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Day 1 Pokemon Reviews (9)

It’s that time of year again!

Rules this time are no real rules. I’ll probably be ignoring most romance stories except to bitch about their dialogue, unless I don’t. The rare fic I have no opinion at all about will also be ignored.

For those of you new at this, I remind you there’s a link to your block page on my profile. Just stick my name there and all’s well.


Day 2 Pokemon Reviews (32)

Before we begin:

Sharing Grubloaf, a gift!

“Found it with Dualscar when we were FLARPing tonight. We divvied up the loot like usual, and I got this, but it doesn’t really look like proper treasure to me! Kinda old and boring and laaaaaaaame! So obviously I thought of you!”

This is so perfectly, perfectly Vriska.

Thanks so much for this! It’s lovely to see them having a peaceful breather, and the bit about ancestors was touching.


Day 5 Pokemon Reviews (28)

I remembered that it’s not like I willingly read romance and main canon character fic willingly anyway, so cutting them out to fester in their ignorance of how to punctuate fucking dialogue god damn people why so hard. If anyone else wants to play concrit blanketing with me, I can post whatever I didn’t touch for you to review.

With luck the press will reduce enough that I can go back to playing my game.