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Exalted tutorial/story + Starter pick + Next Time On

Let’s end this on a happier note!

This is the most adorable and best written tutorial to ever exist. It’s intended to (try to) introduce people to the infernal workings of Exalted’s combat system, but it’s done so well it’s worth a play for the story too.

Now, about the voting. It bugs me that I’m starting new series faster than I’m finishing old ones, so to address that, next poll will be just sequels. Your desire for me to start on yet another series in Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been noted. Let’s see about getting the existing stuff done.

Animorphs – a hella lot
Beautiful Creatures – 3 more books.
Chemical Garden – 1 more book
Eona – 1 more book
Gemma Doyle – 2 more books
Graceling sorta series – 2 more books
Matched – 1 more book
Unwind – 3 more books.

Exalted novel is also on the list because it’s definitely a thing that’ll happen.

Tomorrow (or the next) pokemon posting! In the meantime, you may make your case for which starter I should pick. Act quickly, you have until I finish transcribing the opening to that point.