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Webcomics Recs

Hey everyone!

There’s a yearly webcomics battle going on right now. There’s too many to read all at once, so the best option is to just read whatever’s opposite something you want to vote for. (It requires facebook to vote but doesn’t seem to care how old the account is, so if that’s an issue you can easily make a dummy account. Or, if your favorite webcomic is losing, a few dozen.)

Anyway, since that’s on we’re going to have a recs post now. Webcomics are free in every way except time, so these range from those I absolutely love to those I found enjoyable enough.

Lavender Legend

So, I just read this webcomic called Lavender Legend. It’s about the very serious maid of a bubbly but lonely princess who’s forbidden to ever even lay eyes on a man. She likes to hear about the maids’ love lives, give them cute uniforms, etc, while serious maid just wants to seriously do her job, isn’t interested in romance and hates the frilly stuff. (more…)

Empowered (Comic)

So, I just found out Empowered (or at least the first volume) is now online as a webcomic.

Empowered is a comic about a superhero who gets her powers from her suit, which unfortunately is incredibly sheer and revealing, and double unfortunately can be torn apart by basically anything, so she generally ends up getting depowered and tied up in sexually suggestive ways while people make sexually suggestive or just flat out sexual comments. And every time I try to figure out how to explain how this is true but at the same time it’s actually really good and it’s got characterization and reasons and decency to it, I can’t. But I don’t have to now because you can just look at it yourself thanks to the magic of internet links.

Empowered: it’s way better than it sounds, and not just because it sounds incredibly awful!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal COVID-19 Party

NEWS: The world is having problems you cannot fix

Heads ups: the SMBC guy gives away PDFs of his books for free here. The haul includes but is not limited to Augie and the Green Knight, which was discussed on this blog before, as well as two comic collection books, which contain exclusive content, continuing the valiant effort to create an SMBC comic for every single conceivable situation.

So, like, go grab them.