Persona 4: June 27th – July 9th (Downtime)

Last time I beat a whole dungeon in one go, without even using the fox! Either I’m getting better or the game is getting easier.

In class on the 27th, Morooka goes on a rant about kids today and their idols, but has quite a lot of opinions on Rise’s specific appearances for someone insisting we shouldn’t care about her. He asks me what “identity” means and my options are “Uniqueness,” “Difference,” or “Individuality.” All of those are kinda correct? “Individuality” turns out to be the answer he wants.

MOROOKA: You immature kids gain your identity by mimicking the idols you love… But I doubt that those who imitate others have any true identity of their own!

Again, I do wonder if Rise was supposed to be the first victim? Here we’re getting exposition on plot-relevant concepts in very simple terms, even though we’re already familiar with them.

I ride my scooter and finally get access to Okina City. I distribute tissues for an easy $50, then try out the cafe after the owner hypes it up as an intense spiritual experience. I have a trip and discover apparently this is how you get skill cards.

Judging by the current time of day, it appears that you lost consciousness…

Do customers regularly pass out for hours here? How has this cafe not been raided for flagrant health violations?

On the 29th I can finally advance my link with Dojima. He asks how I like my coffee. In real life I hate all coffee, but I say with cream and sugar since I’m a sweet tooth. Dojima says I have the same taste as Nanako. Are you feeding your little kid coffee, Dojima?! Nanako immediately asks for coffee and he obliges, so yes.

DOJIMA: When I got married, her mother made me promise one thing. She said this is all I have to do around the house. But nobody else can do it.

“Then she died, and I decided I still didn’t have to do anything else!” They hear about a traffic accident on the news, and Dojima storms off. Nanako reveals that her mom died in a traffic accident, so that’s a trigger for him. Of course, Dojima deals with this by just leaving Nanako by herself, as usual.

Everyone wants a piece of me on the 30th! I pick Yosuke, not because I like him but because I want to see where this train wreck is going. I open by inviting him to my room. My, how forward of you, John! Yosuke immediately asks to see my porn collection. Oh, I am regretting this already.

YOSUKE: Don’t worry. I’ll still be your friend even if you’re into the freaky stuff.

“Just not if you’re gay.” The very next thing he asks is if I’ve ever invited a girl over. I choose to be honest and say no.

YOSUKE: Haha, maybe you’re more of a man’s man than I thought.
> Yosuke seems happy…

I was not expecting to find gay subtext this early, but okay! Nanako barges in to inform us she’s going to a (male) friend’s house, which Yosuke immediately gets weird about.

YOSUKE: M-Man, kids sure are mature these days…

You’re no longer allowed near Nanako, mkay? Yosuke claims his first love was in first grade. Interesting that that relationship didn’t pan out, or indeed that Yosuke doesn’t seem to remember anyone from his old school enough to even mention them by name. He then dramatically declares that he doesn’t have time for love because, “I have something I need to do before that can happen…” He’s referring to solving the murders, and reiterates once again that “Only we can do it, huh?” because he still hasn’t resolved his debilitating hero complex. He decides to end this conversation by peeking under my futon, which John acts distressed by so, what, was the player character secretly stashing porn in between all those screen transitions?

On July 2nd I go on a date with Chie. She wants to get strong so she can protect the team, “Especially Yukiko.”

On the 4th I remember I finally have enough understanding to talk to Saki’s brother. He says he hates how everyone wants to ask him questions about the murder, but if I say I don’t he doesn’t believe me. The only significant thing he has to say is that he doesn’t hate the killer, then tells me to screw off. Huh, so did he hate Saki? And dang it, I don’t get a social link out of it. I go to drama club with Yumi instead… or without her, because she skips club to visit the hospital. I go after her and discover her mom really has collapsed this time, because she works herself to exhaustion and then spends all her free time with Yumi’s father. Yumi declares that she’ll have to quit the drama club and get a job, or else her mom will work herself to death. Most of the dialogue options are incredibly judgy towards Yumi for daring to be upset by her parents ruining her dreams like this, but I choose to encourage her instead and she appreciates it. And… blushes. Oh dear.

On the 5th I can talk to Saki’s brother again, and this time I do get a full scene with him. The other Health Association members gossip about how it’s so unfair he gets exempted from school duties just because his sister got brutally murdered, only for him to sweep queenly in and say he doesn’t mind. I see him hanging around awkwardly before I head home, and he gives me a “cute handkerchief” (so, obviously Saki’s) as an apology for bailing on Health Association duties. But I still don’t get a card from him!

On the 7th I go to sports practice, but Kou isn’t there. I find him moping on the roof. He reveals that his family gave him their blessing to pursue basketball, but now he’s suddenly become super depressed and doesn’t find it fun anymore.

In the evening I remember I can finally do the hospital janitor job. The hospital at night is spooky enough to raise my courage. I also encounter a new character:

Well, I see we’ve found the source of creepiness in the hospital. Why is everyone in this town a pedophile? Is there something in the water?

NURSE: I’ll show you something fun the next time you’re here.

Oh god it just keeps going.

On the 9th, Kou informs me that the restaurant’s menu changes on rainy days, so I check it out. Their special boosts knowledge, courage, and dilligence, and apparently I can get a refund if all my personality metrics are maxed out. On my way out, the owner says that his daughter goes to my high school… and that she’s a draw for customers. Why is everyone in this town a pedophile?

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  1. Seed of Bismuth says:

    “Why is everyone in this town a pedophile?”
    If I remember right it might actually connect to the Final Boss

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