The Other Pokeauthors, Part 44

In which someone actively refuses to fix their categorization just to spite me, and I continue to be baffled that everyone loses their mind over this.

March 13yoshi3000
A response to your review at

Well I must thank you for your review, and the lesson.

March 13Chris Ketchum
Excuse me? Im sorry but your everywhere on new stories
secs agoI’m not sure what you mean.
2m agoI mean you read a new persons pokemon story and critisize the first chapter.
secs agoThat is an accurate description of my recent actions, yes.
1m agoWhy? I think its fine
secs agoThink what’s fine?
10m agoThe chapter
secs agoOkay. Can you elaborate?
52m agoI mean it is fine the way it id
secs agoIt is not.
1h agoThats your opinion
secs agoIt is not. Grammar is not opinion-based. Moreover, the rules do not exist for no reason. Your mistakes make your story very hard to read and follow. It’s quite easy to fix the errors, and your story will be greatly improved for it.
re: Your review to Love or hate
March 13MysticalNinetails
A response to your review at

Thank you. I will try to remember these things. The reason why i make these mistakes is probably because of that i don’t normally speak or write in English. I won’t use the word “baka” anymore if that annoys you. As for capitalizing Pokemon names, I’ll fix that to. I just posted a new story before reading this, and it has some of these problems.
Again, thank you for telling me this.~Mystical ninetails.

Thank you
March 13LoZ Lover
A response to your review at

I am sorry I did not know

re: Your review to Long Way Home
March 13wubbzy
A response to your review at

I’m fine, thanks. :)

secs agoThat’s nice, but the people who want the site to have a functioning filter system are not fine. Take ten seconds to make this incredibly simple fix that will make a lot of peoples’ lives a lot easier.
3h agoWho exactly is this bothering besides you?

secs agoEveryone who filters by world, which given that that is a feature the administrators took the time to code in, is probably a significant population.

More to the point, this is not an onerous request. You’ve now spent more time arguing with me than it would take to fix it. Just fix it.

9h agoSo… no one besides you complained or is actually bothered by where I decide I want my story… yeah, I’m good.
secs agoVery few people actually work up the nerve to complain about anything these days. Moreover, I am complaining, and I will stop complaining if you fix it. Is this really worth it?
33m agoI heard you out, and I have to say no. Continuing to complain will only solidify my choice. Is this really worth it?

secs agoYes, it is.

You have now spent much more time arguing than it would take to fix it. Even blocking me will take exactly as much effort as fixing it. What are you gaining from this?

1m agoNow? Shits and giggles lol.
secs agok
Review English Fiction
March 14Dr MAD and Co

I would like to thank you about all the mistakes you’ve noticed. As I’m not the one who check the mistakes, I’ll only change the type of fiction into “Anime World”. I’ll send your review to Calcifer Flame and I’ll ask him if he can take in account what you’ve noticed for the following chapters.

I’ll correct the first chapter myself and replace it after, and I will send him the following chapters, taking in account what you’ve said about dialogues. So that, we’ll be able to see if it’s correct each other.I’m sorry I won’t do that before a long time, because I’m rather busy with my studies, but thank you for the sending. I’ll do my best for the next chapters.See you later.

re: Your review to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Forever’s Travels of Broken lifes
March 18Arthur Moebius
A response to your review at

Wow, thanks for the advice. Well I was kinda writing it like one to be honest. And sorry for the choppy dialogue and stuff, hopefully I can make it easier for you to understand somewhat soon. Sorry about that.

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