The Other Pokeauthors, Part 64

A lot of stuff happens, including someone finally going to the capitalization thread when asked.

Your review on my story
Aug 1HomeRunHitter11
Hi there! Thanks you for the review on my story. While I must admit I don’t understand the whole thing, thanks for the tips on punctuation. Like I said, this is my first fanfic, so I will add in the changes you mentioned. Thanks again for the review!
re: Your review to Traveling to the Light
Aug 1Korrasami 88
A response to your review at

Please stop telling people where stories should go

41m agoAlso please provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in your reviews
secs agoSee, funny thing: I filter out anime fic when I browse. If people tagged properly, they wouldn’t have to suffer my presence. Why don’t you tell people that instead of wasting your time on me.
2h agoI’ve NEVER seen you post constructive criticism. Maybe try it?
secs agoWhat is your definition of constructive criticism?
5m agoI liked this and that about this story, as an example
secs agoNo. That’s not any kind of criticism, that’s praise. Constructive criticism points out flaws, but also provides suggestions or advice on how to fix them. This is what I do.
14m agoI don’t consider minor things like capitalization errors to be constructive criticism. Now, if there were MAJOR SPELLING ERRORS, that’d be constructive criticism
secs agoIt doesn’t matter how minor it is. A minor error is still an error, and an error can be fixed. That’s still constructive criticism. (I don’t consider capitalization errors to be minor, though — I find them very distracting.)
re: Your review to Against All Odds
Aug 1Aislinn-Black
A response to your review at

I had to write this again because Fanfiction is causing problems. Okay one, I know where I can find what world the story is it, I refuse to do it though. Not because I am against it, but because it isn’t a huge deal for me, nor is it for lots of people.

Lol, I wasn’t even going to message and argue with you about the capitalization, but okay. No offense but writing that made you sound full of yourself. Anyway moving on, when it comes to my dialogue and read through it again to check. And it looks like that I have never wrote it as [“Hello!” she said or “Hello”,” she said.]
[Ex: Dawn let go of her best friend’s wrist, “Sorry, May I thought you would want to get to school quickly,” the blunette wiggled her brows with a knowing smirk, “to see Drew.” Dawn walked ahead forcing May to catch up to her.] Notice how after quickly, I did put down a comma before quotation marks? You don’t need to correct me on that part, love. And if I did somehow put the quotations before the comma, it’s because my computer tends to respond incorrectly, it will put the last key I pressed first. So if I did “I think” sometimes it does “I thikn”.

Also I could be wrong on this, considering you’re basically telling me everything I did for this story is wrong, but I was taught that you could do [“Hi,” she said, “this is it.”] Because the sentence is still the same, there is just a pause in between which could be used for clarifying who is speaking, or if there is an action happening in between the line. I am going to keep writing like that, I don’t see an issue for writing for doing that.

Now for me using quotation marks around the thoughts, I used to do it the “right” way. But I got messages from people stating that it was harder for them, or it confused them. So I changed it. Not everyone gets confused on the same thing.

I appreciate the constructive criticism, I like how you didn’t sugarcoat anything, but like I said the way you phrased things made you come off as an arrogant jerk. No offense, love. I am not taking this review to heart, and I am not being butt-hurt about anything, I’m just simply phrasing it just like you did.

Bye. (:

secs ago[Notice how after quickly, I did put down a comma before quotation marks?]

Yes, you did. You shouldn’t have, because the narration used a non-speaking verb. You would have seen this explained if you had bothered to read past the second sentence. Don’t argue with me if you’re not going to read what I have to say.

[the way you phrased things made you come off as an arrogant j***. No offense, love.]

If you call someone an arrogant j***, you are absolutely intending offense. Don’t waste my time with false pleasantries.

11m agoI did read all of it actually lmao. I wasn’t even arguing with you, I was just simply stating what I said. You shouldn’t have messaged me without thinking of negative and positive outcomes. Clearly I read what you said if I answered why I did things a certain way.

Jerk isn’t a bad word?? I don’t know why you censored it, but okay.I honestly wasn’t trying to be offense, but if it’s that big of a deal I apologize. I said it made you come off as one, doesn’t mean you are one, in fact you could be a nice person, but the way things are phrased obviously makes you sound like one.

You’re the one who wasted your time, love. It isn’t a false pleasantry, I call everyone “love.” (:

4m agoYou said this: You’re formatting dialogue incorrectly. Dialogue is written as [“Hello,” she said] or [“Hello!” she said], never [“Hello.” She said] or [“Hello”, she said] or [“Hello” she said]. This is because dialogue and speech tags are considered to be part of the same sentence, so they have to flow together.

(so technically your second sentence backs up what you said, even though I never wrote it in the latter form).

secs ago[I don’t know why you censored it]

I didn’t it censor it, FFN did. There’s a swear filter you can turn off in settings.

[I did read all of it actually]

Then why did you only talk about the part that was irrelevant? This is what I was referring to:

The only exception to [standard dialogue format] is if the next sentence doesn’t contain a speech verb. In that case, the second part IS considered a separate sentence, so it’s written as [“Hello.” She grinned], never [“Hello,” she grinned].

If my paragraph was unclear, there is a thread that explains this in more detail (fifth post):

secs agoI responded to the ones that were relevant. Well I think they were relevant anyway (relevant to bring up in the conversation). For example the capitalization, was irrelevant, which I mean in a good way. I didn’t bring that up because I agreed with you on it so I didn’t feel the need to touch bases on that topic.

What I’m getting from this is that I can’t use the unmodified copypasta for people who make this mistake. I thought I could, but evidently not. Understandable, I suppose, since they don’t know it’s meant to be all-purpose.

Re: Review
Aug 1LunaKat17
So. I’ve read your review, considered your arguments, and here’s what I have to say:

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read and review C’est La Vie. That means a lot. I’ve gone back and edited out the typos (if you see anymore, in later chapters, please feel free to PM me).

That’s all,

This was the Nuzlocke. Their real response seems to be on their profile. I never thought people would be so resistant to the idea the regions are supposed to be based on the real world, but I suppose I’ll have to add it to the list of sensitive topics.

St Elmo’s Fire,

A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: Blood is Thicker than Water
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

From: Guest

:I decided to take up your challenge, and for the past months I went to check and review some random stories just for kicks. I admit, I found pretty bad stuff, but I couldn’t bring myself to review the same way you do. Maybe I do care too much about what others think of me, but I didn’t want to come across as a j***. Plus, even the worst of them at least had one or two things that could be salvaged, and that’s a good starting point for them to improve.

What I’m trying to say is that I still don’t like you or the way you do this, even if it’s (allegedly) to help people improve, and I believe those authors have a legitimate reason to be mad at you. Seeing the answers you’ve gotten, I can at least say that I’ve received a much more positive response (in the sense that nobody insulted, yelled or sent me a death threat). And even if you say you’re not doing is to mock anyone, you clearly find amusing when people rage at you, so that casts doubt on your claim. As someone who studied communication techniques as part of my academic career, I can safely say that you’re sending the wrong message if your intention is to help. Feel free to post this on your Dragon Quill, I know I can’t stop you.


Of course, since they didn’t leave their name, I have no idea who they are and can’t validate any of their claims, so this is meaningless. I do actually find their claims interesting and would have liked to talk with them for more info, but alas. Notice also that they offer no concrete solutions or alternatives, so this is useless as criticism.

re: Your review to Sash
Aug 2Da Poka Tuber
A response to your review at

Sorry about the anime world thing… However this is also in the same world as the manga world… So uh yah

re: Your review to A Champion\’s Ideal
Aug 2StreetRacer-Sam
A response to your review at

The ellipses thing is certainly a mistake I did not notice. Thanks for pointing it out, I will fix it.

Now that you have commented on the content of the story, I think I can defend it with a legit reason.

I have noticed that only characters which have aired on anime even at least once are given priority here on FanFiction, so I don’t think I can blame you for such thoughts. But literally? PC out of all the things? I don’t think you are supposed to stay in your limit when you are writing a fanfiction, and so I did not either. Hilbert is a complete character on his own. Just because he does not have any certain personality in ‘games’ does not mean you can call him a ‘PC’. Several characters have been based off Hilbert. There is a reason why I don’t like RPGs like Pokemon because they limit the playable character. I think you never thought out of the box. You don’t have to consider him a program. In fact, it does not make sense to me at all because with the lack of personality, you get to experiment widely.

If you will consider him a human rather than a program, you will realize that by no means this feels sterile, or detached. So I think you are hugely mistaken by saying that it I was going for such a tone when there was a wide range of emotions available.

By the way, this is an exclusive one-shot written for Pokemon Wattys Awards 2017. I knew people would certainly not appreciate characters like Hilbert and therefore I did not even publish it here in the first place. But I wanted to see what kind of reaction people would have if I do so.

Unlike FanFiction, Wattpad features a wide range of OCs and playable characters like Hilbert as the protagonist of the story. And therefore, that place is widely popular with writers interested in Pokemon fandom. Unlike here, anime characters are given less chance there because they are (minorly) considered overused and people want something new.

Now for the rest of the review, I can argue over it with the excuse that English is not my first language and such, but that would be futile. I actually had someone with the bachelor’s degree in English review this one-shot on Wattpad and I have been mostly notified about the mistakes that I made. But I will take some time to fix them. So although I appreciate your review, in the end, it was mostly useless. But I did confirm my suspicion today. So thanks for that.

P.S. Why is that you always use the same context for all the reviews? I feel like you are spamming sometimes. Just curious.

secs agoI have no idea what you’re objecting to. I was saying I wanted more development of Hilbert, not less. Like, I explicitly said I did not like how blank-slate he was in the games and wished you had made him into more of a person.[Why is that you always use the same context for all the reviews?]

I don’t understand what you mean.

3h agoWell, I might be misunderstood but your review makes it sound like Hilbert in my one-shot is completely void of emotions. That’s all. And I don’t think I can really give him development in a mere one-shot which is barely 2000 words long… that’s why I said I don’t see a point here. If you keep the original game plot in mind and consider him a human, you won’t need a lot to see the development.I do have a short story in mind and I will publish it sometime earlier this month. Maybe there you can comment on that since Hilbert will be on a journey to find his ideals.

As for the last one, like I said, just curious. I have seen almost similar (if not same) context on some stories that I ran into that you also happened to review. That first para… Don’t mind it though. Like I said, I was just curious.

secs agoOh, you mean the copypasta? That’s because formulaic errors get formulaic responses. I’d have to be crazy to write out that whole thing by hand every time I came across the error.
re: Your review to endgame
Aug 2Aureillia
A response to your review at


I happen to like vague, abstract summaries. It is a style I have come to admire through other author’s works on this site, and therefore shall continue using. You are entitled to your own opinion, of course, but please refrain from explicitly demanding how I publish my work. Too, I am fully aware of how to place this in the “Anime World”. None of my stories have ever been categorised under a specific section when it comes to “worlds”, which is something I also prefer.

The time you took to detail these things is appreciated, albeit unnecessary.

However… While we’re on the subject of conventions and proper technicalities, I must ask that if you are going to leave a review then please leave an actual recount of the story itself and not a brief message detailing other aspects regarding it. That is the intended purpose of the review section, after all.

Thank you,


secs agoAnd the purpose of the world feature is to allow people to avoid fic from canons they’re not familiar with. If you don’t tag properly, don’t expect good reviews.
2h agoI’m 99% positive that the entire pokemon fandom knows who the characters Ash, Misty and Gary are. I’d be slightly worried if they didn’t. Regardless, I’m sure they’d figure it out. I’ve never known someone to nor have I ever experienced any problems with this particular issue myself. Once more, thanks for the concern but I think I’ll be right.

I don’t care for harsh reviews if they are formulated on the basis of what I’ve written rather than trivial nitpickings of somebody that clearly has too much time on their hands. That is the only advice I ever have, and the only advice I ever will take.


secs agoYou’ve spent more time arguing about this than it would take to fix it. Just tag your stories and you’ll never have to worry about this again.
12h agoNah. I don’t think I will xx.-Aureillia

secs agoWhy? Why do you choose to make things more difficult for yourself and others?
21m agoIf ‘World: Any’ was unacceptable, it would not be an option.

Why do you continue to waste time on such insignificant matters? It isn’t your job. It isn’t your concern. You aren’t reading the story, so I hardly see what you think you’re accomplishing by putting words in the mouths of those who actually are. Nobody else seems to have a problem with it so I fail to understand how it could possibly concern you.

If you really feel the need to gain a false sense of validation or importance by telling everybody else how they should be publishing their work, then please go and do it to someone who is actually in violation of the rules.


secs ago[If ‘World: Any’ was unacceptable, it would not be an option.]

It is acceptable for stories that legitimately blend canons. It is not acceptable for stories that stick to one canon.

This isn’t insignificant. I’m sick of seeing my feed flooded with anime fic I can’t filter out, and I’m certain there are people specifically filtering FOR anime fic who are missing yours. It doesn’t matter if this helps only one person. This is not an onerous request and it costs you nothing. As I said, you’ve spent far more time arguing about this than it would take to fix it. Just take one minute to do this and you’ll never have to hear about it again.

18m agoYet it is still not in direct violation of the rules, is it? Also, if you’d actually bothered to read the story, you would know that a game character is present. Argument equals void.

You remind me of those annoying sales people that rock up on a Saturday morning, either pressing you to buy something or listen to their spiel about some religion or other. Do you know how most people deal with them? They slam the door in their faces. This is me slamming that metaphorical door in your face. Go knock on somebody else’s.


secs ago[Yet it is still not in direct violation of the rules, is it?]

I have no idea why you’re so hung up on this. If you violated the rules, I would just report you. I didn’t tell you this as an accusation. I told you this as a request. An incredibly simple request that you have rudely denied purely out of spite and stubbornness, I will add. I repeat: you have spent more time arguing about the issue than it would take to address it.

[Also, if you’d actually bothered to read the story, you would know that a game character is present. Argument equals void.]

The presence of a game protagonist, who is a blank slate anyway, does not negate the fact that the entire story is about the anime characters. This is still primarily anime fic.

You want to slam the door in my face? I filter out anime fic in my searches. Tag your stories as anime and you will never see me again.

They still haven’t blocked me.

They also vagueblogged on their profile:

“If you’re going to take the time to leave a review on a story, do NOT nitpick on the basis of your preferences as opposed to those of the author’s. The purpose of reviews is to give critique, both positive and constructively negative, on one’s work. Give them advice on their actual writing. Please refrain from demanding how they publish their own work, write their summaries, etc.

If you have a problem with the way somebody else does something then avoid their stories. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise… Well, you’re just a pretentious twat with a behind-the-screen-god-complex that has way too much time on your hands. Seriously. I’ve seen fics containing disturbingly detailed hanky-panky involving a man with a pipe jutting out the side of a building, and some people are over here crackin’ hissy fits over summaries being too open-ended.

I mean really, it’s FanFiction, people. FanFiction. Don’t be that asshole. If you are, I strongly recommend taking a moment to contemplate your (lack of) life choices.

Rant over.”

For people who hate being told what to do, FFN authors sure do love telling people what to do.

This prompted me to make a thread in the forum on the subject, because apparently that’s necessary.

re: Your review to The adventures of Red Ketchum — the Kaiju battler
Aug 2SpikedTankedmaster300
A response to your review at

Sorry trying my best. I have to use a fossil of a laptop that should’ve been used by dinosaurs

Pokemon Capitalization
Aug 2Shameful Metaphors
Hey, you likely don’t don’t know me, but I’ve seen you review on some Pokemon fanfics recently. Teaching people basic grammar is great and really needed for the community. Many are writers that truly need constructive criticism. I do disagree on your view of Pokemon capitalization, however.

Pokemon have been capitalized in many instances. The most favorited and the anime itself does this. The reason it does might be because humans are considered equal in the Pokemon world. Since human names are capitalized, I believe that Pokemon names should be capitalized. Also, if that Pokemon has a trainer, then it definitely needs to be capitalized due the trainer naming it, and names of a pet are capitalized here.

If you prefer to keep Pokemon lower-cased, that’s fine. I wouldn’t be too annoyed by even if it’s not my preference. I just want to note capitalizing Pokemon does have its reasons, so telling people to change it in a review shouldn’t happen since it can be both ways. I wanted to PM you this because this because you have been telling a lot of people recently and it makes inexperienced, moldable writers into one mindset when it can be both. Thank you for your time.

secs ago
35m agoAlright, you got me. I’m accepting of both styles, but I revised my work so it would be more grammatically correct because it is right.

I think the proper pronouns point is arguable. I mean, the pokemon’s species doesn’t earn capitalization, but if somebody catches a pokemon and doesn’t nickname it, then it gets the species name by default. It’s still like a pet’s name, even if it happens to be the same name as the species. The creator of the thread didn’t really establish this, but I saw one of her works to see what she does. Unless I am proven wrong, that’s my stance on that.

Your review
Aug 2AwesomeAstrid
Thanks for your corrections on my story My Friend Hau. I’ve corrected just about all of the mistakes you mentioned, except for my mistake of Hau choosing his starter after Sunni, which I will try to fix later, if I can figure out how. I also looked at that capitalization thread, and looked through the story to see if I needed to change capitalized Pokemon names, however the only Pokemon names I saw (that wasn’t already the first word of the sentence like Litten) were Meowth and Rowlet. I made rowlet lowercase, but I left Meowth capital because Meowth is the name Sunni calls her meowth. It’s similar to and example used in the capitalization thread, “Hey Ash, look at all those pikachu running around. They look just like Pikachu.”
I’ve changed the name of the story because I definitely plan to add more chapters, rather than it being just a one-shot. As for what you said about Lillie, she may not have been mentioned in this first chapter, but she will be mentioned in a later chapter, possibly even the second one. As soon as I finished writing Hau’s chapter I started considering doing something similar for Lillie, to show what Sunni thinks about her friendship with Lillie.
So please let me know what you think of the changes I’ve made to the story and let me know if you think I still need to fix anything. Thanks!
secs agoOh, very good! I’m glad to hear you’ll be featuring Lillie. You’re still capitalizing the word “pokemon” itself, though.
4m agoOops, I forgot to check for the word Pokemon. I’ll fix it.
re: Your review to PoKeMoN: D E M O N A N D A N G E L
Aug 2Queen Junior
A response to your review at

Oh my, I was waiting for you!!! TT-TT I’d become scared you wouldn’t come but you’ve made me really happy now by showing up!!! ^^

“This is a good idea in theory, but a bad one in practice. It’s not fair to people to have their character rejected for a minor detail just because someone already claimed dibs without their knowledge. If you want very specific character setups like this, you should really be making your own OCs.”

Oh dear, looks like you haven’t properly read everything – well, it’s not your fault, regarding how many details there were!! :) The Starter Selection only commences AFTER the 15 spots are filled – so I won’t be rejecting any one’s OCs because of something so contrite!!! Don’t worry, the people here are really nice and I’m not that cruel~!!!!

“This is the wrong way of approaching this. If you need a specific power level for the characters to work in the story, you don’t need to make any compromises or concessions to the people with overpowered Mary Sues, and in fact it’s a lot clearer and easier if you say straight-up what power bracket you want. From there, the onus should be on the submitters to justify their level within that bracket. It’s possible to justify having an overpowered pokemon with backstory, or counterbalance it with some disadvantage like disobedience or a major character flaw in the trainer themselves.”

Now, now, wrong and right are merely points of view, isn’t it? Well, I would completely respect your idea if it fit into the frames of a story YOU wrote and flowed along with its plot progression and eased things for you. However, the ‘wrong way’ I have actually isn’t wrong if you look at it through a wider scope and is merely something I and I’m sure MOST other writers would agree is easier and more comfortable. That’s just my view there but then again, it is MY story and none of the OC senders have any problems with it so it’s fair to say it’s justified. :)

“This, too, limits character possibilities to an unreasonable extreme. You say you want diverse and imperfect characters, but there aren’t a lot of ways to build “child prodigy suma cum laude”, and a lot of them are probably going to look like Mary Sues – either they got the highest position in the country legitimately, in which case they’re a supergenius, or they got it despite huge disadvantages, in which case they’re absurdly lucky.”

Hohoho, I understand why you’d want to debate this point but then again, you’re speaking from an extremely narrow mindset. There are different kinds of ‘prodigies’, dear sir/maam – the ones with talent, the ones with luck, the ones with hard work, the ones with passion, the ones with backup, the ones with quick wits and LOOOOOTTTTSSSS more. That gives plenty of variety and since Ashthorne Academy is the main pinnacle of the story’s lore and the center of its plot progression, the OCs have to be rather intimately connected to it. I would tell you in greater detail but then that’d spoil the story for you, ne~?

Oh, and they may be top 15 of Novus’ most elite Academy but then again, they’ve got no ‘real’ battling experience so there’s plenty of hardships they’ll go through.

“[The top 15 students will be divided into five groups of three members each and leave on different routes – however, each student will have the same goal. Collect eight badges and take the League challenge – the top four finalists will battle the Elite Four and the winners will then proceed to battle each other before finally making it to the Champion. The teams will have to travel on their journey together and will be out of the competition if they leave their team or travel alone.]”

Ohohoho, but if the plot gave away everything from the onset, wouldn’t there be absolutely no surprise and shock factor to the show? XD I haven’t even posted anything of the plot yet!!! This is just world info!!! Oh, and what is that link? Are you getting paid for promoting it or something? If so, then I can totally understand why you’re working so hard to flaunt it!! XD Keep at it!!! *thumbs up*

“Perhaps you are going to have some interesting twist on the formula, but if you are, you need to tell your submitters that. You can’t withhold information from the people who are going to be populating the story, that’s just going to get you boring and unsuitable characters.”

This is absolutely NOT true at all!! XD I’ve received many interesting characters with many interesting details that makes it easy to include them into a lot of side plots. ;) Again, if I revealed everything from the onset, it’d just be boring and no shock factor!! What’s even the purpose of reading a story, then? I might as well write a 1000 word summary on it. XP

“From this and everything else (especially the extremely detailed submission forms), it really sounds like you have specific ideas for what kinds of characters you want and should be making the characters yourself, especially when this is set in your own special region that nobody knows anything about other than what you’ve chosen to share (which isn’t enough, in the same way there’s a world of difference between reading about a country in a pamphlet and actually living there). I strongly recommend reading this thread: fanfiction (d o t) net/topic/11834/142912324/1/Stop-Asking-For-OCs”

Oh, another link and this one is so much more insensitive!! XD Nope, I don’t have ‘specific ideas’ for OCs – I just want them to be detailed. If you’ll read carefully (which you prove you haven’t) there’s a LOTTTTTTT of options they can choose from for anything and I have provided NO LIMITATIONS whatsoever to them in ANY FORM OF WAY. They’re incredibly free with their OCs and the quality OCs I’ve been receiving have proved this. ;) And why, nobody else seems to have a problem with the information they’ve received!!! I’m always here to answer any and all questions so please stop assuming things which have no justification at all, okay? XD

“Also, this term is considered racially insensitive to a lot of people. “Asian” is more accepted.”

Looking at things that way, I find it racially insensitive because Asians encompass A LOT OF RACES – South-east Asians, Orientals, Middle Easterns etc. XD Orientals are a race and frankly, I’ve got a lot of friends who don’t find it insensitive at all. Hmmm, maybe some people are just more short-wired, ne?

“…So it’s Spain, then? Look at a map of Kalos. It’s literally France. Real-world geography seems to hold constant for the pokeworld.”

Oh, it is? I totally didn’t know that!! *hugs* Thank you for the info!! :D

“Finally: Non-story chapters are banned on this site. You need to include some story content. This is doubly important in a SYOC, because a page of plot and themes is worth an encyclopedia of setting information. In a good story, characters and plot are deeply interwoven, but you can’t get that in a SYOC if submitters have no idea what the plot is.”

Ah, yes, another one of my good reviewers told me so too!!! Don’t worry, a Prologue is on the way!!!

By the way, thank you so much for the review!!! However, I was expecting an intelligent debate but I was let down by the baseless and unjustified assumptions and facts. Oh, never mind~!! :D Would you like to try sending an OC?

Aug 2You really don’t need to pretend to be nice. It’s just tiring.

I’m basing my views on years of experience with SYOC. I’ve seen countless stories just like this one crash and burn for the exact reasons I and Farla have described. If you don’t want to heed my warnings, that’s your decision, but don’t act like I’m doing this out of baseless arrogance. I’m doing this because I want you to succeed.

If you’re determined to go ahead with this, I will see about submitting an OC.

Aug 2It’s more tiring for me than you.

I’ve been in your shoes but that doesn’t mean that I will discourage every single writer writing SYOCs to leave them. I know most SYOCs have crashed and fallen somewhere in a ditch but I’m not letting my story be the same. I will complete this even if I need to write a 100 chapters. Please tell that to Miss Farla too.

I apologize if I appeared too rude but I was a little agitated due to my love for SYOCs.

I’ll be looking forward to your OC if there’s still space left.

Aug 2[It’s more tiring for me than you.]

Then why do it?

Aug 2Sometimes you have to do the tiring stuff to accomplish something.
Aug 2What were you trying to accomplish, then?
Aug 2Justification. Closure. The truth.

Because you seemed to have a personal distaste for SYOCs.

Aug 2I fail to see how an obviously false tone helps bring us closer to “the truth”. This would have been a lot clearer and easier if you were straightforward with me from the start.
Aug 2I wasn’t being false. I was trying to be polite. I don’t believe in being ‘straightforward’ until I get my facts clear and straight. But yes, I agree, the falseness was on purpose. I got ignored the last time I was straightforward with you.
Aug 2In what universe is mockery anywhere near the ballpark of “polite”? Being straightfoward is how you get your facts clear and straight. You learn the truth by asking people in good faith, not being by attacking them based on your initial assumptions.

When was the last time you were straightforward with me? Did I review you before?

Aug 2And yet, that is clearly what you did during the review. I know I wasn’t the most polite of people (I couldn’t be completely polite after all you said) but so weren’t you. You need to show good faith to receive it, sir.

. . . . . I contacted you with a PM last week. But never mind.

Aug 2I was absolutely acting in good faith. Good does not mean nice. You had all the hallmarks of a doomed story, and did a few specific things I particularly disagreed with. To obfuscate my feelings and not warn you from what I believe to be a doomed path, that would be acting in bad faith. I was completely open about my feelings and opinions, so yes, I very much can expect the same in return.

I have no record of any other PMs from you. It probably got lost in the Matrix, as things on this terrible site are wont to do. Try sending it again.

Aug 2A ‘doomed story’ according to your books, right? But there are many who disagree and support me and my story. I will not let them down.
Being open is one thing – being discouraging and assuming is another.
Okay, I’ll lay my cards on the table.
I very much plan to continue this SYOC and complete it cause I have a terrific idea using other people’s OCs. So I would very much appreciate if it were not to be surrounded by baseless negativity – I’ll welcome plot, character, build up, pace, grammatical and other constructive criticism with open arms but I won’t tolerate negativity because it is an SYOC.
Thank you.

Never mind.

I poked this story more since I submitted, but that’s a tale for another post.

re: Your review to You Can Never Truly Escape Your Past
Aug 2Mega Espeon
A response to your review at

Okay thank you for the advice. I thought I put this category as anime. And I’ll be sure to correct my mistakes.

re: Your review to You Can Never Truly Escape Your Past
8h agoA response to your review at

And I went to the website you told me to go to, but I just get a white screen.

secs agoYou need to replace the “(d o t)” with a dot. Since we’re in PM I can give you the regular link:
15m agoThank you very much! I’ll be sure to put what you’ve told me, and about the debate and put it into chapter three! Where Miette’s father Jerry beats the living hell out of me!
re: Your review to Legends untold
Aug 3leontinees
A response to your review at

(Just when I thought I finally got a real review… sigh). Well, hello there. Since you obviously took your time analyzing the way I wrote instead WHAT I wrote, that’s what I will answer.

First of all, thanks for your concern and advices. This is no mockery, since I’ve been called myself an orthography monster in Spanish, the language I’ve grown with. It bothers me to no end whenever I see anything written wrong! However, I hope you understand that I cannot know for the life of me all those grammar rules that are taught in school, because every language has its own and my school obviously taught me Spanish.

This said, I don’t like to use the cheap excuse of “because it’s not my first language”, but sadly I must since there is no other. I write following the Spanish writting style, because that’s the one I’m familiar with. Yes, I know this is an English story, but as bad as it will sound, I prefer to “confuse the readers” instead being me the one confused and not knowing what I’m writting anymore (just let me tell you nobody ever has said to be confused with it, only a bit strange perhaps).

As an example of that, I’ll just mention the use of quotation marks, ” . You use it for starting and ending dialogue, while I use – . Quotation marks are, as their own name is explicative enough, for quoting or signaling something we want to give a special importance, sense or remark. Then, what thing English use for that? I don’t know, and this is a long etc.

secs agoNo. If you want to write in a language, you have to obey all of its rules. If you hate writing in the English format so much, just stick to Spanish. Nobody is forcing you to write in English.
16m ago… Excuse me? That’s like saying only those who write correctly have the right to do so. Let me tell you, if it was that way most of the stories in any language wouldn’t exist, simply because people make mistakes! Have you never, EVER found something in English written wrong? Okay, then perhaps I am too used to horrible Spanish fanwriters who don’t give a damn about proper language, and I forgot in other languages writers are in fact undoubtedly perfect…

I never said I hate writing in English format. If it was that way, I wouldn’t do so! I said I don’t know those grammar rules because nobody ever taught me. Anyway, you can’t forbid anyone to write in whatever language they want.

secs agoNo, but I can request that you follow the rules. Grammar exists for a reason, and that reason is to help the reader understand the writing. If you flagrantly disregard grammatical rules, you are putting the burden of comprehension entirely on the reader, which is just rude and inconsiderate.
19m agoYou know, you’re really making me wonder if you’re the type of person who goes around fics only to point out mistakes and rub them in their writers’ faces, instead of wanting to enjoy a story.

I didn’t delete my story and posted it again to get rid of unwanted reviews. Rather, it’s because you’re being rudely pushy about my lacking grammar. I could appreciate a constructive criticism if it’s for the benefit of a better story, but you don’t seem to care about what I want to tell, and only focus in language terms. Then please, don’t torment me anymore if you’re not interested in reading a tale! Luckily for you, there are tons of bad written fanfics in this site to occupy your time…

secs ago[I didn’t delete my story and posted it again to get rid of unwanted reviews. Rather, it’s because you’re being rudely pushy about my lacking grammar. ]

…So you were reposting it to purge an unwanted review, then?

[you don’t seem to care about what I want to tell, and only focus in language terms.]

That’s because I literally can’t understand the story. Grammar is not optional. Again, if you love the Spanish format so much, write in Spanish.

You have received a message from:


Reply link:

I believe you’re trying to get on my nerves, purposely ignoring the way in how I explain things. I had several bad reviews in the past, both in Spanish and English, and certainly I didn’t delete the whole stories just to get rid of them because there was something, anything to learn from them. It’s YOUR type of review the problem here, treating my story like it’s an English torture and all the other fanfics out there are perfect.

And please… you can’t understand the story? Then that’s hardly my fault. No matter how awful you intend to put my writing skills as, words are still words. Even children at young age do understand some words when they start to learn English (or learn to read and write for natives’ case). Even if it’s in the worst grammar possible, they focus on the words and not the punctuation to follow a tale. And you mean to tell me you can’t do the same? Yeah, sure… Even I myself can understand a story written in an horrible English!

I’ve already wrote in Spanish, but I want this one story to be in English. Get over it! No matter how many times you order me to stop, I’ll still be writing in whatever language I want. So feel free to not read me anymore, and go find other stories that pleases you. I …

This message has been truncated due to length. To view in full, please visit site.

They reposted their story again after this.

Aug 5ThePineconeAuthor
Look man. I don’t know why you gave me an essay for a review. Yes I know there were mistakes, but you don’t have to tell me every single one. I just type fast okay?

Anyway, I noted some of your mistakes. Thank you for that. This was my first story but come on! Its fan fiction. I can type my own stories with my edited background.

Guzma also does use a Darkium-Z in the game, if you actually noticed and Savage-Spin Out can shoot treads of silk when the pokemon doesn’t even know string shot.

Okay. I admit there were mistakes. Just you know….
try not to give out every single one.

secs ago[Guzma also does use a Darkium-Z]

Only in the postgame, after he makes up with Hala.

[Okay. I admit there were mistakes. Just you know….
try not to give out every single one.]

Why? So they can keep being there? The mistakes you made aren’t moral failures. They are quite simple to fix and will make your story a lot clearer if you do.

22m agoLook. I don’t need to know if I missed a comma or apostrophe. People tend to ignore that kind of mistake. I will try to correct the actual STORY mistakes, but grammar is not needed.

Also, It fan fiction. Lets note the fiction part. I am just making up his past and I don’t care if he doesn’t have a z-ring at that point becausing I am just assuming he stole that along with the z crystal. We also don’t know if he received the z ring when he made up with Hala. I just want to say that he has it.

Anyway, yes I know the roles were reversed. Try not to comment on plot before you finish the story. I plan on writing how Kukui learns and Guzma turns bitter when he is rejected from being a trial captain, and how he stashed the Bugium-Z aways, like how the grunts tell you in Po town.

I appreciate some of the grammar mistakes, but when I was talking about “every single one”, I meant the plot mistakes you kept on pointing out.

secs ago[grammar is not needed]

Yes it is. Grammar is not optional. Grammar is necessary to make the story comprehensible. I guarantee you people do notice mistakes, but most are just too polite to bring it up. It will take you less than a minute to fix and I guarantee you I am judging you way more for whining about it than for making the mistakes in the first place.

[We also don’t know if he received the z ring when he made up with Hala.]

He has a massive inferiority complex about not having the same advantages as Kukui and never uses Buginium Z — his favorite type — despite fighting you next to a massive hoard of it. Hala also implies Z-rings are special and not given to every trainer, because yours is an act of divine intervention. It’s not impossible he’s always had one but his story makes a lot less sense if he does.

You chose to post your work to a public website with a public comment feature. You don’t get to police how people react to your story. If you don’t like my comment, ignore it and move on with your life. If you have a good counterargument to my points, either tell me what it is or be content in the knowledge that I will be totally floored when your brilliant plot unfolds.

13h agoOk. Judging. Are you kidding me. Look, I was never a “police” and since you try to act so like anything but a judge, I am totally not judging you as well for being a hypocrite. Also, second order of business, [If you don’t like my comment, ignore it and move on with your life.}
Well, if you don’t like my story, ignore it and move on in life. You don’t need to waste your time on extra criticism when I already thanked you for your opinion.

Also, I don’t care about your argument about z rings. Yes, it is a possibility, but are you the Pokemon company? It might be, but this is a fan fiction story. The fans will create background, and whether the reader is “totally floored” or not, the authors will see if they will change the story. In my case, no. It makes sense to me, so you are just whining on how you want the plot to work out. After all, this is only 1 person’s opinion.

As a reader, you should just read the story. As a reader myself, I know about complaints about plot, but hey, the writer chose it and nobody I’ve heard of complained about plot and background except you and talked about everything wrong with the storyline. I will inform you that while you take your time to criticize authors, you could be reading better stories or writing your own. When you judge me, I assure you that I have my own opinions on you.

I have tried to be nice with “thanks”. I have tried to keep name-calling insults out of the way (and I appreciate how you have as well) although you are still trying to be as insulting as possible. While you read this and decide to reply back with snarky comments and googled information, I hope you realize that I do know its a public website. In my profile, I have been saying opinions are accepted for as long as I’ve joined, but you are just probably going to have your counter argument and insults and I will read them and see if I want to correct them.

I will try to do your “grammar mistakes” if that makes you happy. Listen, I sorry if my plot is different than expectations. I am just writing it on how I picture it and formulate it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it unless it is assigned or needed.

I hope you continue your day.

secs ago[As a reader, you should just read the story.]

Nope. As I said, this is a public website with a public review feature. I am allowed to express my opinion; that is the purpose of the review feature. You don’t have to like or agree with my opinion and you don’t even have to be polite about it, but you can’t tell me I can’t say it. Not everyone is going to like your story or agree with how you structure it. You can defend your decisions and state your counterarguments or, and I again point out this is an option, just ignore it, but being affronted at the concept of people wanting to discuss your public story is absurd.

They reposted their story but did not block me, so I reviewed again in the next batch. The conclusion will come next post.

re: Your review to Story 000 : Ashura UpRising
Aug 62DReality
A response to your review at

I’m sorry this is my first story and I am not used to writing yet

not to be rude but no one told you to read my story, I appreciate your criticism but it could have been done in a more professional and less rude way

secs agoYou posted a story on a public website with a public comment feature. No one needs permission to comment on your story.

If you wanted a professional review, you should have made a professional story, i.e. one with punctuation. If you don’t follow basic grammar, don’t expect people to be polite about it.

They followed and favorited me after this for some reason.

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  1. CrazyEd says:
    It bothers me to no end whenever I see anything written wrong!

    I write following the Spanish writting style, because that’s the one I’m familiar with.

    Same post.

    I said I don’t know those grammar rules because nobody ever taught me.

    I think this is perhaps the worst reason I’ve ever seen someone use to justify ignoring your correction of their grammar. No one ever taught them the proper grammar, so they don’t have to listen to you teaching them the proper grammar.


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