The Other Pokeauthors, Part 43

“A decade ago was way different than today. A decade ago, all Pokemon names were in all caps. Now we have official games where everything is lowercased but the species name is STILL capitalized. So, YOUR facts are the ones that are wrong. This is their universe, their rules, their spelling.
But what it sounds like you’re saying, to me, is that J.R.R. Tolkein, one of the most celebrated authors of the 20th century, would also be a bad writer by this assumption. In Lord of the Rings, he capitalized the word “Ent” which is a species. According to you, however, that is not a word which should be capitalized according to your specific doctrine. How, then, do you explain that?”


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 42

Featuring one of those “realistic” fics that spends ages explaining how the Australian military chose to genetically engineer an umbreon as an infiltrator because big cats are stealthy.

Also, “In the city of Rustboro, society is changing alarmingly. Humans and Pokémon walk in the same streets and drink at the same bars. Poké Ball sales are at an all-time low. Some Pokémon are even joining the city’s politicians. Matters are not helped, however, by the rise of a new terrorist Team, hell-bent on fully integrating Pokémon into human society…”


Always Sometimes Monsters

As is now tradition, Farla bought me a smattering of indie games for Christmas. Most of them will come in a quickpost, but this one was so awful it gets its own.

To begin with, this is basically The Name of the Wind: The Video Game. The developers apparently thought the best way to tell a story about the grueling monotony of modern life was to force players to do grueling monotonous tasks. My final playtime was somewhere around 9 hours, and maybe half of that was actually spent on plot. The gameplay consists of nothing but walking around at a mind-numbingly slow pace, talking to people to advance quests, and money grinding. It’s totally superfluous and maddeningly dull. This story might possibly have worked as a novel or movie, but it does not work as a game.


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