The Other Pokeauthors, Part 115

“I am someone who appreciates constructive criticism. There is a fine line between you giving criticism to help someone and criticizing someone because you think you know everything. You are really flirting with that line here. I’m sure it isn’t just towards me because someone felt the need to PM me and warn me about you and a few other people who are doing the same thing. I’ll be the first to admit that my grammar and spelling aren’t always correct and that I make mistakes when writing. The whole point of FanFiction is to write and read stories about characters you love. It is all for fun and doesn’t have to be perfect. It is people like you who feel the need to point out everyone’s mistakes that take the fun out of this. This is a small hobby of mine, not my job. I don’t have to be correct in my grammar and all. If that bothers readers, than they simply won’t read my work and I am perfectly fine with that. I won’t be taking any of your “corrections” and I’m not changing my story to an anime fic. I’ll leave it as is. Feel free to not read any of my stories if it bothered you that much. If you simply can’t help yourself and end up leaving another rude comment on any of my stories, then I would be MORE than happy to block you. Have a GREAT day.”


[16] The Other Pokereviews, Part 114

I’m seeing concrit reviews on stories for the first time in a while! I was able to skip some stories because of this.

Several weird entries today, including one thing that was just a religious pitch. Actual stories include an OT fic about Lysandre’s son that does not appear to be using Lysandre in any meaningful capacity, two shinies, and a grimdark Nuzlocke that actually looks pretty decent.

Anime count: 9


Kelly Barnhill


We whine a lot about the vapidity of YA here, and at the same time I think we’ve also tended to overlook Children’s. There’s a lot of amazing stuff going on in kid lit right now. I’ve found children’s novels to be rich, complex, and challenging works with deep social themes and creative storytelling. It’s certainly far more interesting than YA. The cynical part of me wonders if this is because it’s aimed at boys as well as girls. More seriously though, I suspect this is at least in part because people who write YA do it either largely at a publisher’s behest, either dumbing down their already-successful adult work or making adjustments to a manuscript because publishers see YA as a cash cow right now and want much more (I’d guess there’s a lot of letters going out that say, “Well, we don’t see this as an adult novel, but we’ve spoken to Janet in YA who’d be willing to pick it up if you could make it work for that demo…”). On the flip side, people tend to write for children because they want to, and when you start out a project and end with the same goals, you get a better product.

Whatever the reasons, if you’re looking for deep works for young readers, Children’s is where to go right now, and Kelly Barnhill’s novels are a perfect encapsulation of the amazing stuff going on in the genre. I’m not through her whole catalogue yet, but am working toward it.

Tangentially, she’s also written an adult short story collection that I found phenomenally disappointing. She just doesn’t seem to be a great short piece writer, which is weird since the afterword said she preferred shortform. Hopefully she sticks to novels in the future.


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