Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Another Verse

“… You understand that you aren’t very loved on this site, and if I’ll try to think on and accept your criticism you will have to do the same and try to improve your ways, before starting with the story that ‘people are insensitive’.”

Someone drinks Blaze’s Kool-Aid and decides people wanting to burn me at the stake is proof I deserve to be burned at the stake. They proceed to tell me to repent and mend my ways without actually telling me how, as per usual.


QuickRecs: Gender and Sexuality Manga Edition

So last year, aka the Abyss Stares Back 2017 Fuckstravaganza, I had originally intended to do a post about yuri manga aimed at women, since popular yuri is a complete minefield of lesbian porn for dudebros and then maybe once in a while an actual story about lesbians aimed at the people it’s about. The post got lost when my life went to shit, but I mentioned it in passing to Keleri the other day and thought, hmm, I should go back to that, and then I read The Bride Was a Boy which was so delightful I had to post about it, so it was re-born as this!

A semi-important note: a bunch of these I read over a year ago, so while you’re 100% welcome to make “How could you rec this when on page 5 situation X is super problematic etc etc” comments, the honest answer is that I probably just forgot about that and remembered the parts I liked. Please make those comments if you feel the need because they’re useful, but I likely won’t be able to meaningfully respond. D:

Anyway. Inside: Love My Life, Blue, The Bride Was a Boy, My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Brother’s Husband


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