Hey everyone, it’s out!

If you don’t know what that is, I reviewed the demo long ago.


  1. illhousen says:
  2. Ember says:
    I’M SO MAD AT THIS STUPID GAME I spent all day playing it just to get stuck in a basically unwinnable state past the point of no return THIS IS NOT FUN. And there’s apparently some big twist with Flowey when you beat the “final” boss but guess who’s not going to see it until there’s an LP because of THIS STUPID IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY CURVE RIGHT AT THE FINAL BATTLE. Urgh.
    1. Nerem says:
      Just practice. I just played it over a day and beat it and I loved it. The “final” boss is rough on a pacifist playthrough, yeah. Though if you’re having trouble, use the Dog Residue to make infinite money and fill your inventory with healing items and just use it to crush your way past him.
  3. Kaze says:
    Just played the demo. Completely in love. I will now commence the emptying of my coffers.
  4. illhousen says:
    So, after actually playing the game, I have to say, the gameplay is really not my cup of tea. I dislike reflexes-based game mechanics in general as I don’t really have fast reflexes. As the game progresses and the difficulty increases, my enjoyment of the game drops. I barely survived the spider boss, and I don’t think I’m really in the mood to continue further. I would probably just wait for LP.

    Which is a shame because the dodge game is fun, just really not something I can really enjoy.

    The story, setting and atmosphere are fun, though, and I would like to see where all this is going. Just with someone else jumping through the loops.

    1. Ember says:
      There’s an LP of the pacifist route already up! I ended up watching from where I left off after reaching my own limit on how well I could play reflex games.
      1. illhousen says:
        Where is it? The one I’ve found on Youtube (by FreespiritTheUmbreon) ends shortly after the spiders, right about where I am.
          1. illhousen says:
            Thanks, though there is some weird gap between sixth and seventh parts.
    2. Nerem says:
      The spider boss is like the second hardest boss fight in the game, I feel. It’s not so bad after her, and if you brought food from the bake sale early on, then you can use it to skip the fight or shorten it.
  5. illhousen says:
    Lookey what I’ve found:

    (Kinda spoiler-ish for the genocide run. Nothing too explicit, as far as I can tell, but still proceed on your own risk.)

    On side note, my computer crushed, taking Undertale files with it right before I got the resolve to continue past the spiders, so I’m forced to play it all over again. I’m filled with DETERMINATION, though.

    And now I know how to avoid that damn spider.

    1. EnviTheFool says:
      I’ve honestly lost the count of how many “Stronger Than You” -variations have been made by the fandom.
      1. illhousen says:
        It’s a cool song.

        In this particular case, I mostly like the use of LOVE here. The word has entirely different connotations in Undertale, and it’s just so perfect.

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