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Webcomics Recs

Hey everyone!

There’s a yearly webcomics battle going on right now. There’s too many to read all at once, so the best option is to just read whatever’s opposite something you want to vote for. (It requires facebook to vote but doesn’t seem to care how old the account is, so if that’s an issue you can easily make a dummy account. Or, if your favorite webcomic is losing, a few dozen.)

Anyway, since that’s on we’re going to have a recs post now. Webcomics are free in every way except time, so these range from those I absolutely love to those I found enjoyable enough.

Mortal Engines

 photo Mortal_engines.jpg photo 1280709.jpg photo predator-cities-1-mortal-engines-philip-reeve-paperback-cover-art.jpg photo engines.jpg

Writing-wise, this is a children’s book, not YA. It’s simple but quite serviceable writing and has a really gonzo setting. The characters are kind of simple, but are pretty good, particularly the part where the female ones exist. My biggest issue with it is it doesn’t spend enough time engaging with the setting and it gives the wrong amount of info about it, but it still does surprisingly well there.


I’ve been curious about Maleficent ever since it was the only trailer I saw to involve only female characters. I was also hoping it’d be full of special effects. Beyond that, I wasn’t expecting much, and the few snippets I saw of people talking about it were saying stuff how her backstory would be a woman scorned thing. Then when I looked up the movie to see it, I found it had a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I actually saw. (more…)

Devil May Cry 1

Ah, this game. I really love this game. If you haven’t yet, you should go play this game. There’s an extra pretty remastered version for the PS3 and Xbox, but given both of those break if you look at them too roughly, I’d suggest the original game with the PS2, as that one breaks slightly less often and is significantly cheaper when the inevitable happens. Go now.

Devil May Cry was meant to be part of the Resident Evil franchise, but it was considered far too actiony. You can still see a lot of the influence in the setting, as well as how tightly constrained your resources and consumables are.

Is it horror? I don’t know. I certainly found it a horror game, but I admit I have no experience with these games at all and played it in a state of constant panic and confusion. (more…)

Amnesia and Outlast

Both Amnesia and Outlast are similar in mechanics – you are weaponless and find yourself chased by terrifying enemies, your only defense speed or hiding. In story, they are amazingly different. They also share the trait that I have played neither of them, instead watching Let’s Plays, because these are not really “games” in the traditional sense of “a thing you play for enjoyment”. I’m not sure anyone has truly enjoyed these games. They are well-named: Outlast is about enduring the chases and jumps and gore, and Amnesia is about wanting desperately to not know what’s going on, what went on, and what your part in all this was.

Outlast had some interesting elements and a good helping of crazy people aren’t people. Amnesia was a masterpiece, and I’d strongly advise watching it. If you hate yourself, you could also try playing it.

This will be full of spoilers, so seriously, check out Amnesia. (more…)

Telepath Tactics (Guest Review)

Telepath Tactics is the latest entry in the Telepath RPG series, and is markedly different than its predecessors. It ditches the vector graphics and awkward birds-eye camera angle for more a more traditional 3/4th view and pixellated style, and streamlines the experience into a linear series of battles like Fire Emblem rather than a free-exploration RPG. I believe that the latter change makes it a better game, but at the same time drastically hinders its storytelling ability. (more…)

Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (Guest Review)

Hello, Dragon Quill! This is Ember with a guest review!

Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem is what the developer calls a political fantasy/otome VN, but I personally like to refer to it as a diplomacy simulator. You play a young noblewoman from one of seven kingdoms (well, one of six, really — one of the titular kingdoms isn’t playable) who’s been sent to an international summit to foster peace between the nations. Part of that peace-fostering process involves intermarriage, which is where the otome/romance element comes in. But there’s a lot more to do on Vail Isle than scout out a future spouse (or paramour): there are mysteries you can solve, secrets you can uncover, and a world-alteringly important diplomatic process you can attempt to influence for personal gain, the good of your nation, or the continued peace and prosperity of the known world. (more…)