The Other Pokeauthors, Part 39

“Don’t go telling people they’re doing things wrong even if they are. That’s just their way of doing it.”

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53m agoOC-FREE Dinosaur
A response to your review at

Excuse me, but I would like to say that this is a fanfic that’s meant to be laughed over and read for fun. I purposely decided to make Moon’s last name “Selene” because it was something that the Pokemon Fandom does with fanfics. *cough*MistyWaterflower*cough* It is an inside joke that I decided to use because it’s suppose to be a poorly-composed, cheesy high school stereotypes AU.I would like to also say that none of the characters are thinking either. All of the characters are suppose to be speaking out loud. They are actually speaking aloud.

I know that you’re simply pointing out critical feedback, but a lot of the writing is on purpose. I wrote the story in a specific way that I would have written it 3 years ago. It is suppose to be full of inside jokes for the writers. (Stuff that a writer would know of: My Immortal, Poke/Contest/Ikari fanfics, NO FLAMES YOU HATERZ). This is the reason why I did not ask for constructive criticism. If I had asked for it, then I would be taking the actual writing in a serious manner. And I don’t think that writing-about-french-fries-in-a-bra is very serious.

I thank you for your critical feedback because it has been awhile since I wrote something. I focus on word quantity over the quality sometimes because of how my style is free-handed and more open. I am just a high school student that never got feedback from most of the english teachers I have encountered. A lot of the students from my past classes are not very fond of peer critique either and give the worst feedback.

What kind of parent would name their kid “moon moon?”

Let me just tell you that a teacher at my school is legally named, “Snowflake.” He has a sister who’s name is “Rainbow.”


That poor teacher.

29m agobigb360
A response to your review at

I did put it in the anime category.

1m agoHuh. That’s weird. It wasn’t there. Could have sworn i checked that. Thanks for letting me know.
re: Your review to The Daughter of Dragons
17m agoMarcus S. Lazarus
A response to your review at

The point about category I will accept, but it’s actually a regular practice in Pokémon fanfics to capitalize their names like that, and if you have a problem with my writing style or methods, it’s considered more polite to voice them in a PM rather than a review.

secs ago
1m agoI’m sure that I HAVE broken off my Author’s Notes from other sections of the story, and in a manner that I’ve seen other authors use; just because it’s not the way you’d do it doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong, and nobody else is complaining about it.
secs agoYour opening author’s note has no line before the title.
3m agoIt’s still separate from the main story and not structured in a manner where anyone could mistake it as part of the narrative; I think I’m covered.
secs agoI still think it looks kinda weird, but yeah, that’s fair.
Your review
11h agoJacklvmage12
Thank you for the help, though I have a style that can be considered unusuaI. I like to make my stories a bit different from other authors and their view of the cannon storyline. As for why Arceus is male… I don’t know honestly. I guess thats just how it happened. I don’t see Arceus as one or the other to be honest. I might go back to change the story a bit to make it have proper punctuation and what not but its almost garrenteed I won’t. As I stated before, my writing style can he considered unusual.

Thanks again

Party of Six
7m agoThe Desert Dancer
Thank you for your review and taking the time to read my story. Only problem I have is that I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t mention anything you liked at all. Just pointed out all the grammatical errors.
re: Your review to Start from the Climax! Ash VS Axel!
1h agojinhyukkwon62
A response to your review at

Hey. This is my story; I make the rules. Don’t go telling people they’re doing things wrong even if they are. That’s just their way of doing it.

secs ago[Don’t go telling people they’re doing things wrong even if they are.]

If someone is wrong, why shouldn’t I tell them so?

6h agoThey might get discouraged and just give up. I know this because I went through that exact experience. Not everyone is able to take words in like that you know.
secs agoPeople who are that emotionally fragile should not be posting their work publicly in the first place. Self care.
23m agoWell some of us aren’t as stone as you are. Stop trying to act superior.
secs agoWhere do you get the impression I think I’m superior? Different people have different needs and I respect that, but people do need to take some responsibility for their own self-care.
8h agoOkay then. Sorry.
re: Your review to Autistic Truth
1h agoHeroofFire101
A response to your review at

First of all, it’s a prologue. I’m just introducing my characters, and the the basic plot. I am basing it on what I’ve seen on here. The real first chapter is all ready to go. Even though this is my first ever review on all my stories, I know that I have some hard time with my grammar. This is my writing style, and I am not doing this on a proper computer. This is unbetaed and I know the prologue has some issues. There’s different fan fiction story formats out there, and I can see that it is not matching up to your standard of story format. This is my format, and I can’t see any issue with it. I will defend my writing style because this is me and I don’t care what you think. I’m trying something different and I don’t need you putting me down!!
Second, I do understand about the author’s note, but I don’t know how to paragraph it. Fuck my poor grammar!! I have a hard time writing anything! Just be lucky that I’m writing anything!

secs ago[I’m just introducing my characters, and the the basic plot.]

No, you haven’t even done that. You wrote one conversation that was extremely vague and gave us very little in the way of concrete information. I have no idea who the speakers are or what the story will be about.

[I am basing it on what I’ve seen on here.]

Yeah, and a lot of people here don’t know how to write. Base it on a published book instead.

[I don’t know how to paragraph it.]

? The same way you paragraph other things? Use the enter key.

35m agoDon’t tell me what to do. It’s SUPPOSED to be vague. That’s the point. I like being vague in my prologue. You are being rude to me, and please, never review my stories again. I know very good writers and they’re younger than me. It’s a matter of personal opinion, so don’t diss me. The more concrete details are in the next chapter, asshole. And the paragraphing thing? It’s an issue I need to work on in my real life. I go off on tangents. And don’t you dare responding back to this. I don’t want to hear it.


secs agoIf you don’t want me to review you, block me.

While you’re at it, if criticism throws you into this much of a tailspin, you shouldn’t be posting your stories on a public website. Self care.

And blocked! It’s good to know some authors do know how to do that.

43m agoRedAuraGuardian
A response to your review at

Wow. Thanks for the help man i never realized. I’m going to try to check out your stories if you have any. Thank you so much for the pointers!

re: Your review to His New Life
17m agoMidnightJadeYT
A response to your review at

i know but i do that so that i can go back and add their names when i get the story properly set up

re: Your review to Where Heroes Rise
3m agoredinkling2000
A response to your review at

Ok cool. Its my first story obviously and this feedback is great for me so that my story looks good. Really appreciate it. Thanks!

1h agoST4RSK1MM3R
A response to your review at

Gee, thanks for the copy-pasted review.

secs agoYou’re welcome!
12h agoYou have redeemed yourself with your sarcastic answer. You will now be removed from My “people I don’t like list”
re: Your review to Pokemon Sun & Moon : Battle!
9h agoGamerKidd 999
A response to your review at

Thanks BTW

re: Your review to Pokemon truth or dare
4h agoThe goddess of lust
A response to your review at

And who are you exactly?

secs agoA person. Why, who are you?

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  1. Hinebras says:
    If that OC-Free guy is telling the truth, he must be a really  good troll so that his work is indistinguishable from an actual bad fic.


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