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Worm is an long story set in a world with superpowers, and those superpowers are probably the best thing about it. They’re inventive, they vary wildly without seeming like a mush of several different universes (no blend of magic artifact, alien technology and random mutation here), and the way the characters wring all the use possible out of their powers is even cleverer than the powers themselves.

The rest of it isn’t so hot.

If you’re a fan of a good character being endlessly treated terribly and unfairly with everyone assuming the worst of her even when she’s the real hero, you’ll love this. If that’s nails on chalkboard for you, avoid. (more…)

The Sick Land

A deeply unsettling setting that left me equal parts disturbed and depressed by the end.


The previous horror I linked to was someone recounting what they remembered of an improv RPG one-shot.

The Sick Lands is objectively put together far better, better hits stuff that disturbs me and avoids things I’m pretty meh about (IN SPACE is science is more of an uphill battle for mysterious horror) and has a real conclusion…and yet, overall is less satisfying.


The Wolves in Dionaea

I’ve been enjoying reading about the rabbits of Downtrodden for a while now, ever since I found it following a post about this glorious nightmare. There’s a lot of worldbuilding posts, which generally answer questions while raising others. There’s one interesting post about wolves, which is about as bad for the rabbits as you’d expect the combination of the words “rabbit”, “wolf”, and “downtrodden” to go but not at all in the ways you’d expect. And the design of those wolves…


Look at their fluffy little feets! Don’t you just want to know more about them? Well, now that Spooktober has begun, there’s a hybrid game/worldbuilding infodump for that. Enjoy!

The Black Tapes & The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives are the audio recordings of various testimonies given to a paranormal research institute, featuring all sorts of random spookiness that slowly weaves together into an overarching narrative. The Black Tapes are that, if you like your narrators to be incompetent idiots who can’t do basic research and your paranormal to stick slavishly to the supposedly plausible pseudoscience of people who think ghosts are real and also boring as fuck. (more…)