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Day 3 Reviews (5)

Trying to read the final set of Shiplympics stuff ate up my time, so this is late. Ah well. Those fic were good as well!

For those of you who inexplicably didn’t read the best part of Homestuck because you hate freedom and puppies, this set should be made of characters you’ll recognize. They’re just not the best character in Homestuck, and you’ll have to continue living in a tragic and Intermission-lacking world until you realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made.


Day 16 Reviews (5 or 10)

Well all my careful calculations are moot now. HATE.

On the brighter side, now if you add up all the Black Queen/Jack Noir and Snowman/Spades Slick, they’re about as much as Problem Sleuth/Spades Slick.

Which is actually still depressing, but at least it’s less depressing than before. And at least Snowman has a healthy lead on Problem Sleuth again.