[22] The Other Pokereviews, Part 97

“I run over to the Poké Ball and grab it. I could feel rumbling inside, probably the failed efforts of the Timburr trying to escape. Now I know this adventure will be a blast.” But in better news, there is also an XY novelization with actual good writing and characterization.

Anime count: 11, plus a lot more by the same author I didn’t cover. I took a week off and now suddenly there is a ton of untagged anime fic. Probably a coincidence, but still interesting.


Mownt: For Peace

In Mownt: For Peace you guide an insect-like creature through multiple lives in a quest for peace. Despite the interesting premise, I found the game unremarkable. The gameplay is utterly meaningless; you can outheal almost every enemy, so battles are a foregone conclusion. The story is actually pretty linear; it’s clear you’re expected to do the endings in a specific order, and the game doesn’t even try to hide this fact. After a while, they get very predictable; the PC is never allowed to find peace, and the plot creates increasingly contrived diabolus ex machina to railroad you onto the next ending.

(Spoilers within, might want to play the game yourself first. It’s very short and can be finished in 1-2 hours.)


An Inheritance of Ashes

Leah Bobet’s An Inheritance of Ashes is one of those YA books where everyone assumes the worst of the protagonist in every situation no matter how absurd, everyone treats her like shit, and no one is capable of human conversation. It was phenomenally frustrating to read, and by the end I hated everyone involved.

It’s also not very well written, although I suspect this is less because the author is a particularly bad writer and more that she just wasn’t a good enough one to do what she was trying to do.

This was also one of those where the longer I’ve sat on it, the more I’ve disliked it. Right after I was done it wasn’t that bad, and it’s gotten worse and worse over the past few days.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 92

“On a side note, the first paragraph of your review does seem to be rather familiar, though I must certainly be mistaken on such observations since you are *clearly* a person of such detail and would never think to lead anyone to believe that any form of plagiarism is to be seen within your reviews.”


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