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Charapost 6: The Backstroke of the West

So, it’s been nearly three months since I made one of these! There was a little activity in June, but afterwards SYOC fic just tanked. Plenty was posted, but everything was dead on arrival. I was holding out for more updates, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. Most of these are unfortunately pretty boring, but the chosen guardians story did update again.


Charapost 5: A New Hope

A new wave of SYOC fic appears, and the cycle begins anew. This also marks a point where I changed my strategy a little: I focused more on surface traits rather than giving the full explanation for everything, like Farla does with her own submissions. I always thought that was unfair since of course the authors will get things wrong, but it’s become clear they’ll get things wrong no matter what, so they might as well fail in varied ways.

We also get our first negative Kidra portrayal here, though I did give her full personality and backstory for that one, so it’s just a continuation of authors ignoring information.


Charapost 3: Chara Strikes Back

A few of the earlier stories updated again, including that bizarre Power Rangers crossover. Otherwise, mostly Havan. I’m starting to feel that he doesn’t fit this very well; a lot of the more plotty stories want trainers around the same level as the protagonists, which is usually starter level, and that too easily makes him look like a pompous idiot with nothing to back him up. Pokemon’s also geared towards younger characters, and it’s just not believable that an 11-year-old has his level of guile and cynicism. I might have to retool him. For now my default has switched to Kidra, but unfortunately she still hasn’t shown up much.


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