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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis – Guest review

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I remember Zoombinis from when I was younger. My sister and I would play it obsessively. I don’t think we ever finished it, though. Revisiting it now feels somewhat strange – I don’t really remember enough for it to be nostalgic, but it’s interesting to try and see what entertained me as a child (and by extension, most children – Zoombinis was pretty popular) from an older perspective.


Ghost Trick

Happy Valentine’s Day, those of you in the States! I still can’t eat anything from my Mysterious Illness, so go have fancy meals for me.

Anyway, first of all, if you have any interest in this game and haven’t played it yet, you should do that before reading this, as a lot of the game’s impact is lost when you know what happens and there are ending spoilers in here. If you like puzzles, point-and-clicks, and innovative gameplay, it’s a really great game for all those things.

That said, the ending was incredibly bizarre and left me feeling kind of weird about the game overall, whereas 10 minutes before the ending I would have recommended it wholeheartedly.


Grim Fandango

There was a lot to love about this game, from the art, music and exceptional voice acting to the characters and unique setting based on Mexican and Aztec myth. Unfortunately it was all dragged down by some really punishing and opaque puzzle design plus storytelling sloppiness.

If you decide to play this, use a walkthrough.



I generally interact with horror games through the medium of youtube. Sometimes I make ill-advised forays into actually loading a live game on my computer, but that generally ends with me retreating back to someone else playing – I like horror settings but don’t like being startled, and I really don’t like trying to detach myself from it enough to not be startled.

Stasis followed the opposite track. I started to watch someone play and became so engaged with the game that watching someone else play was intolerably frustrating. This is a point and click game with gorgeously bleak atmosphere and even more gorgeously bleak prose popping up whenever you mouse over things. The opening is absolutely perfect, so much that, as soon as I’d seen a few minutes of the game, I knew I’d recommend people play it just for that alone even if the rest didn’t live up to it.

…which, it turns out, is good, because the rest did not. I’d still strongly recommend checking it out, and if you’re good at just kind of coasting on lovely horrific atmosphere without getting caught up in putting things together the whole game might be fun, but if you hit a point it feels like it’s gotten bad, just quit, it’s not going to get better and you don’t really want the answers. You can also check out the demo instead – it doesn’t have quite the polish of the finished game, but it’s of the best section of the game. Definitely do one of those two things before continuing, because most of my complaints are the most spoilery parts of the game. (more…)

Steam Summer and Winter Sales 2018 QuickPans

On the other hand I start radiation next week so here are some pans. You may notice there are twice as many of these; I did not have a good run of Steam sales last year, apparently.

Inside: Pan-Pan, Copoka, Nimble Bun, Yomawari, Salt, Alicemare, htol#NiQ


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