The Other Pokeauthors, Part 45

From someone whose story has no paragraphs: “Yeah sorry I just think it’s not important to do that kinda stuff you need to focus more on a good story with likeable characters”

March 18GiratinaMissingNo
A response to your review at

You already told me this, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you I don’t care. Are you determined to read and criticize every one of my stories? Any particular reason why, other than berating me for every little thing I do? If so, just go annoy some other hapless soul about their writing preferences, so you don’t have to struggle through my jarring, horrible writing. We’d both like that a lot better.

secs agoI honestly don’t remember you. If you don’t want my reviews, you need to block me.
2m agoI’m glad you don’t remember me.

secs agoAnd yet you still haven’t blocked me.

Given that you also don’t seem to understand how to reply to PMs, do you actually not know how to block people?

5h agoI can’t respond to the PMs because won’t let me send anything (apparently the inbox is full). I decided not to block you because a) you say on your profile you can’t read messages or comments from people who have blocked you, and b) because blocking someone over a comment is silly and childish.
secs agoExcept you say you don’t want me to review you. Taking steps to avoid something that causes you nothing but stress is very mature and a necessary part of mental self-care; hardly silly or childish.
13m agoStress? Ha ha! A good argument is invigorating now and then (call me weird). Heck, it kick-started my week, and I thank you for that.
First and foremost, I never said I didn’t want you reviewing me. I have no idea where you got that from, but you can review my fics if you want. I’m fine if you do, mostly because I appreciate that there’s people out there like you who take the time to write constructive criticism. I may not agree with you or change anything according to what you’ve posted, but I’m fine with it.
I’m ready to stop messaging you, so if we could stop writing PMs to each other, that’s great.
Don’t remember me please! :)
Ooookay then.
Thank you.
March 18Sinthas
A response to your review at

I’ve had this chapter written for forever and I’ve definitely gotten a bit better since writing it. In fact, I was hesitant to post it for several months because I knew how much of an all-over-the-place mess it is. Italics were meant to imply flashbacks but I can see why this would be confusing here because it starts in the present and then nearly the entire thing is a flashback. I’m not exactly proud of the mess that is this chapter in particular, but I don’t think the rest will be messy and confusing, or at least not to this extent. As for the Pokémon name capitalization, I noticed that they almost always seem to be capitalized in the games (“My Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata,” or “Champion Steven is about to send in Skarmory.”) so I just assumed they worked like proper nouns.Thanks so much for telling me what I need to work on. I’ll keep all that in mind! I definitely agree with you on most counts.

March 18Moonlightphan
A response to your review at

Thank you for telling me all this, I will go back and fix the mistakes I made as soon as I can. I wrote the first chapter a while ago, and I must have missed some stuff when a re-read it, or I just didn’t understand how to do it correctly. I will have your review open when I edit the chapter to make sure I don’t make anymore mistakes. As for why am including reviews in the chapter, it’s because I don’t want anyone to have anymore information then others. If it’s about something happening in the story I will include it so everyone can have the same information. But when it’s reviews like yours I will answer like this. I can also respond directly to others as well, but I will still include the information I gave out to one person in the chapter so everyone can know it. It just doesn’t seem fair for someone to have more information then another. I will update the chapter later today. Thank you for your response and help. Sorry I’m not doing this from the bubble thing you said, but I’m in a major rush and I want to respond to you quickly.

re: Your review to Project X
March 18XetaJTS
A response to your review at

Thanks! I will be sure to do these things in my next chapters and get to fixing this one too!

re: Your review to Mimikyu and rockruff chapter 1 gusty days
A response to your review at

Yeah sorry I just think it’s not important to do that kinda stuff you need to focus more on a good story with likeable characters

secs agoThat doesn’t matter if no one can understand what’s going on.
1h agopeople can understand it though oh shocker mr OCD

secs agoWhen you don’t use paragraphs no, you really can’t.

But if grammar is so irrelevant to a good story I’m sure you will have no trouble reading this, which is a renowned classic of English literature despite being written before the printing press standardized spelling and grammar: bartleby . com /40/0101 . html

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