Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch39 + Conclusion

This book is finally ending and you know what that means.

I regard it as one last sadistic gibe of whatever power had decided to make my life a living hell that the burn ward was full, and I was given a room to share with Charity Carpenter. She had recovered in spirit, if not in body, and she started in on me the moment I awoke. The woman’s tongue was sharper than any sword. Even Amoracchius. I smiled through most of it.

It’s time to cram as much remaining misogyny in as we can! (more…)

Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch32

Well, finally got another chapter of my fic done, so let’s go back to this terrible thing.

Last time, other people continue to suffer for Harry’s fuckups! Also Lydia is possessed.

Harry is flung across the room but Thomas saves him by breaking the impact with his own body, and hey we are getting some certified sexual creepiness here.

He’d wrapped a pink bath towel around his hips, but either the sheer speed of his movement or else the impact had knocked it mostly askew. His ribs jutted out on one side, oddly misshapen.

Harry first reports on the state of Thomas’ crotch with great interest and then adds absently that his ribs have been caved in. (more…)

The Other Pokeauthors, Part 131

“I have seen that you also use bad grammar yourself, you hypocrite […] you use “I’m” instead of “I am” and “don’t” instead of “do not” to give mention to your poor grammar, as well as you typing “pokemon” when it should be spelt “Pokémon” (capital “P” and a “é” instead of an “e”).”


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