The Other Pokeauthors, Part 30

“(For your information. I study English language and culture. I know the capitalisation and other punctuation rules. No need to explain to me as if I’m a child) […] I treat Pokemon names as proper nouns.”

13m agoFancyyy
A response to your review at

I’m sorry, English is not really my main language, so I have some trouble writing the story. But, I’ll try my best! Thanks for pointing out :)

re: Your review to Pokémon: The Darkness Encroaches Arc 1 Kanto
11m agoTeslaThePikachu
A response to your review at

Thank you for reviewing and let me break some stuff down for my own understanding. Thank you for the info on the quotation marks that will help immensely later on. Next would be the thoughts, I wouldn’t know how to format that so, suggestions? The horizontal line thing, I have no idea how to do that, so could you please tell me how? The chapter title thing was because I frankly forgot to take that out and put it in the dropdown instead. The key I put in for the first chapter and was going to leave it at that in the first place. Lastly, capitalization, that will change for the rest of things, but professor is an exception seeing how as it is his title. But, do tell me if that is wrong, the more information the better. As I said earlier, thank you for reviewing and thank you for pointing out mistakes, it always helps!


secs agoJust italics is standard for thoughts. “Future self-narration” should not have any special formatting; it should be part of the story itself, with the idea that the narrator is telling the story directly.

Horizontal lines can be inserted when editing a story in FFN’s editor. You can find it under “Manage Stories”.

“Professor” should only be capitalized if it’s used as part of a name, like “Professor Oak”. If someone is just talking about “the professor”, it shouldn’t be capitalized.

3m agoOkay, thanks. That will help a lot.
3m agoAlso, not going to worry about fixing all of the mistakes of the first chapter, but I will make sure to not make them past that point.
secs agoYou really should. People are going to judge the story based on the first chapter. It pays to give it extra polish. Most of these fixes are probably quicker than you think, as well.

And they did. Hooray for people actually listening to me for once!

re: Your review to Pokemon Go: Candela’s Journey
1m agoSchmitterling
A response to your review at
Hello, thank you for sending me a review.
I already know where all my mistakes are. This is for a NaNoWriMo.
It’s unedited, and might be a bit rushed, but I am excited for this piece I am working on so I decided to post it.
It’ll be edited after NaNoWriMo’s over.
As to answer your question, I am a native speaker, but I am still learning and studying writing.
I appreciate you took the time to read and comment, though.
re: Your review to Pokemon: Day and Night Character Guide
29m agoshadowsilv3r
A response to your review at Another one of YOU people.
re: Your review
16m agoOrimorium
A response to your review at you for the grammatical and formatting tips. Those have never been my strong suit. Hopefully despite these flaws, you continue to read and enjoy the story.
Thank you for reviewing my story.
5m agoIridescent Isabelle
A response to your review at

Thank you for your opinion. You’ve already heard my general response in Frosty’s chat.

1) That is entirely up to me. I treat Pokemon names as proper nouns.

(For your information. I study English language and culture. I know the capitalisation and other punctuation rules. No need to explain to me as if I’m a child)

Instead of telling me these rules needlessly, give me examples of when I’ve made this mistake. I know very well when it’s a discourse tag or an entirely independent sentence.Have a good evening,

Iridescent Isabelle

secs ago[You’ve already heard my general response in Frosty’s chat.]


[That is entirely up to me. I treat Pokemon names as proper nouns.]

[Instead of telling me these rules needlessly, give me examples of when I’ve made this mistake.]

[“Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you, but would you like some help?” She asked]
[“Isa, is that really you?!” The voice exclaimed]

Giving general explanations is not needless; even if you don’t need them (which I can’t know for sure in advance), reviews are public, so I like to be general with my explanations so other people can use them as a resource.

14m agoDid you know there’s a guideline on how to review? First you start with an overall impression of the story, then you mention what you found good about the story. Then come the bad points, and then advice on how to improve. One cannot give a list of things that are bad and get surprised the author becomes insulted.

Ah yes, the questions. I remember wondering whether a questionmark counted as a period or a comma. I guess I’ve treated them as a period, considering questionmarks, like periods, can end a sentence.

No need to use my reviewing section as example for your preaching. Do so in your forum. My reviews are for me.

secs ago[My reviews are for me.]

Nope, they aren’t. Reviews are public for everyone to see. If you don’t like that, you shouldn’t be on a website that allows public commenting.

6m agoYou’d be surprised how feel people read the reviews of other people.
In a similar way, I write my stories for me. The fact other people read them is merely a bonus, but not the goal.
6m ago*how few people

4m agoArguing over this will not help.

I thank you for your insight. I will not use it.

Have a good evening.

39m agoYou’d be surprised how many people do read reviews, actually.

[I write my stories for me.]

Then why do you care what I think of it?

28m ago[Then why do you care what I think of it?]
Because I am not the kind of person to completely wave away someone, as if I am better or superior. I’ve noticed that reviewers can have great ideas that I have not thought of yet. However, you started at the second season of a series, which is already a bad idea story-wise, and then proceed to mention nothing of the story itself in your review. You only badger me on my grammar. I have heard the capitalisation hint once before but I prefer it this way.

secs ago[Because I am not the kind of person to completely wave away someone, as if I am better or superior.]

Because it’s not at all arrogant to tell someone you won’t listen to anything they say because you’re just that spiteful.

If you don’t believe I have anything meaningful to contribute, you don’t have to feel obligated to humor me. You’ll just make yourself miserable if you force yourself to engage in this bizarre politeness-fu.

They took my advice and blocked me after this. Progress!

re: Your review to A Legendary Dream
2m agoItsDraconix
A response to your review at, thanks for the review! I do have a lot of things to work on, it seems, haha. At first, the characters weren’t meant to talk in ‘proper english’, they were just supposed to represent a common from of ‘friend to friend’ talk, or however you would describe it. And, yes, I admit I tend to not include paragraphs all too often when I write, mainly because I’m just too caught up in the story to remember to do so hah. Anyways, I will absolutely take your advice for future chapters, and I greatly appreciate the review!
I don’t know where to go from here
4h agoShattersoul
A response to your review at

I uhh… only wrote that story because of a request from “The Core Of Justice”, and I have no clue where to go from there.The premise he gave me was a character, a motivation, and that was really it, and it’s rather hard to work with.

7m agoIf you’re finding the story hard to continue, it’s probably a good idea to slow down and plan ahead. Where do you want things to end up, what themes and messages do you want to tell with this story? These threads are good resources:

Excuse Me?
3h agoSuperCakegirl
A response to your review at

Excuse me but who do you think you are to correct me? My english teacher because last time i checked, you were just another flawed human being like moi. This website is for amateur writers only and i don’t see you correcting all the others who make mistakes. Leave all of us alone. that is on behalf of me and all the other people on here who make writing mistakes. There are people who enjoy my writing and I apologize that you don’t but don’t go showing off your ego because you think you’re better. Thanks for the advice, but i’ll learn it in AP Advanced English II, the class that I’ve been placed in because i know how to present my writing to others who’ll respect it. Once again, thanks but you’re criticism isn’t needed.

secs ago[i don’t see you correcting all the others who make mistakes]

I actually do correct everyone! Look at the reviews on the stories posted just before yours. I’m not singling you out.

[i’ll learn it in AP Advanced English II]

AP English doesn’t teach you creative writing, and honestly does a pretty poor job of teaching you how to write in general. You’ll need to take a creative writing course to learn stuff like dialogue formatting.

Nov 20For your information, I DO take a creative writing class so thank you very much for pointing that out. It’s not like i’m under oath and have to tell you every class i take. Correct someone else on your own time, buddy! I for one don’t want your opinions, okay? Farewell, and please stop talking to me. You’re rude and ignorant, stop telling others what they need to do with their writing. Here’s constructive criticism for you, pal: Correct someone who ASKS for it!
Nov 21You posted your story to a public website with a public review feature. If you don’t want people to use the website in the default way, it is on you to make that clear. If you don’t want criticism, you must say that explicitly (I always respect it in the few cases people do so) or move to a personal blog where you have greater control over comments.
Nov 21You’re a guy aren’t you?
Nov 21Yes. Unlike girls, I didn’t grow up being told it was my job to lie to make people feel better.
Nov 22That’s kind of stereotypical. Not all of us females are the same, but let’s just put stupid misunderstanding behind us. I’d rather talk about something else rather than a simple mistake. If you like it, then cool. If you don’t, well that’s cool too. I honestly don’t care anymore. Besides, i’m only fifteen years old. I’ll accomplish better things in the future. Sorry i wasted your time with my below-average writing.
Nov 24So, how old r u?

“That’s kind of stereotypical” says the person trying to stereotype me. Amazing.

Farla actually fed me this line. I didn’t believe her when she said it would shut them down but wow.

re: Your review to Lights new adventure
A response to your review at

Well I’m new as you might know so the fudge are you talking about or how to use it :( sorry if I am wasting your time

secs agoAre you a native English speaker?
9m agoYes I am
6m agoOkay then. Can you tell me more specifically what you’re having trouble with?
4m agoMmmmmm I don’t know what you mean by “beta reader” is that just like a thing that you we on thing so it becomes a good thing

secs agoA beta reader is someone who reads your story before you post it to check for various errors and areas that need polish. In your case, I think you should find one who can help you with your grammar. You can find beta readers in the following thread:

30m agoOkay well in the mean time do you think you could be a beta reader for me you would of only found this story if you were looking for lights adventure also people don’t normally help me so yah, will you_

26m agoI’m a bit too busy for that right now. However, this thread addresses the basics in great detail:

14m agoOh well the thread hardly helped but you know i think people have there problems so I should just go haha
*sits down in corner and begs for mercy*
They later told me they actually had a brain injury that affected their communication skills, so they have a better excuse then most people. However, given their condescending comment when I tried directing them to the grammar thread, I am not inclined to be charitable.
re: Your review to The Natural Habits of Wild Eeveelutions
10h agoDark Side of Eden
A response to your review at

I see your point, but let me give a little bit of insight. Firstly, Pokemon Go isn’t canon in any way, it is just an app. Secondly, yes, Eevee are common in some regions. Well, not common as they’re uncommon. Low catch rates and such. But can one catch an Eeveelution in the wild? Nope. Not in any region. So really, how are we supposed to know how these creatures live? ;) That’s where I got my idea. I love putting science to fiction, and it’s a lot of fun. On the capitalizing, meh. This is a project on Fanfiction, my grammar is fine, and I care about the state of it, and I am fully aware of my “over capitalization”. I like to capitalize things I find more important, just because. When doing my official work, I don’t do this, but I just tend to when I write. I’m not an inexperienced writer, but not a senior in it. Thanks for the concern, but I won’t need any “Capitalization Thread”, I think I’m good.
I will give a reason for all the Eevees (other than Nintendo adding them in because everyone loves them)
And about the first chapter, I was already planning to change it, I’ve barely posted the story!I appreciate the feedback, but possibly you should not just add what the person is doing wrong, but also what they are doing right. To young writers, this kind of reviewing can be more destructive than helping.

re: Your review to The Natural Habits of Wild Eeveelutions
10h agoDark Side of Eden
A response to your review at

Also, it doesn’t look very good for a negative review to be the only review. And not only that, but the fact that the reviewer didn’t even favorite it. Not a very good look onto something that you may read.I don’t know if you can remove it from your side, but if you could it might just change the impact my work has. I would really appreciate it, I don’t want to discourage viewers.

secs agoReviews cannot be removed once posted, and, quite honestly, I find it really conceited of you to demand I erase my work just to make yourself look marginally better. If you’re so concerned it’s making you look bad, fix the errors I brought up. People don’t bounce because of a bad review, they bounce because they don’t like the story.
15h agoI just find it discouraging to the reader if the first review doesn’t mention a single positive thing. I’ll try my best at writing, but my only real concern is that if all my hard work goes out there only to be ignored. It wouldn’t the first time. I’m not even trying to put you down or act conceited, you should know that I’m just trying to have my efforts go rewarded, not discarded. I was hoping that you would understand, and it was a light and trivial question. Sometimes I’m a little OCD or just worrying, as a writer I’m inclined to worry about if my stuff goes unnoticed! I’m sorry that you saw this as a conceited act instead of one of good intentions, and I thank you for informing me of my mistakes and that reviews cannot be removed. I realize that you wrote your review to help me, I still appreciate it, but I only found the issue in whether or not readers will continue on. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. When all I have are my stories and people’s positive feedback, it can be the only thing fueling me through my depression, and maybe I worry to much, maybe I shouldn’t be so dependent on online reviews, but I still am and still do. Please forgive me if I acted rude and you took any offense, I never intended that.
14h agoAgain, I really apologize. I’ve been having a really hard time, and after hours of writing I look online and the first thing I find is your review. I overreacted in a way, panicking over simplistic things. I’m sorry if I seem rude or bratty, I just have a hard time communicating without coming off that way I guess. I’ve been struggling for a while, with writers block, depression, and other personal matters. I just am having a hard time taking criticism or anymore possible issues. I hope you understand I never wanted to offend you. I’m sorry.
re: Your review to A Silver Soul and Un Corazón de Oro
Nov 20cochisemtz
A response to your review at

Thanks for the review. I didnt notice the mistakes on the story(I’m posting and everything by phone). I put up a new chapter, hopefully I didnt mess up that bad. Also, I cheked for I s but only found one lowercase, idk what happened there…
Again thanks. I hope for a review on the new chapter✌❤😘

Your Reviews
Nov 23nightwoodinn
Hey, I see your reviews on a lot of the stories I come across. I want to say I appreciate your hard work and dedication to improving people’s work. I wholeheartedly enjoy how you pick apart stories and apply some discrete knowledge that most people don’t know (but could obviously benefit from.)
I’m not asking for anything. I just wanted you to know that there are people out there who appreciate your reviews. You must be an English major or even a teacher. I’ve had to google some of the terms you use.
Anyways that’s it. Keep up the good work, and making the website better step by step.
Jul 31LightningZen
Thanks for the review, and i am a new writer, so sometimes i don’t know any rules, but please help me with any tips and review, and could you give me any tips in short sentence for my next chapter so I will do better, anyway thank you very much
Jul 31 may be helpful.

I also got revenge reviews!

St Elmo’s Fire,

A new review has been posted to your story.
Story: Pearl
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1
From: Dromatix316 (Guest)
Dromatix316:You could atop being such a d*** to Silver tha espeon and knightsking ya know. And by the way, no one came here just to read this story. Now stop being such a d*** to evreyone on this site

St Elmo’s Fire,

A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: Pearl
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

From: Troll lover (Guest)

Troll lover:Your story is a piece of s***… just like you. Pretentious d***


St Elmo’s Fire,

A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: Rotten Heart
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

From: Troll lover (Guest)

Troll lover:The reason why you have 1 follower is because this story is complete s***. Get some tips from Latiaslover why don’t you?!


And so their patron is revealed. Checking through past reviews, I reviewed this author once, in early October. Not sure why it took this long; maybe this person is one of their friends who I only now ran into.


  1. [You’re a guy, aren’t you?]

    Yeah, ’cause your sex determines the validity of your review.

    I love reading your replies. Continue to do god’s work, sir.

    1. I think they were more trying to imply that only a guy would think like me and be this mean, which is hilarious because Farla exists.


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