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WTH Moments: “Thor – God of Thunder” for the Nintendo DS

I’m a huge fan of Thor, Marvel’s comic book series. Oh, you might think it’s just because I’m a Vikingophile, but no, actually; what got me hooked was Walt Simonson’s amazing run writing (and also drawing, at first) for the character, from Thor #337 (1977) to #382 (1986). He basically reinvented the character, and he did it not by discarding everything that had been done before him, but simply by changing the focus of the series – Thor still acted as a traditional super-hero, but now his stories dealt a lot more with Asgard and fantasy-mythical elements based off real-life Norse mythology. The character had other great writers – Tom DeFalco’s run comes to mind -, but Simonson is my favourite to this day.