The Other Pokeauthors, Part 37

In which I unreasonably jump the gun on an ESL author who did in fact use a native beta reader. Make sure to use this against me, hate-followers!

re: Your review to Alola! When Pokemon Worlds Collide
9h agoCoshi360
A response to your review at for the tips! I’ll be sure to try and use them in later chapters and edit chapter 1.

re: Your review to Ash and the pokemon known As Type:Null
9h agoZillion Winder 56
A response to your review at for the heads up and I don’t fit the qualifications to get a beta reader yet.Ok I know this was a weak start but I have my whole story board lined up on my wall.

re: Your review to Jathemon: The Beginning
9h agoJathemon
A response to your review at capitalization comes more from habit, than anything else. Pokemon names are all written as proper, in the games and on Bulbapedia. I know they shouldn’t be proper, but that’s how the games do it and I guess I was going more for that.THE FORMATTING. JESUS CHRIST THE FORMATTING. I KNOW IT’S BAD. GOD. IT’S SO VERY VERY BAD. It looks SO much more readable, elsewhere. is weird and giant and bulky and every time I try to make it look like how i REALLY want it, everything just turns to garbage ugh.And yeah, that, I’ll concur with. That’s a very basic lesson I learned in like third grade, and I really have no excuse for it other than I don’t have any proofreaders because none of my friends actually care enough. =) Word also likes to “correct” things and I don’t always catch it, so thank you for pointing that out.

ALL THAT SAID, this was actually a re-write of an old story that I collabed with an ex-friend, strung together from RP posts. You should’ve seen the original. I’m aware of mistakes, and it irks me that there were so many that they warranted a review…BUT I’m also really glad that you posted this, because most people just tell me “Wow it’s great” and wave me off, so it’s nice to see somebody care enough to point out what could be done, better!

re: Your review to Hidden in the Ruins
4h agoFlying Boat Boy
A response to your review at you for picking my mistakes up. I’ll try harder in my next chapter.

re: Your review to Just an Illusion
2h agoCaptain Luky Greace
A response to your review at, so first, behind to be an idiot, everyone know it’s a one shot for the anime ._. just just need to see the character “Ash Ketchum” and everyone know.
Secondo: Did you really read my author note ? Or you were just obsessed with the grammar ? Because I said english is not my native language, I’m french. So if you see problem with my english, I guess it’s a bit normal. And also, I have already a corrector for my one shot, and i trust him more than your shitty dictatorship of grammar. If he wrote like this and nobody care, so i don’t care too. Stop to boring people if you see just one mistake. And even, are you here just for correct me or read a one shot with a plot ? Next time give your opinion.
And even if it’s bad written, go to write your own story with your own words :) Enculé !

secs ago[Ok, so first, behind to be an idiot, everyone know it’s a one shot for the anime ._. just just need to see the character “Ash Ketchum” and everyone know.]

That’s not the issue. The world feature is used for filtering; it makes it so that people can exclude anime fic if it’s not what they’re looking for. If you don’t tag your stories properly, it clutters up the archive and makes things more difficult for everyone.

ESL isn’t much of an excuse. If you know you have trouble writing in English, you should get a (better) beta reader to help you with your mistakes. There is also nothing stopping you from writing in your native language.

47m agoSo first, nobody use the world feature, since i’m here (since 2007 please) nobody use it so fuck it.
“ESL isn’t much of an excuse.”… D’accord… et si je te parle comme ça, Tu comprends ce qui se passe ? Non mais parce que moi je suis plus confortable en français, et je suis prête à te pardonner tes fautes, sûrement parce que je ne suis pas la dernière des connasses. Donc, on fait comme ça ? Ou préfèrerais-tu que je me réadapte à ton langage parce que t’es juste un connard qui comprend pas que l’anglais ça peut être difficile à apprendre pour certain ? Moi dans les deux cas ça ne me pose pas de problème, par contre viens pas me les briser alors que c’est moi qui fait le plus d’efforts pour parler en anglais.
And don’t insult Epicocity, he wrote better than you and if he wrote like shit, his fanfiction will never have success. So, now go write your own story and you will see if people like it for grammar or for plot.
secs agoPlenty of people use the world feature, actually. Activate them with the “filters” button and you’ll see the list of stories will change.
1h agoAnd if i don’t, that make you cry ? (:
secs agoNo, but it seems awfully petty of you to refuse to take a minor action that will help other people purely out of spite.
4h agoYou mean YOU !
So i don’t care, people aren’t stupid.
re: Your review to Just an Illusion
3h agoEpicocity
A response to your review at don’t intend to come here and wage any war or fight any battle, but honestly, this review feels petty. It feels nitpicky. Authors make mistakes (yes, even published ones). Editors and beta readers make mistakes. We’re imperfect. As I was the one to beta read this fic, having to grammatically correct portions of it, missing only three dialogue moments of capitalization (an easy thing to miss in a 3,000 word oneshot), and little else in the formatting of grammar, I feel like ripping into this like it was a trash piece is…well, unhelpful. People rarely respond well to this kind of criticism (because it isn’t constructive). You may believe they do, but when they have so few reviews…they don’t. In fact, the best review I ever got was one telling me something they felt the story lacked, but I could tell they still loved the story. It changed my life because it was positive. Hence, these don’t really work in the long run. And saying they need a better beta reader after the time and effort both myself and the author put in is insulting.I guess, I’m trying to say that this is nitpicky for all the wrong reasons, is unhelpful to the author, condescending to both the author and beta reader, and really has little of value for us. Just remember, too, that different writing styles are not always bad, nor are different presentations of it. And besides…no offense, but can you really lecture someone on grammar when you have a glaring grammar issue on your profile page?That’s really all I have to say. You’ll probably think I’m blasting you for one reason or another, but really, I’m just a little offended. I’m seasoned enough to make very few mistakes, even under a time constraint or exhaustion, so telling me I failed…it’s pointlessly mean. And since you shared your own thoughts, I figured that I’d share mine. Hope the day finds you well.

Dare to Be Silly,

secs agoSaying “hey you did one thing wrong, here’s how to fix it” is not “ripping into [a story] like it was a trash piece”. If you really care about improving the story, you should welcome the opportunity to smooth over the few mistakes you missed.

[And besides…no offense, but can you really lecture someone on grammar when you have a glaring grammar issue on your profile page?]

For instance, I’m very interested to know what this is. Note that I told the author how to fix their mistake (as well as potential mistakes they may make in the future), while you have just unhelpfully told me an error exists somewhere, which is useless.

1h agoQuite honestly, it is if you’re nitpicking at something having not even really read the fic. I can say this because you’ll notice that a majority of the time (in fact all but 2 instances) it was done correctly. That’s not “improving the story”. That’s nitpicking. Improving a story is telling an author what you thought about their story, not just their grammar you know.I’m sorry, but if you’re as grammatically inclined as you say you are to tell someone else how to fix the two mistakes they couldn’t catch, you should be able to catch your own (as condescending as I’m sounding right now, because I realize I am). But for your information, it’s: “All fic posted here is dead.” And I think that’s all I need to say.

secs agoAn objective mistake doesn’t stop being a mistake just because it’s a minor one, and a minor improvement is still an improvement. You and the author have now spent more time and effort arguing with about this than it would have taken to fix such minor mistakes.

You’re not being condescending, you’re just being unhelpful. I do not see what is ungrammatical about the sentence. Is it a matter of subject/verb agreement?

14m agoIt may not stop being a mistake but you’re being ridiculous. It’s a typo. A small error. One that is not repeated endlessly, yet you act like it is. Does one accidental capitalization among a chance of countless others that don’t exist really irk you that much to dedicate a paragraph to it? I think it’s clear, had you read it, that myself as a beta reader doesn’t need lecturing on how to handle it. And why don’t you walk in the author’s shoes before criticizing them? Write something in French for them and let them read it.

Please tell me you’re joking…Fine. “Fic” is singular, therefore there should not be “all” in front of it. It would need to be “fics”, at which point, “is” should change to “are”. Does that help? Are we done? Or are you going to insist you’re being nothing but helpful? Because judging by what others say…well…you’re not.

secs agoThe paragraph is a prewritten model I insert whenever I see a dialogue mistake. It is true that my use of it was premature, as the mistake was not endemic as I first thought; if you are upset by that, then I apologize. However, I still think it is helpful to give the full description, as bypassing authors read the reviews as well. Please do not see it as a directed attack, as that is never my intention.

[Write something in French for them and let them read it.]

I am fully aware I cannot write in French. My solution is to not write in French. I do not understand why the author did not follow the same line of thought. Regardless, this does not excuse their mistakes; all authors should strive to eliminate typos and such, even if there are some barriers that might make that more difficult for them.

[“Fic” is singular, therefore there should not be “all” in front of it.]

Thank you for clarifying; I had suspected that was your objection after mulling it over. However, “fic” can be used as a collective noun, and that is how I am using it, as indicated by my use of “is” rather than “are”. It might be technically more correct to remove the “all”, but I feel that would make the information less clear, which goes against the spirit of good grammar.

4m agoGlad we could clear most of that up then. Then I’ll make two quick suggestions to you:

1) Perhaps don’t insert your paragraph so prematurely. Never formulate a review whether pre-written or not until you’ve finished a story/chapter. It does both you and the author a disservice.

2) If you want to use “fic”, I suggest then going with “fiction” or in this case “fanfiction”. “Fic” is far too abbreviated to be used collectively and make grammatical sense to most people.

re: Your review to Pokemon Cinemantic Universe Trailer
1h agomrcool4you
A response to your review at i’m sorry, i did not know

re: Your review to A Serenity Adventure in the HighSchool of Ash
3h agoStreetRacer-Sam
A response to your review at think I am pretty much familiar with non-chapters stuff getting banned. But it was mostly an announcement (or a reminder) for readers who were waiting for this fiction to come out, and even that right few days before the release. The story is coming out on Christmas and I don’t think keeping it up for around five days will get it banned in any way. That announcement will be deleted and replaced by the original chapter, which in fact is a Prologue and following that will the story truly unfold.So I don’t think there is anything to worry about currently. Not when it truly will be a story in around one and a half day from now.

re: Your review to The Real Hero
7m agoJmtx100
A response to your review at for all the advice! I’m already working on it!

re: Your review to A True Bond
5m agoTheSignOfLibra
A response to your review at you. I really am grateful for any advice. Though officially Pokemon species’ names are meant to be capitalized. So Skitty is correct officially, but not according to capitalization rules.

secs ago
1h agoHaywarde
Thank you for your clarification. :) I do not particularly understand fan fiction’s lexicon at this point and will make changes

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