The Other Pokeauthors, Part 75

Most authors are weirdly deferential today.

re: Your review to Kanto\’s Rhapsody
Oct 22Dusk Emperor
A response to your review at

Hey, thanks for the review on my story. I’m glad that you took the time to point out my errors and try to help me. I went back and fixed most of the stuff you told me about. One thing about the Japanese honorifics, Kanto is based in Japan so I want to keep them in the story and anyways, in all Japanese light novels that are published in English, they all keep the Japanese honorifics in them as well. But anyways, thanks. (I’m just wondering but, how long did it take you to write that whole review?)

5h ago[One thing about the Japanese honorifics, Kanto is based in Japan so I want to keep them in the story and anyways, in all Japanese light novels that are published in English, they all keep the Japanese honorifics in them as well.]

That’s because they were written in Japanese. Even so, there are many works that localize honorifics. In general, I do not recommend doing it if you’re not Japanese yourself.

4h agoMy take on Japanese honorifics that it shows how the characters refer to each other, which sometimes in English doesn’t translate that well. Because in translating honorifics, sometimes can have a more negative meaning than what it’s supposed to mean in Japanese.
re: Your review to The Explorer
Oct 22Ryujin Maou
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review. I know i messed some parts, i rushed to write the chapter or the idea would just go away! Yeah some of the mistakes were bad, but thanks for pointing it out.

re: Your review to Pokemon Frozen
Oct 23YellowTiger1130
A response to your review at

Appreciate the feedback. Truth be told, yea this is my first story ever written so i new it would have a lot of errors. I will use the suggestions you gave me. Thank you.

re: Your review to The Journey To Parenthood
Oct 23Read-Them-On
A response to your review at

Thank you for the suggestions. But I don’t think May or Drew named their pokemon specifically. That is why I wrote the initials of all the pokemon in upper case alphabets. Also, I use Microsoft Word and it auto corrects the word ‘pokemon’ into ‘Pokemon’.

As for the category, I didn’t know before in which category my story belongs. Thanks for telling me.

[ Including both pokespeech and translation is awkward and unnecessary. You can just use one or the other. ] About this, I think I’ll use only translations from now on.

re: Your review to Haters Gonna Hate
Oct 23BlueLeDinah02
A response to your review at

Excuse me? How old are you? If you don’t like my story then please go and read another one. And it wasn’t very sensible for you to give a review in such a harsh manner. You could have at least put it like: “I think you should have done this…” You have no right to judge something that i put a lot of effort into. For one, I’m only fourteen, and this is like my very first story on fanfiction, along with my other one, so you can’t expect it to be perfect. I’ve always known writing wasn’t my specialty, but I was encouraged to do so, and then someone like you just comes and trolls on me. If people like you discourage others when they finally try to step up, then I don’t even see a good future for fanfiction. So shut the hell up, leave me alone, and carry your hateful comments to another story.

secs ago[You have no right to judge something that i put a lot of effort into.]

Actually, I have every right. That’s the purpose of the review feature. If you don’t want comments, you should post your fic to a site where you have more control over comments, such as Archive of Our Own.

10m agoListen, I am not trying to start a fight here. I am trying to imply that you could’ve corrected my mistakes in a less harsh way. Like I said, it’s literally my first story, so it won’t be perfect. But you’re taking it the wrong way.
secs ago[Listen, I am not trying to start a fight here.]

Then you shouldn’t make sweeping and accusatory statements.

When did I ever say I expected your story to be perfect? I don’t, nor am I trying to make any accusations about your general ability as a writer. Look at things in perspective and chill out a little.

16m agoOkay, I’m sorry for blowing my top like that. I’ll go over what you said and try to integrate that into my next chapter. Do you even like the story?
secs agoAs I said in the review, no. I don’t like protagonists like your Leaf.
17m agoHold up… are you a boy or girl?
secs agoWhat does this have to do with anything?
1h agoSorry, I’m just trying to patch things up. I don’t want to be on awkward terms with anyone. Sorry to disturb you.
18h agoHi.
17h agoHello.
15h agoI’m sorry.
14h agoOkay.
2h agoAre you still pissed?
secs agoI never was. That’s the point; this stuff isn’t a matter of life and death, so there’s no reason to get worked up about it.
38m agoIf you don’t want me to talk to you, you can just say so.
29m agoOMG! I am SO sorry. I just read your profile. I was so rude because I honestly thought you were flaming me and trying to make me feel bad. I am so sorry.
secs agoOkay. I really don’t mind, dude.
26m agoUm… I’m a girl. I’m naturally dramatic.
secs agoNo, you aren’t. That’s just what society tells you. You can be better if you put your mind to it.
6m agoI never thought of it that way. Thanks.

Well that was a rollercoaster.

Interesting that the “You’re expecting it to be perfect” accusation has come up so often. I might have to add something about it to the FAQ.

re: Your review to Fleeing From Darkness
Oct 23ANineTailedFox
A response to your review at

I thank you for the help again, however, there are some things you have wrong here.

As proven by another in review in my survivor fanfiction, through use of the Pokedex and in the manga, you would capitalize words like Pikachu or Charizard. It is shown that was in multiple ways, even when it is not being used to address the pokemon, or as the pokemons name. The use of the word “pokemon” is one that we do understand as being correctly argued against.

Your argument for pokemon just being humans is also entirely invalid, as this chapter was only a note, you have yet to read their actions and movements. And just as dogs and cats have special costumes or outfits to have put on by their owners, Pokemon have the same thing, yet as this world is only with pokemon, they would put the cloth on themselves. Your argument that a pokemon is a human simply because they do not act like pokemon is entirely invalid, I state a second time, and you should probably check your facts. A pokemon is not a human. I have disproven that entire argument.

I thank you for the information on SYOC, the only reason we use this is because we like to get others involved in the process of character making. As well, not everybody can simply come up with sixteen characters on the fly like that, not without some of them being terribly written or designed characters. We feel it was a good idea to go to send your own character for some of our own characters.

All in all, thank you for the review, but I believe you need to sit back and check your own facts at one point or another. Go review your logic.

secs agoCapitalization arguments go here:

[As well, not everybody can simply come up with sixteen characters on the fly like that, not without some of them being terribly written or designed characters.]

I am 99% confident the characters you get will be worse than any you can come up with. You are getting the absolute bottom of the barrel of creativity, the people who make up characters but can’t be bothered to make actual stories to put them in, and you’ll have no guarantee of any synergy or team dynamic. If 16 characters are too hard for you to make, reducing the cast size is a better idea than outsourcing the work.

1h agoOpinions are opinions, and I respect yours. But so far the characters we have received seem great.
About your review
Oct 23DragonFlameShuriken
Thx 4 ur review. It is very informative and clear. I know I forgot right about them being human. As for the names, I don’t change it because it confuses both the readers and myself. There be no names repeated so it will be very clear on who is who. As for the thing about when I name places and the transition. I like to be clear about everything and the location. I’m sorry that it sounds like it’s from a video game but that’s how I transition for all my stories. But ur thoughts will be appreciated.
The Real MVP
Oct 23TheG0AT
I am honored to be in the presence of such a legendary reviewer, who wields the infamous copypasta concerning the capitalization of Pokemon names. May the heavens bright prosperity to your day.
secs agoDo I know you?
re: Your review to Creation Lore
Oct 23ragnarthorns
A response to your review at

I didn’t intend to follow the canon at all, I just let my imagination loose, the Giratina in my story was born from chaos, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just is the opposite to order which isn’t a good thing either(I am actually seeing ways to explore this in one of my future stories). The Arceus in my story is indeed based on the Judeo-Christian God but Giratina is not based on Satan, it is kind of a equal to God. No reason why Giratina is male, I didn’t even put a thought into it. I fixed the typo BTW, thanks for that. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it’s very important as this was my first story.

re: Your review to Alliance
Oct 24Pokemon and animated lover
A response to your review at

OK I will do that, i just never use it but I will do it

3h agoBut first how.
secs agoYou have to be more specific. What is “it”?
secs agoI’m sorry I was not understandable to you, I meant that I will read the theads and hopefully use the skiils in there which can help make the story better, I also decided to do some one shots to practice before I return to Alliance. I will fix the plot expanded since I do see no comma. I will do something else on the 4 days ago thing. Again sorry i did not explained to you properly.


  1. CrazyEd says:
    I didn’t intend to follow the canon at all, I just let my imagination loose

    But… you’re writing fanfiction. Why would you… is this a “fandom” thing that I’m not understanding?

    1. To the best of my understanding, people don’t understand that original fiction is an option and think that if they have an idea for a story, they have to express it through fanfic.

      1. Keleri says:

        There does seem to be an element of calculation, like they see popular pokemon fanfic and think “I can do that too!” And in fact their idea is amazing and better than canon so it will be doubly popular!

        Also explains the frustration and lashing out when they get only a single review and it’s Elmo’s. lol

      2. CrazyEd says:
        That much is obvious. It’s just… why? What creates such a mentality?
        1. I think it should be pretty obvious by now that these people don’t have much exposure to other media. If they’ve spent their whole childhoods immersed in only a narrow range of fandoms, they’re not going to be very aware that other options exist, especially if they’re still young. It’s also possible that the popularity of fandom pushes young creators to focus on fandom projects when they would otherwise be practicing with their own stories.

          That’s my theory, anyway. Farla, who’s been around fandom longer, may have better insight.

          1. illhousen says:

            A big part of it is community thing. If you’re engaged with the fandom, and a lot of your internet life revolves around interacting with other people in the fandom, there is a good chance you’re writing as a part of communication process rather than because you think you want to write a derivative work specifically. Writing is seen as a part of the fandom culture rather than the fandom culture being built around writing, so to speak.

            The end result is that, yes, people are blinded to the possibility of writing original fiction (or wilfully ignore it) because for them writing is an extension of community engagement rather than a goal on its own.

            Well, at least that’s forum culture. FFN feels like it should produce different results or at least different pathes to those results, but the site was never the prime source of fics or fandom culture to me, so my insight here is limited.


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