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Le Review: JPWC
Jul 29DraconicFox
Alright, well, you’re in. On the banning non story chapters, I read the rules just in case of something like that, and I consider the very first part as storyline, at least till I’m done writing. I am working on the first real chapter as I speak, so yeah! :)

I’m pretty sure your character is from Undertale, right? In this case, what I’ll probably do is avoid putting you in the main crew, but as more of a villainous rival pokemon. Since I can’t make Chara overpowered, despite being Chara, they will have to lose once in a while. I’m also going to go ahead and say they are from Ireland, for story purposes. And, different people will use different pronouns due to GENDER IDENITITY CRISIS WEEEWHOO WEEWHOO.


One question since you definitely know more than me. Did my story just turn into a crossover?

22m agoOne more thing:

I shall never give in to the fact that SYOCs never work. NEVER! No forum post or subtle notes can tell me what to do!!!! RAWR

But I did read it, and it contains helpful info for how not to fail, thanks!

secs ago[Did my story just turn into a crossover?]

That’s up to you. I’m interpreting Chara in the general sense, the demon of player callousness, and that creature isn’t necessarily exclusive to Undertale. But I did keep the locket, so you can interpret them however you want. They’re yours now! =)

If you want to make Chara beatable, I think I should point out that nowhere do I say that Chara is invincible. Chara always succeeds EVENTUALLY, but think about how many times you die in video games before you eventually succeed. When you get to the point where you want them to lose, you can always just decide that this is the first time they’ve reached that challenge, so they haven’t memorized everything. You can also take a many worlds interpretation of their time travel — if they die and reload, they go to a different timeline, so they’re gone from this story for good.

23m agoAlright, thanks! Chapter one should come out soon!!
re: Your review to Love of Legends
Jul 29eclipse metastar
A response to your review at

Do you have any good things to say? I know I did bad, I just had an off day yesterday

secs agoWell, no, but I didn’t have any bad things to say either. You’ve just got a few structural problems, which can be easily fixed.
32m agoAlright
re: Your review to Absol X Umbreon
Jul 29FoxJosh1
A response to your review at

Sorry for the grammer errors, I was a bit rushed by my friends on discord. And I can make another chapter. Thx for the feedback though.

re: Your review to It Should be Fine Probably? Maybe?
Jul 29Daaazer
A response to your review at

Hey I don’t want to sound rude, but I don’t totally agree with some of your review. While I thank you for stating your mind, and I did make some of those changes. Thanks for that by the way. Anyway, this is fanfiction. This is made so people can do what they want with it, as long as it is in the guidelines. Thing is, I like my writing style and the way I do things. I’m sorry that you don’t, but I won’t change my style. I will keep writing that way because I want to. If a single person enjoys the story, I will continue to write it, even is others don’t. I will try to changes, but I won’t do anything that big. So… sorry. And besides, I’m still in high school, I’m not going to be like Tolkien, Orwell, Rowling, Riordan, King, or anyone like that. My writing Is for those who just want an easy, simple read. I make it that way so younger people, or people who might not be as smart have an easy time. So, I’m sorry that you don’t like it, but I’ll keep writing the way I do. And please, if you don’t enjoy it, kindly leave. But once again, thanks for stating your mind

re: Your review to A Mother\’s Pokemon Journey
Jul 29AevaRisis
A response to your review at

First I want to thank you for the advice and once I get the chance to I shall post an updated version. to be honest I just kinda picked up writing this on a whim. Though there is a reason I didn’t include anything about any fetish material in the description. Simply put while sex was in the characters past, at the point of the story picking up growth and circumstance have dulled the urges mentioned in the flash back. While over the course of the story there will be scenes of such acts implied to have happened with other characters they will be referenced but not shown in the primary story. As for the wording in that particular memory I originally had it much less blunt but my mate/editor felt it was better put that way. I appologize if my story came off as over sexualized but I would appreciate the help you send quite apt to give if you would be willing to. Furthermore any questions you have I’m quite open to discussing.

Thank you again for your advice and I hope to hear from you again ^^

52m agoAs an additional note I appologize for any spelling or grammar errors, typing quickly on a phone doesn’t lend itself to high quality.
re: Your review to Nulocke: Ash Version: Kanto Arc
Jul 30fanfictionfan123456
A response to your review at

First of all, thank you for the very detailed review. However I am not trying to get published here. I just write on fanfiction for stress relief (read fun). have you ever thought about being a beta if grammar and syntax bother you so much?

secs ago[I just write on fanfiction for stress relief (read fun).]

Yes, and I read fanfiction for fun. It’s not fun to have to read a paragraph five times to figure out what the author meant because they didn’t format their sentences properly. Grammar exists to make communication easier. When you don’t use it, you’re putting the burden of comprehension on your readers, which is extremely inconsiderate.

3m agoas i said would you be interested in being my beta if it bothers you so much. ill try to take your suggestions under advisement. if it really bothers you that much, why read?
secs agoThe answer to both questions are the same: I prefer breadth over depth. I believe I can provide more education to the community by reviewing many authors at once. The tradeoff is that I do not have the time to do in-depth editing for specific stories.

These people might, though:

9h agowell thanks.

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