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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Persona series over the years, so as part of my foray into the Shin Megami Tensei franchise I decided to try it out. I, of course, started with the first one. (To head off the inevitable question, it was the PSP version, since I heard the PSX localization was a disaster.) I had some hopeful expectations going in given the series’ popularity and my own positive feelings towards its predecessor If.

This was a mistake. Persona 1 is a grindy, tedious mess of a game with a plot that’s morally bankrupt when it’s not totally incoherent.


Persona 3

Persona 3 is very different from the preceding games in the series, to the point it honestly feels like the start of a different series entirely. Instead of a standard jRPG, it’s a kind of blend between a dungeon-crawling roguelike and a dating sim: By day you live as an ordinary high school student, take classes, and bribe your friends to get Relationship Points™; by night you fight monsters.

Unfortunately, while it’s better than the preceding games (and actually playable), it feels very much like a rough draft. This makes sense, since it was their first attempt at a lot of radically new mechanics, but I don’t think it aged well. I’d say the story is decent, but either watch a playthrough or the anime adaptation instead of playing it yourself.


Persona 4: April 11th – April 13th (Prologue)

Persona 4 is meaty enough that I can actually liveblog it. Be warned this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good, just that, unlike mainline SMT, it has content.

Fun fact: I initially planned to watch the anime adaptation instead after how disappointing P3’s gameplay was, but after comparing the first few episodes with YouTubed cutscenes I noticed the anime is a terrible adaptation that cuts out a lot of really important nuances. So don’t watch it. I was also promised by the fandom that the game does exactly what I said P3 should have done in regards to resource management, so I chose to play it instead of YouTubing it. Let us hope this was not a mistake.


Persona 4: April 18th – April 22nd (Shadow Yukiko)

Last time, Yukiko got TV-napped and Chie’s Shadow revealed her darkest secrets, which were significantly less dark than Yosuke’s. Now it’s time to finally leave the prologue and start normal gameplay.

Anyway, time for school again! I’m so excited to see what these gossip queens have to say about all the juicy details we fed them last time. If the town didn’t know about our escapades before they will now, surely!


Persona 4: April 30th – May 13th (Spring Midterms)

On the evening of the 29th (the third consecutive day of rain), the weather forecast notes heavy fog is about to set in. We could go into the TV world just to make sure no one else has stumbled in, but whatever, the one person we know is fine so who cares. Dojima offers to go on a family outing for the upcoming holiday, and Nanako of course wants to go to Junes. I check the Midnight Channel, but no one appears. Would I have seen Yukiko get gruesomely murdered if I hadn’t rescued her?


Persona 4: May 22nd – June 5th (Downtime)

In the morning, Nanako is staring at a potted seedling. The students were given vegetables to plant in school, but Dojima has been completely unhelpful. I perform his parenting duties for him and tell her to plant them in the grave giant mound by the house. Ah, so finally we get the promised gardening sim.