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Misao is the first game by the same person who did Mad Father. The graphics are a lot cruder but otherwise I found it enjoyable, if hard to take quite seriously. Also, the backstory reveal involves unnecessarily nasty abuse, down to including rape, so avoid if you’re bothered by that.

It opens with a nine minute cutscene, but unlike Mad Father, the rest of the game has very little of this.


The Void – Guest review

The Void, also known as Tension or Turgor, is an adventure…horror…survival…thing made by Ice-Pick Lodge, the same people who made Pathologic, which you’ve probably never played either. Unfortunately, though it improves on almost all of Pathologic’s faults, I do not have nearly as high of an opinion of it. (Also, naked women herein.)

To start with: the presentation of this game is gorgeous.

 photo 509863_turgor_golos_cveta-4.jpg


Dear Red and The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

Dear Red has some amazing graphics and atmosphere. The banner, the game’s description…

Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he always mentioned those words although she couldn’t stand watching and being overwhelmed by the old memories all the time. Now that he’s dead, it doesn’t have to be so anymore…

Then there’s the art within the game, which is similarly lovely. (more…)

Amnesia and Outlast

Both Amnesia and Outlast are similar in mechanics – you are weaponless and find yourself chased by terrifying enemies, your only defense speed or hiding. In story, they are amazingly different. They also share the trait that I have played neither of them, instead watching Let’s Plays, because these are not really “games” in the traditional sense of “a thing you play for enjoyment”. I’m not sure anyone has truly enjoyed these games. They are well-named: Outlast is about enduring the chases and jumps and gore, and Amnesia is about wanting desperately to not know what’s going on, what went on, and what your part in all this was.

Outlast had some interesting elements and a good helping of crazy people aren’t people. Amnesia was a masterpiece, and I’d strongly advise watching it. If you hate yourself, you could also try playing it.

This will be full of spoilers, so seriously, check out Amnesia. (more…)


Some of you may remember Farla’s review of the game Lasting and perhaps my own comments where I described a peculiar glitch I’ve encounter.Since then, I’ve played the game many more times, returning to it every few days. It takes only a couple of minutes for me to find a glitch now that I know what I’m looking for. The game changes doors’ “locked” property sometimes, and when a previously locked door gets unlocked, sometimes nothing is created beyond that, allowing the player to escape the confines of the game.

Basically, all you need is to find a closed door and click on it until it unlocks or until you die, at which point you should start anew.

While the game itself is very atmospheric and intense if pretty simple, I find the glitch more interesting and worthy of exploring.

Not a single object can be found there.


Among the Sleep


This is a really good game, and I really liked how the story is set up to fit with the mechanics standard to this whole genre (of course you’re clumsy, you’re a baby!), but I feel dissatisfied with the ending. Well worth a look, though.


100 Floors & Spooky’s House of Jump Scares

I was going down an alphabetical list of horror games, and naturally a game named 100 Floors was at the top. When I checked it out I found the description was half given over to insisting it was nothing like Spooky’s House of Jump Scares and definitely totally did not rip it off, no really, it was first, etc, etc, so I naturally checked that out right afterward thinking that vehement a denial was suspicious. Alas, it’s immediately obvious to anyone other than videogame comment sections that the two really are independent and unrelated and only those whose brains were recently devoured would think otherwise.

However, having seen all of both of them, they do turn out to have a common flaw. (more…)