen of good portent– or just an outlier from normal behavior, haha. Either way, it’s cool. I’m thinking of making a few reviews soon. Hopefully things’ll still be calm by then.


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