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Kelly Barnhill


We whine a lot about the vapidity of YA here, and at the same time I think we’ve also tended to overlook Children’s. There’s a lot of amazing stuff going on in kid lit right now. I’ve found children’s novels to be rich, complex, and challenging works with deep social themes and creative storytelling. It’s certainly far more interesting than YA. The cynical part of me wonders if this is because it’s aimed at boys as well as girls. More seriously though, I suspect this is at least in part because people who write YA do it either largely at a publisher’s behest, either dumbing down their already-successful adult work or making adjustments to a manuscript because publishers see YA as a cash cow right now and want much more (I’d guess there’s a lot of letters going out that say, “Well, we don’t see this as an adult novel, but we’ve spoken to Janet in YA who’d be willing to pick it up if you could make it work for that demo…”). On the flip side, people tend to write for children because they want to, and when you start out a project and end with the same goals, you get a better product.

Whatever the reasons, if you’re looking for deep works for young readers, Children’s is where to go right now, and Kelly Barnhill’s novels are a perfect encapsulation of the amazing stuff going on in the genre. I’m not through her whole catalogue yet, but am working toward it.

Tangentially, she’s also written an adult short story collection that I found phenomenally disappointing. She just doesn’t seem to be a great short piece writer, which is weird since the afterword said she preferred shortform. Hopefully she sticks to novels in the future.


are y’all really making me do this

I’ve found myself typing this on three separate occasions over the past 48 hours, so I want to make a post to prevent myself from having to do it again:

It is not okay to counter-harass Blaze and her friends. This is an official admonition to leave them alone. If they come here or to Farla’s forum that’s them interacting with us, and you can respond until you get sick of it, but do not go seek them out. Do not go demand explanations, or justifications, or anything. Do not counter-post when they’re talking to unrelated people. Do not put them in a position of having to engage with you.

It does not become okay to engage someone with the express purpose of upsetting them just because they were shitty people first. It also makes it really hard for us to explain we’ve done nothing to them if someone has actually gone and started to bother them. If nothing else, remember that when you do this you’re just making things harder and longer (lol) for me, Farla, and Elmo.

If you’re new here, please review the commenting guidelines before posting here, and engage with our community in good faith. If an alt (or anyone else, really) says something upsetting to you, you can use the report feature or email me directly at [email protected] Do not interact with them unless you can remain patient and polite. The instant you start yelling back, you will end up in trouble as well.

I know things are super weird right now because of all this, a big <3333 to everyone who hasn’t yet run for the hills.

QuickRecs: Gender and Sexuality Manga Edition

So last year, aka the Abyss Stares Back 2017 Fuckstravaganza, I had originally intended to do a post about yuri manga aimed at women, since popular yuri is a complete minefield of lesbian porn for dudebros and then maybe once in a while an actual story about lesbians aimed at the people it’s about. The post got lost when my life went to shit, but I mentioned it in passing to Keleri the other day and thought, hmm, I should go back to that, and then I read The Bride Was a Boy which was so delightful I had to post about it, so it was re-born as this!

A semi-important note: a bunch of these I read over a year ago, so while you’re 100% welcome to make “How could you rec this when on page 5 situation X is super problematic etc etc” comments, the honest answer is that I probably just forgot about that and remembered the parts I liked. Please make those comments if you feel the need because they’re useful, but I likely won’t be able to meaningfully respond. D:

Anyway. Inside: Love My Life, Blue, The Bride Was a Boy, My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Brother’s Husband


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