The Other Pokeauthors, Part 93

Korrasami 88 continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Other people are generally polite.

Your review
24 FebPhoenixClaw2128
Thanks for that review! I’m going to admit, I’m pretty new at writing, but you probably knew that anyway from how many mistakes I made. I really appreciate the work you put into nitpicking all those details, since it’ll make my writing a lot better in the future! I’d like to think some of those problems were from me writing this at two in the morning, but that’s really no excuse. I’ll try my very hardest to make sure to fix these mistakes in the future, and, in fact, I’m already working on chapter two, where I have more than 1,000 words written already! So I’ll definitely look for those mistakes in chapter two as well. I want to look for somebody that could beta my work, for anything I miss, but unfortunately most of my friends aren’t that into writing, and so wouldn’t be much help, haha! Thanks again for all the constructive criticism!
re: Your review to The Elite Fear
24 FebThisDude32
A response to your review at


Thanks for the review! You gave a lot of good tips here and unfortunately I did write most of the first two chapters at work so I kind of sped wrote them just so I kept track of everything so when I get the chance I will be updating everything to listed there.

I do struggle with length of chapters if you have seen any of the other stories I’ve started but haven’t gotten back to. I noticed that a lot of the time I feel like a certain idea is going on too long and that is where I end it typically. I kind of look at them as pages as opposed to chapters but I will try and lengthen them out as Chapter 3 could possibly even fit into this first chapter as well.

I always really struggle with trying not to use a lot of dialogue which leads to me trying to summarize things and shorten up the talking which may make a lot of the text seem less personal. It’s something I definitely need to work on!

Nonetheless your feedback is greatly appreciated and I do have a whole plotline set out in front of me. I tried to plan this out ahead of time before I started writing it with some possible changes that I could make before publishing them. But I really needed some feedback to know what I could make better :)

In response to your critique:
25 FebFXCF
A response to your review at

One, thank you once again for the criticization on one of my stories.
Two, I am trying my damned hardest to take your advice to heart, as I see that it could help me advance in my writings quality.

re: Your review to The Hunter vs The Champion
25 FebGalactic Dragon
A response to your review at

I had a bit of an annoying struggle with autocorrect and fixed versions of the story, as for my author notes, that’s a matter of website format, I’m not used to posting here.

2h agoI’m terribly sorry about that, I didn’t realize that my correction hadn’t gone through prior. No matter though, I believe I have fixed it this time resolving the issue. As for the world, it was in I had selected anime prior but the story failed to upload at first. I believe this had negated the selection. Thank you for your help in pointing out the things I did miss the first time putting this story up.
re: Your review to The Ketchum Saga 2: Eclipse
25 FebScytherNoSwiping
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review! I am looking for a beta reader for this story, would you have an idea where i can request one at?



P.S: Are you available for being a beta reader?

secs agoI am not, but these people are:
secs agoThank you! You have a nice day!

You have received a message from:

Korrasami 88

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Subject: re: Your review to In Search of Vengeance

A response to your review at

I SO wish you’d STOP writing these OVERLY LONG reviews


You have received a message from:

Korrasami 88

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Also STOP telling others what to do!


re: Your review to A Truly Ultra Story
26 FebTrainerBenji
A response to your review at

Thanks for the feed back, I’ll change the other chapters to follow guidelines. Have you read chapter 2? Also chapter 3 is on it’s way if you’re interested. I won’t be able to change it from script format but later chapters will be.
-Thanks, TrainerBenji

secs ago[I won’t be able to change it from script format]

Er… can’t you? You can edit a chapter after it’s been uploaded, you know.

re: Your review to New world new adventure
26 Febluiginaryworker553
A response to your review at

OK, I get it, but tone it down with the criticism. I’m only now just getting back into writing, so there will be a few errors along the way, but three things. One, I do not care if the title is not full capitalized, it is not important to me if something is not capitalized or not, it is just an inconvenience. Two, as said in my first story, I can’t summarize well. And Three, I have already been told this and will try to do better about this flaw in the future, but as of now I am not going to be able to get around to this because of school and work, but I will try to do better while working in the next chapter, but for now I am very busy. This first chapter was a bit rushed due to my business so I know it may look a bit jumbled together, but it will get better as I get my flow back. sorry if this came out as a bit rude, but I still have a lot to relearn. have a good day.

secs ago[One, I do not care if the title is not full capitalized]

You may not care, but the site does. Improper title capitalization is grounds for story deletion.

[Two, as said in my first story, I can’t summarize well.]

Well, the only way to improve is to practice. I discuss this a little at the end of this topic:

[I still have a lot to relearn]

You needed to “relearn” using paragraphs? Really?

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  1. Talarc says:

    Oh, that’s interesting: I got an identical PM from PhoenixClaw2128 in response to my own review of their story. At least they were polite and positive about it!

    Korrasami 88 even sent me a PM about a week ago or so – said that pokémon species names can be capitalised since they capitalise animal names on zoo signs. Unfortunately, they haven’t responded to my counter points yet…

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